YAMATO – Just wow – World of Warships

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  1. this guy has awful settings with a really gay FOV

  2. unwatchable scroll zoomer

  3. Awesome video & channel thanks for the share GG

  4. WoW will dine nice battle

  5. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    4.8 million, haysoos

  6. must be SEA server

  7. I was really unimpressed with this guy’s scroll zooming and the unnecessary reverse move at the end. Other than that, he played a really smart game and carried for a pretty weak team.

  8. Anyone catch where Santa caught it – in the cross fire ?

  9. Good play, but beside the one dd a terrible team

    • Well, with 342 k damage, a kraken, almost 5 million potential damage and a cap (almost a second) to barely win at the end…. yes there was definitely something wrong with his team.

  10. that vision is the worst don’t use it

  11. if there are as many cyclones at sea as there are in this game i think the end times are coming

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