World of Warships Funny Memes 157

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Memes from a Parallel Universe! WoWs Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. I love your Funny Moments, as soon as i see one of these videos goes live it is a must watch now for me 😀

  2. Secondies!

  3. In first clip for the first time after big bang , ironman actually didnt carry lol. And whats that arcade videogame sound ? Supercool music.

  4. A disturbing lack of chinchillas.

  5. Wait you have to played lethal company? I would be down to watch those clips

  6. Bro I have coal and I’m stuck between Grosser Kurfürst and U4501, which one should I buy? Is that submarine nice?

  7. Lots of great laughs in this one! Love playing Lethal Company with ya tons of silly moments in there too!

  8. Great to see our exploring the multiverse! Not sure which is my fave though 🙂

  9. @andreaspedersen3952

    Alternative universe Bou is such a great player! 😁
    Great compilation btw!

  10. “Up the poop shoot”

    – Bou 2023

  11. How tf do you have over 3 billion credits? Tnats insane

  12. I love it the “Meanwhile in our universe” its so funny

  13. Slow week? Having to resort to parallel universes for content?

  14. Someone get this man some nachos!

  15. Yeah yeah yeah

  16. Best outro

  17. @arkabhattacharjee776

    max payne music, love it

  18. Great video, Bou! Perfect for the Multiverse!

  19. I love your vids so much! I actually just started playing this on PC and looking for friends to play with! Would love to join the discord if that’s cool! I played a bit of WoWL on console before this.

  20. MEANWHILE in our universe

    *Bou casually chews on the camera while papa isn’t looking*

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