World of Warships – Top Ships for Team Battles

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Livestream begins at 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET


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  1. I have one question… …Why does the launcher say to me Critical Error
    idk what to do pls help me

  2. If team battles are any tier then I would use my tier 3 soviet cruiser
    aurora cause of its 152mm guns and also it’s looks cool

  3. 200

  4. What’s the next carrier line?
    I think carriers should be the first British line.

  5. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    why am I not surprised a Cheatland is a favorite.

  6. Kongo, Fuso and nagato have the perfect balance to fight in a team, They
    have good fire power, speed to stay and fight with cruisers and
    maneuverability to fight against destroyers.

  7. plz let me play

  8. New Mexico is pretty much on par with Fuso, other than that agree with the
    word of advice for Ryujo drivers: avoid enemy Cleveland AA bubble at all

  9. What about the Asia server damn it

  10. Cleveland? Hah. What a piece of shit. Frankly, it’s good as a Battleship
    Escort and absolutely nothing else. Low armor, no torps, shitty shell
    speed, bad AP… the AA an Fire Chance are the only saving graces. So why
    did they perform so well in the Team Battles we’ve seen? Simple answer:
    They’re everywhere. The old saying goes “Throw enough shit at the wall and
    some of it will stick.”

  11. Now I need to find a team

  12. How about you guys open up the game times to whenever, especially for those
    of us with non-standard work schedules?

  13. Yuudachi should be added to the game for shits and giggles

  14. I would settle for just some balanced game play, something you guys have
    failed miserably at with PvP!

  15. Was looking for some motivation so as to give this game another try. All it
    did was remind me I haven’t been to the gym in a few days.

  16. Top wig, fat cheeks, and facial hair. I can’t compete with that. ;)

  17. Best ships for team battles are easy:
    Japanese Destroyer
    Japanese Destroyer
    Japanese Destroyer
    Japanese Destroyer
    Japanese Destroyer
    US Battleship

  18. I don’t see why you are overlooking the Minekaze unless it’s just because
    it’s not a gun boat. Been playing with 2 teams and as a merc using mine and
    have no trouble pulling top spot and sinking most the ships you name as the
    top ones. The IJN DD’s are the most deadly in the game.
    With a T15 captain that has Concealment Expert you are dropping the
    Minekaze to a 5.4km detection range on top of the it has 3×2 torp tubes
    which reloads far fastest than the Farragut. I know you should agree since
    in last fridays Twitch you said you’ve been in love IJN DD’s before they
    was cool lol

  19. But if you play in EU/ASIA where it’s tier 7 max: Hiryu, Ranger, Nagato,
    Myoko, Pensacola, Atlanta, Cleveland (dat AA), Blyskawica, Hatsuharu, Kiev,
    Sims, Mahan.

  20. james ward-gwilliam

    tier 6 hahahahahhahahahahahaha ahahahahahahhahahaahahah EU its tier 7 and
    you have to be insane to take most of the sevens out.

  21. make team battle for highet tiers to

  22. North Carolina is a good ship for team battles that is what i think is a
    good ship for team battles in world of warships.

  23. Iowa, Fletcher, Essex, Baltimore

  24. please make a complete version for the Mac

  25. No minekaze? No nurnburg? I’m surprised.

  26. Can you guys please add BISMARCK, PRINCE EUGEN, USS ARIZONA,and HMS HOOD.
    Plus when I go to download the game it takes for ever to download can you
    guys give me some tips on how to fix that?

  27. sucks to be on EU we’re limited to T7

  28. I like the fuso but it lacks burning love

  29. Alfonso Orgaz Jiménez

    Italia batleship are not bad ideas, also they have cruisers

  30. Alfonso Orgaz Jiménez

    it not

  31. Alfonso Orgaz Jiménez

    Italia batleship I no a bad idea

  32. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Release german bb, russian cruisers and british tech tree.

  33. Tirpitz and Yamato

  34. in some cases the Kongo might actually be more effective than the Fuso.
    It’s faster and more agile, so it can keep up with the main fleet without
    making the cruisers slow down for it.

  35. k’mon war gaming put an end on this fat guy

  36. the best ships would be ships i do not have and will not have for the next
    few weeks. so meh? also nice about the doubloons. guess it’s good luck and
    have fun for those who can participate.

  37. Note all of these are T6 haha

  38. New Mexico is also excellent!

  39. the nagato is really good for team battles also the amagi

  40. Why you’re ripping off my looks, bitch?

  41. Please Make a video on what’s going to be on the next update.

  42. Yovanny Patricio Marcelo Medrano

    reduce cost of repair ships level VIII IX X

  43. Yovanny Patricio Marcelo Medrano

    reduce cost of repair ships high level

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