World of Warships – Funny Moments (Ep. 9) – GREMYASHCHY!

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Gremyashchy spotted! Save yo’ wife and kids! This lovely menace shows no respect to cruisers R; the hunted is now the hunter… World Warships funny moments!

MUSIC: (courtesy of Epidemic Sound)
Down In The Dirt – Niklas Ahlström
Love And War – Martin Carlberg

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  1. Esa freaking Tuunanen. See him in a red gremy, might as well quit to port.
    Man’s a terminator in that machine.

  2. I wish I was that good at using my gremyashchy too lol. (• ε •)

  3. Joke what an OP ship… and it’s Premium… the game balanced and free to

  4. Your Aiming skills are exceptional !! Well Done

  5. Kyriakos Kypraios

    OMG!!!! Teach me to Citadel senpai….!!!!

  6. hmm, saw it, liked it! now I stalk you on youtube ( i subscribed^^)

  7. just gets better!!! keep them coming :)

  8. those citadels must be joke… it never happens in real game.

  9. Parker Schroeder

    Is there any caps in your email?

  10. RookieGamingHD g

    Russian bias saves the day…again…

  11. Russain guns have the sting of a giant bear

  12. Thats the way how to play Russian DD’s. All the cruisers are like: WTF how
    can he cittadel me I’m a cruiser! Cheater, hacker, reported… :D

  13. hahaha cant wait to start playin wows getting my new PC on the weekend

  14. Special thanks to Esa Tuunanen for the Gremyashchy replays!

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