World of Warships – Game of games EPIC

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Here is one of the most EPIC games ever.
With no chances of success in a bottom tier ship I gotta pull off a Christmas miracle for my chat.
Strap yourselves in and hold ma beer.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. ” OMG how did this happen ” .. It’s the Flambass effect …. it turns the enemy in to mush …
    oh and at Breakfast time too Awesome 🙂 Well played Flambass 🙂

  2. Yo yo Flambass! It’s Tank Commander from the USA again! Hope your holidays are still going great! I got a quick question that I want ONLY YOU to answer! What new ships do you think Wargaming will add to the game in 2019 to keep players on the game? You have any preferences? Let’s hear it in a reply to me! Good luck my Croatian friend and comrade!

    • We heard about Pan European line and Russian BBs, what else is beyond me, hopefully Italian navy as well

    • Flambass as I asked before, do you think they’ll attempt a Tillman Battleship? Like perhaps as a boss for the Halloween event? I know I may sound like a broken record, but you kinda gotta think outside the box! Like the Japanese had the A-150 program to become the Super Yamato with 8x 22-inch guns! And the Germans did the H44 which you’ll have 8x 20-inch guns. So why not at least test it? Am I making any sense at all to an experienced player like you?

    • +Tank Commander dude don’t ask such retarded questions, he doesn’t work for WG ffs moron.

  3. Wake up Jingle bell!

  4. Wargaming, ffs, nerf flambass already. Clearly OP to a gamebreaking extent

  5. Nice, i’l be seeing you at Jingles channel later, well played sir well played indeed.

    By the words of the old man himself, ”regardless what tier ship you are on, your always able to deal dmg to enemy ships”

  6. OMG just how ????

  7. “Leander is an ok ship, but not in this Matchmaking.”

    20 minutes later

  8. “Hold My Beer 2018” top pick.

  9. ‘We’re gonna die and not do anything this game’ Understatement of the year.

  10. That ending deserves all the likes. But hey – “Leander” going fearlessly against overwhelmingly powerful foe? That’s kinda in the description 😀 O7 Captain….

  11. Its always the operator and not the hardware that matters, you or the ship. 😉 😛

  12. As part of a PSA, could your videos be labelled with the “These stunts are performed by a professional. Please do not try these at home.” message or something of similar effect?

  13. Yeah Jingles,….wake up old man, Flambass has some footage for ya XD.

    GG btw Flambass.

  14. Only Flambass has the balls and intellectual capability needed to pull of such a feat. 😛

  15. “Somebody wake up the old man, I’ve got the replay of replays for him!”
    lol, jingles is gunna love that!

  16. Flips over to Jingles channel ready to watch this again!

  17. HAHAHAHAHA your so happy at the end

  18. Flambass: Well we keep them occupied if we go through the middle but that’s the best we can hope for……. Flambass Twin: Hold my Belgium beer and the chocolates…… then not only goes once through the middle but then back again…..

  19. “We made every smart decision we could”

  20. Anyone else getting concerned that Flambino yells my name when he’s “coming”?

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