World of Warships – Fubuki Torpedo Tactician

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Fubuki on Trap and Land of Fire gets into multiple fights while trying our best to help our team. On Trap we move toward B and engage enemies around the point, multiple torpedo launches against many enemy ships. We have some success but the team leaves something to be desired. For Land of Fire we spawn in the west and attempt to capture A. The enemy team pushes toward us and we use torpedoes liberally to take on all enemy ships. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Destroyer Fubuki Replay


  1. Those damn cruisers and battleships using WASD hacks

  2. Showing a broadside to enemy battleships? That’s a paddlin’

  3. I permanently have my AA turned off on my Japanese destroyers

  4. I really enjoy how you show defeats as much as wins, there are a lot of
    content providers I’ve found who won’t show losses, keep up the great work

  5. notser you did your best

  6. Ömer Bekcioglu

    fubuki c hull has defensive fire as consumable?

  7. How about another Yorck review? I tend to agree with Business6 and Kenliero
    that Yorck became a great ship!

  8. Can you do a video on the Hatsuharu and the Mahan?

  9. How can you tell if they are so called pirates?

  10. I’m sold, going to get the Fubuki.I wasn’t planning to advance down the DD
    line and just stick with my Hatsu.

  11. Almost makes me want to clean the rust off my Fubuki and try it out again.

  12. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    woooooots. please do both the main and torp videos. learning more.

  13. dammit team!! do worse!!

  14. the faster torpedo skill pairs well with the 15km torpedoes, they get
    changed to 12km range torps, with the speed of 62 .

  15. I know why you didn’t take out the kiev but you certainly could have. They
    take massive damage. At under 8 k RU DDs are really at a disadvatge against
    any others.

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why the Atago not out speeding Fubuki

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    All IJN DD and IJN Cruiser had limited torpedo arc.

  18. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why don’t fight the keiv, you can take significant health with smoke on.

  19. Brian Lock (神通)


  20. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty, switch out the survival expert, change it into AFT. Fubuki stealth
    gun op

  21. great vids Notser and hope to see a review from the USS Indianapolis soon

  22. I am looking forward to seeing a torpedo aiming video. If you could, please
    cover a variety of ships from each tree.

  23. gg x 2 !!!

  24. Aiming video ? Cant wait!

  25. KingOfRotterdam16

    11:12 “he feels me” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. This one dislike is surely the Tirpitz skipper XD

  27. Notser I just got the T7 American Cruiser, the Pensacola and what would you
    suggest till i get out of the stock ship? Its pretty hard playing against
    Fletchers etc when you dont even know when you’re detected :(

  28. destroyers expecially japanese are overpower

  29. George Tselepis

    I really would like to see a live game of you with poimane Notser… it
    would be interesting… even if it aint “family friendly” 😛 :D

  30. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    You should have no issues using the new torps. your 5.5k surface detect
    will keep you stealthy. I use both faster reload and faster torp. having a
    5.5 stealth range gives you play to torp and run.

  31. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Tachibana or Smith N, which one would you recommend..?

  32. Very nice. Fubuki is my main DD (along with Kagero).
    I run the same build as you (guns, not AA hull) and have a CE captain. I
    always try to use Sierra Mike flag in Fubuki to improve speed (probably not
    available in a press account).

    After testing in PT 0.5.5 I opted for the 10km torpedoes for both Fubuki
    and Kagero (having tried the other options). They work well. If I could
    make do with Mutsuki’s 10km (and the old Minekaze’s 10km), why not now?

  33. Gareth Fairclough

    Fubuki? Or as my little 5 year old cousin calls it, the “Fubukiwuki!” (Damn
    you Flamu!)

  34. Now, Notser why wouldn’t you use the A hull? Oh, yeah that’s why! XD

  35. Wargaming radically changing the rules and costing me money is getting
    pretty standard these days. They ought to have let us reset our captain’s
    skill free after that, but they didn’t.

    I already liked faster torpedoes, so my Fubuki and Kagero Capts had Torpedo
    Acceleration before they changed the modules so that you don’t need Torpedo
    Acceleration skills for those IJN DD’s ever again. Because if you have T.A.
    you end up with faster, but super-short range torpedoes that I can’t hit
    anything with.

