World of Warships: Fuso Is Awesome

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The most amazing tier 6 battleship in the new Ranked Sprint season! She’s awesome!

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Japanese battleship Fusou.


  1. NM or go home you weabooo !!

  2. Great i have to shower again after watching this! Hahahah

  3. I love it how for example in my harugumo i’m burning down enemy battleship then i land a torp on it and it starts flood, battleship is at 500 hp with no damage control it’s flooding and burning and then i just see that broadside salvo from my friendly battleship just stealing my kill in front of me. Fucking discusting

  4. Fuso already carried me to Rank1 … it is truly a fine ship. Nevermind that i made some snowflakes at the start with the other TVI ships.

  5. But Fuso is not Amagi…..
    And you know, that if I see Amagi, I click like!

  6. By the way, did anyone else get a load of graphical corruption in the vid about 2:20 in?

    • Yes it is there. Probably corrupted during upload and not on the original copy.

    • I don’t notice it. Could you tell me what you’re seeing?

    • +Aerroon Basically, the whole UI for about 5 seconds or so goes incredibly blocky, getting weirdly smaller and smaller over those 5 seconds.


      That’s very odd. It’s gone now.
      It wasn’t the whole vid, just the UI itself, which is why I thought it was some kind of UI bug.

      I have no idea what it was, but it was definitely there.

  7. Graf spee has 6km torps but you were going towards him when he launched. Also noticed that if you had have used a heal before your ram you could have survived and got a “die hard”Great video!

  8. i dont consider fuso to be as strong now…seems like 380mm BBs are more capable vs angled targets, and are harder to citadel. their AP is just better

  9. There were some odd decisions made in that game.

    • +Aerroon 1. Showing full broadside right in front of 3 BBs (and 1 Battle-cruiser) to start match, 2. Overuse of HE (which i know you mentioned) and 3. at the end taking shots at the cruiser when the Normandie was close range broadside and begging to be deleted. I enjoy your vids though!

  10. Graf Spee has 8km torpedoes

  11. Ich fahr Fuso was machst Duso? 😉

  12. 24 battles in Fuso and rank1 earned

  13. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    If you’d used a heal before ramming the Normandie you might have survived and been able to hit the gasoline for more dmg.

  14. I like how when we previously had t6 Ranked and I called out “HE Fuso” as a very strong pick I was just laughed at as a noob… and then it became basically the norm xD

  15. Got rank 1 yesterday…played nothing but Fuso…great accuracy

  16. I ranked out in T-61 and AZ mostly. Did a few in Dallas, Aigle, Gallant, Sininome, and Farragut but had mixed results. I have Fuso but it’s got a shit 3 pt captain so I figured not worth trying.

  17. I had a game with 10 DDS…was a nighmare of smoke a torps everywhere.

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Who doubted the mighty Pagoda could do that? Like really Pagoda equals destruction

  19. Ranked so far? divisioned up with a clan mate for extra fun, running BB+DD setup and swapping who is playing the BB after each round. Too easy, but still fun… Regarding fuso: Know that she is really strong, but I loath the terribad concealment value of her (being too much of a DD player) + she is not a prem and Yamamoto is sitting on my Haru 😀

  20. Another vid from you? Is it the new year allready? Also wrong on the Graf torps, they are 8km range.

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