World of Warships – Fireman! Setting Everyone Ablaze in the Cleveland Cruiser!

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World of Warships Cleveland Cruiser Gameplay – Fireman!

Thanks for watching!


  1. how do u upgrade this cruiser? i mean the additional upgrades.

  2. Baron you should probably be a bit more selective with your shells.
    Seriously HE at a Kuma and AP at a Wyoming?

  3. Baron brother your videos are so good man good job your hard work really is

  4. Hello Baron ,, thanks for the great videos , i would like to ask about the
    shot time to target , is it from a Mod or what? i mean how do u know the
    time the shoot will take to target in sniper mode …Thanks

  5. Baron Whats your average kills per game in World of Warships?

  6. Tits Baron.

  7. Maaaan now I want to unlock my cruiser tree. and Baron I would love to run
    across you in game sometime, not sure I’de win but still would like to have
    a battle with you.

  8. RemusKingOfRome5

    Twisted Fire starter


  10. Try AP vs. other Cruisers and your dmg will skyrocket! Like the Kuma you
    had there. If you were shooting AP at him he wouldn’t have even reversed
    out of the island.

  11. i use AP when fighting mid-tier Cruisers otherwise i use HE tho sometimes
    when in my DD ill use AP on another DD instead of dancing around trying to
    get that elusive torp hit

  12. If i wan’t to have game,i need to buy it??

  13. Did you touch my drums no ya you did your right I put my nuts it

  14. Now that’s what we call a Turkey Shoot!

  15. “Launch the scoutplane!”
    Baron, It’s still a fighter plane on the cleveland :P

  16. If a carrier has a squadron destroyed, are they gone for the rest of the
    game? Or is there a cooldown, after which they are regenerated?

    • +Cody Mann you have the planes in the squadron and then planes in your
      carriers hanger. say on a japanese carrier there are 4 planes in a squadron
      and 30 in the hanger. if 2 out of 4 of the planes get shot down, when they
      return to carrier the squad will be replenished but the 30 in the hanger
      will go down to 28

    • +Cody Mann You have a pool of backup planes to replace the destroyed ones.
      If that and the squadrons planes also runs out, that squadron becomes

    • Gone

  17. I’d like to see you try the Wyoming

  18. Youtube supports (free cam) 360º videos. It would be great if replays could
    be played/viewed on YouTube using that technology. Search for youtube 360
    degrees video and you’ll see why.

    • +MKRocker94 The ability to pan/tilt/zoom comes from native player or
      YouTube player, not the camera. The camera records 360º panoramic
      pictures/frames (maybe some don’t).
      Since the saved replay knows everything around your cam view at any given
      time, it could map each frame into a 360º photo and make a 360º video out
      of it. Maybe it’s harder than it looks but it would be awesome to watch
      Baron with a free cam!

    • +Zbriu Yes but that is only for 360 degree cameras so unless they come out
      with 360 degree capture software/cards it won’t happen

  19. #baronvonfireman

  20. pls tale out the mighty phoenix!

  21. actually i found out that crusiers dont have a “scout” they call it a
    fighter and it will fight enemy planes

  22. you know +BaronVonGamez when War Thunder adds ships ive been thinking it
    would be cool to see someone take a custom battle and recreate kamakaze

  23. 9:41 “You can’t hurt your municipal services.” I laughed out REAL loud on
    that one Baron. Awesome.

  24. i found out after 20 games i could choose to get defensive aa fire on
    cleveland. its so much better then that optic one

  25. your poor phoenix brother died to the wyoming’s broadside

  26. Could someone please explain to me the point of using American cruisers
    after the omaha? They don’t have torps, the don’t have good hp, they don’t
    have good firepower, are you only supposed to use their speed? Cause it
    isn’t THAT good either.

    • rappid fire yeah thats good. Set them on fire rlly good but the problem is
      u have to wait before u kill a ship. Whit ap u don’t do a lot of damage. If
      u take a IJN CA u can set him on fire and then switch to AP to do 2000
      damage whit one turret. And in higher tiers u have 5 so 5×10000 is a lot of
      damage. Of course u don’t hit all u shells but u do more damage whit shots

    • +Mark Nicholson Dude they have LOTS of rapid fire guns like 12 6 inchers
      with a 7 sec reload, thats really good

  27. EnchantedPictures

    You say “tits” a lot…

  28. I would love to have a Zara-Class Cruiser. I hope the Regia Marina gets

    • steven D'Armetta

      +Smart LP They said it will be the 5th or 6th nation added, basically after
      everyone else has been added first. In war thunder the Italians still don’t
      have their own tech tree.

  29. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I was so unlucky today. I had a 198 hits, 14 fires, 2 base Defender, and 1
    Kill game in the Saint Louis cuz ist just OP still 😀 <3. WG suck at
    Nerfing DDs because everybody is heading too the Forums with "TORPS ARE OP"
    and "NERF DD", yeah then just stop fucking steaming in a STRAIGHT LINE.. ..
    Well anyway im getting of the Theme again ow.. im so exhausting at this xD.
    Well anyways i fired 450 times and hit 198 so i guess ist my fault that i
    didnt reached the Magic 200 number <3 🙂

    By the way, Baron i Love u :D.

    Greetings from Germany 😉

    NAIN :D

  30. I love the guys at the end in the chat that didn’t think it was the real
    Baron… lol

  31. Guys just downloaded the game sadly there is only one server from north
    America but anyway do you guys have any tips for a noob player?

  32. mosquitoes burning and falling out of the sky…

  33. Ok so when load up world of warships and i get into a game, move around a
    bit, then spot an enemy. When i goto fire at the enemy my games audio goes
    all crooked and not smooth more like a . . . . . . . Anyone know how to fix
    it, if you could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks. 😛

  34. Are they going to put ships into war thunder?

    • +MKRocker94 Yes, because healthbars and RNG damage models are considered
      “intelligent game design.”

    • +Shrek
      Yes exactly, except Wargaming, unlike Gaijin, are actually an intelligent
      company and know how to do proper game design

    • +MKRocker94 Like how Wargaming put the Russian tech tree instead of the

    • +matthew wallace Look even when they do it’s gonna be horrible because
      they’ll put in Russian ships that are OP as hell and all can’t be
      penetrated and all will have guns that kill in one shot anyway

    • +matthew wallace Yup ^.^ Not sure when though :l

  35. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Looks like a good ship :)

  36. Barons to hot(hot damn) call the police and the fireman

  37. actually the real baron! haha

  38. I guess repair doesn’t give back health anymore because he wouldn’t do with
    only 300 some hp

  39. hot as europe this summer

  40. General Saufenberg

    no one use the ap ammo on the cleveland. this ship is a flamethrower^^ the
    ap ammo on the pensacola is great.

  41. I still think this ship is fucking OP

  42. thats like shooting 12 KV2s at ones

  43. lol, did anyone else notice the people claiming that it wasn’t Baron, feel
    stupid yet? :P

  44. Nice vid again Baron!!

  45. jackson seagraves

    420 blazeit

  46. cleveland is a very fun boat

  47. <3 multi barreled guns

  48. Scale Model kits


  49. Cool, this got me interested in the game, might get it

  50. Nope Nopede Nope

    Second ! But who cares, Baron keep on the great work u are my inspiration
    to play Wows thanks!

  51. Scale Model kits

    Nice man 

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