    I don’t (can’t) use those ships anymore because their captains make the
    ships useless due to their skill! How messed up is that?

    I feel that Wargaming needs to stop majorly changing the game, or if it
    does, give us a reset too. Or some thought as to how it will alter the game
    in huge and annoying ways.

    Thanks to 2 CV buffs and nerfs, I have installed, removed, and re-installed
    AA equipment, and finally decided to never play a CV again.

    I originally was all excited to get new skills and ships, but between major
    rules changes and the grind being so long, I don’t even care anymore.

    I only like WoWS for the combat, but even the game is not combat-oriented,
    but cap circle oriented.

  36. I am really happy that it now has the type 93 torps. I never really used
    the long range torps above 10 km anyways.

  37. 21:55 The reason why you sail a torp boat right there.

  38. Notser, i would like to thank you for putting out good videos so regularly.
    Not only do i find your videos entertaining, i also find them quite
    educational. I like to think im a competent world of warships player but
    your vids have certainly improved my game.

  39. I just unlocked my Fubuki a couple of weeks ago, and oh my, the god awful
    grind through Mutski and Hatsuharu was so worth it. I am surprise at how
    much I love the Fubuki. I already sprang for the perm camo. I am keeping
    this gem. About the only thing I did different from your build is I am
    running gun accuracy for my 2nd module. I think it gets you more than the
    faster torpedo aim does. I routinely land 80-100 rounds a game.

  40. great game and thanks for sharing your tips and tricks

  41. Notser I have a question. How on the hell do I play the Mutsuki? I just
    can’t get it to work, I hate how slow its top torpedo’s are and I don’t
    like using the shorter range one’s. Could u possibly do a vid on it? many

  42. Thanks for the tips on the torps… I’ll have to give that a try.

  43. What is your detection at? How is it below 6.1k? I have camo and the
    concealment module. Is there a captains perk?

  44. Notser how do you get a captain with such high perks?

  45. BTW +Notser the 10km torps are the new ones on the Fubuki, it use to have
    the stock 15km and then the slightly faster 15km upgrade as the only
    choices. I use to run torp acc on it and had to retrain my captain because
    I think the 10km torps are far better choice and it free’s up that captain
    skill slot.

  46. Great work in your Fubuki Notser. Your tactics and use has improved my own
    DD play. I only need to temper my aggressiveness a bit more. Got to find
    that balance. Likewise, I got the Texas today. I must say…It is an
    outstanding ship. I put my Iowa captain in it to get him trained up faster.
    3 Battles in it, 2 with CVs 25 planes and 6 ship kills. Great ship. Sure
    makes tier 5 even more fun to play. Now if they could come up with another
    premium CA or release the Marblehead again. :)

  47. Turning into WoT, which I suppose isn’t surprising.
    One team of clueless tards gets roflstomped by a team that has enough
    people knowing what they’re doing. If the ones who know what they’re doing
    are in the crucial ships it’s even worse.
    You played really well in both, which wasn’t surprising (but was
    entertaining and instructive), but the enemy in the second might as well
    have been your team from the first (your team had all 3 caps and then lost
    easily, in no small part due to f-wits chasing reds instead of thinking
    about what was needed to WIN).
    Kind of depressing to watch, lol.


    Another fine video. Any chance you can do an up-to-date Baltimore one?

  49. When you have a Kraken in a lost battle, you just know your team sucked big
    time. Some captains just think they are in a survival game. The other day a
    guy runaway (we had advantage!) instead of helping me (he in CA, me in DD).
    So because of that i was sunk. I bragged about it and they guy replied “At
    least i’m alive.” I felt like killing him. Great battles Notser!

  50. why didnt u drop torps before hiding behind the island?! wtf NOOBser?

  51. Damn it so stratifying when ur torpedo got hit every time u send it

  52. Whoowhaa 😀 /respect !!

  53. How about you do two games with the mogami, one with each set of guns.

  54. How can u have all that captain skill in one boat? Its max 19point! Its not

  55. Yay! Jesse eisenberg posted again! :p

  56. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    The new torps are the all so famous Type 93 Long Lance torpedoes!

  57. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Also…. ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!

  58. Have the possibility to write first. but i don´t want to :3

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