World of Warships – Fletcher by RapplerSoon

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Fletcher by RapplerSoon on Islands of Ice pushes forward to screen for friendly ships. He encounters a couple enemy destroyers and proceeds to work each one down. RapplerSoon continues forward into the enemies base and attempts to gun down a couple enemy ships. The enemy pushes the base, which requires defense from the team. A couple enemy ships remain for RapplerSoon to eliminate. Hope you enjoy this user replay and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay


  1. Great Fletcher battle. Keep them coming.

  2. well played sir..well played.

  3. Way too much zooming in and out. Very hard to watch. Don’t know why he
    zooms back out after every single shot. Thanks for the video though.

  4. you really love the tashkent do you notser :)?

  5. “maybe you’ll get chosen next week…or the next week… or the next
    week… or the next week”
    Though to be fair, there are lot’s of replays probably, that and I haven’t
    been sending any for not having something good to share. One day, one day

  6. I wish I had good divisions like this in my team. Most of the time, the
    divisions would die first.

  7. Notser you should have noticed they were narrow spread after they were
    launched. Thanks for sharing, this was an exciting replay!

  8. Whaouh, gg

  9. I dont understand but it laggs….. :(

  10. I noticed that the spread was wide but torps were tight. Definately a bug.
    Weirdest replay ever with all the lurchs, maybe a hdd issue? need more
    system memory maybe. great fight tho.

  11. Hes not using wide spread thats a replay bug i know him ;P

  12. Hey everybody. I hope you all enjoyed this match 🙂
    I would like to clarify that i NEVER launched a wide torpedo spread in this
    match, they were all narrow spreads. The replay seems to be a little buggy

  13. very nice aggressive play. other than the wide spreads that was perfectly
    done. I get the wide spread mentality. I get sucked into it sometimes after
    too many salvos miss from maneuvering.

  14. Notser, I’ve been recommending your channel to all of my friends.
    Especially the new players. Fun to see them get excited about kills and
    torpedoes. Please consider doing a guide for new players highlighting the
    “best” ships for them to try and research and keep as most of your recent
    videos are about high tier play. Just a thought and keep up the good work.

  15. Notser, how on replays how do you swich ships, rewind or pause, the only
    thing i know is speed up and slow down, thanks in advance and also very
    good battle, intense all the way.

  16. I was screaming at the monitor the whole video “”” why are U launching
    Wide-Spread ?? “”
    Rappler has made it all the way to tier 9 and is still using wide-spread

  17. I want to see more “OH YEAH! WE GET A CITADEL”

  18. Is it just me or did his torps look like they’re actually narrow spread?
    Replay bug perhaps?

  19. I usually dont mind when someone zooms in and out all the time. But for
    some reason this video gave me a headache. The way the camera kinda skipped
    like he was zooming in and out with his scroll wheel bothered me. Good
    player though.

  20. well notser, 2day ive been accused of cheating after i 1hitcombo 2 cruisers
    in my cleveland, yeah u got that right i wasnt in a bb and i actually can

  21. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    I think he’s using narrow spreads all game. It’s the replay that messed up.

  22. Hmm from what you said in the video it makes it sound like you do use wide
    spread torps. At what range do you think it is good to use each? I only ask
    because currently I only use narrow, except on rare times when I am just
    firing at a large cluster of ships to area deny their advance.

  23. Croco54 “It’s my team’s fault I died and I suck at this game. My mommy told
    me I was a special snowflake, and I always used to get trophies for coming
    in 5th place. It’s clearly everyone else’s fault I suck.”

  24. GG RapplerSoon and div mates! Although that widespreads torpedo …

  25. I’ve done exactly as RapplerSoon has done against North Cal’s in my
    Fletcher. And I go from full life to zero, as soon as their secondary’s
    open up 🙁 Even through smoke.

    Such a buggy game.

  26. Great game RapplerSoon, love the Fletcher. Notser well narrated it was a
    joy to watch.

  27. Hi notser been subscribed for a while, really enjoying your content and you
    deserve every view you procure.

  28. 9:33 Noob Team :v

  29. Poor guy on the Baltimore got no kills ! Well, the baltimore is known for
    not being the best. Nice job by Rapplersoon’s division regardless.

  30. 1:40 it is possible . I got with my Baltimore a DesMoins 45% health away
    with one salvo

  31. good game we had a similar game we were the last 3 left and we killed 8 of
    the enemy team lol

  32. Great replay. Could you do a Hatsuharu with an all torp build, with torp
    acceleration and fast reload (instead of the smoke gen.)? Your a great
    “shooter” but can you be a great stealth torp. captain? I challenge you.

  33. Give us moooore videos :C MOOOORE… WE WANTS IT WE NEEDS IT :C… GIB ME

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