World of Warships Funny Memes 155

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Get trolled! WoWs Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. Nooooo! Great video, Bou!

  2. 8:14, Bou desperately trying to convince us he isn’t a hardcore weeb.

  3. Very funny as always. Thanks Overlord Bou and litlle Bou

  4. Hows that game called at 11:43?

  5. TOBUSCIS!!!!

  6. @andreaspedersen3952

    Nice… No toxic Smolensk division!🎉❤😊

  7. Memes!! Yeah yeah

  8. This has been one of the most awesome and funny meme videos in a while! Nice to see a little more silly stuff edited in and also yay for mini bou clips! The minotaur fights were great.

  9. Yay for cute chinchilla clips.

  10. Down voted for getting rid of Anime commanders!

  11. Worcester is the better dpm machine. Yes it has a bigger profile, but I prefer another turret for more spam. Plus it has HE

  12. oooh, you lil liar! you said you weren’t gonna hurt the sub if he came to the surface

  13. Well this started with a load of bull. 😆 Nice plays with Mino!

  14. For those who got interested in movie after seeing the monster clip,

    Movie name: Clash of the Titans

    Your welcome

  15. 4:35 first and only time a Sherman has gotten kills with its torpedos

  16. Lmao rip the Musashi at 1:58

    Riga tried to help him but that flat shell arc simply dropped all the shells right into the Musashis superstructure.

  17. Radar mino best ship ever

  18. Love the vids, friendly warning about the kraken though, although it definitely falls under fair use, jingles had some issue for using that clip and had to stop. I’d hate for it to happen to you too.

  19. The entire Masashi, Riga, 4501 footage is hilarious, especially when the Masashi takes a friendly fire salvo from the Riga. What the hell did you say when you got the kraken at 2:56?

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