World of Warships – Fireman! Setting Everyone Ablaze in the Cleveland Cruiser!

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World of Warships Cleveland Cruiser Gameplay – Fireman!

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  1. +Cody Mann you have the planes in the squadron and then planes in your
    carriers hanger. say on a japanese carrier there are 4 planes in a squadron
    and 30 in the hanger. if 2 out of 4 of the planes get shot down, when they
    return to carrier the squad will be replenished but the 30 in the hanger
    will go down to 28

  2. +Cody Mann You have a pool of backup planes to replace the destroyed ones.
    If that and the squadrons planes also runs out, that squadron becomes

  3. Gone

  4. +Zbriu Yes but that is only for 360 degree cameras so unless they come out
    with 360 degree capture software/cards it won’t happen

  5. rappid fire yeah thats good. Set them on fire rlly good but the problem is
    u have to wait before u kill a ship. Whit ap u don’t do a lot of damage. If
    u take a IJN CA u can set him on fire and then switch to AP to do 2000
    damage whit one turret. And in higher tiers u have 5 so 5×10000 is a lot of
    damage. Of course u don’t hit all u shells but u do more damage whit shots

  6. +Mark Nicholson Dude they have LOTS of rapid fire guns like 12 6 inchers
    with a 7 sec reload, thats really good

  7. EnchantedPictures

    +MKRocker94 hahahah

  8. +EnchantedPictures He’s probably banking on the saying “Speak of the devil,
    and the devil will come” except for him it’s “speak of the titties, and the
    titties will come”

  9. steven D'Armetta

    +Smart LP They said it will be the 5th or 6th nation added, basically after
    everyone else has been added first. In war thunder the Italians still don’t
    have their own tech tree.

  10. Ok I found you have to download the game from Europe page now I can play
    with my main eu account and I sent a ticket in order to delete my na
    account.thanks cold house

  11. thatcher theresia??

  12. +Ben Xu you’re probably right.

  13. +MKRocker94 Yes, because healthbars and RNG damage models are considered
    “intelligent game design.”

  14. +Shrek
    Yes exactly, except Wargaming, unlike Gaijin, are actually an intelligent
    company and know how to do proper game design

  15. +MKRocker94 Like how Wargaming put the Russian tech tree instead of the

  16. +matthew wallace Look even when they do it’s gonna be horrible because
    they’ll put in Russian ships that are OP as hell and all can’t be
    penetrated and all will have guns that kill in one shot anyway

  17. +matthew wallace Yup ^.^ Not sure when though :l

  18. u get a repear when u have tier 9 and 10

  19. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    +Charles Burns Repair never gave back health. You’re thinking of the Heal
    ability on BB’s and a few Cruisers. Repair just stops all fire, flooding,
    and destroyed components.

  20. To my knowledge, it never did.

  21. +Charles Burns This ship doesn’t have repairs, only a damage control party

  22. No it just fixes disabled engines and so on

  23. +MAX L you forgot that history doesnt matter in wargaming titles.

  24. +SuperRillus totally agree same issue with the des moines and i don’t know
    why the zao does more damage even the japanese used lighter shell

  25. +MKRocker94 Not really because the fire at long range sucks !

  26. +Jelemy you know warships main guns are artillery right.. and kv2 were to
    be used as artillery as well

  27. As artillery.

  28. +Nameless with 7 second reloads 😛

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