World Of Warships Gameplay – Aoba Japanese Cruiser- I Love This SHIP!

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World Of Warships Gameplay – Aoba Japanese Cruiser- I Love This SHIP!


  1. I like how you were playing against IChase i watch him and enjoy both your

  2. Hey Phly,
    You happen to live in the philadelphia area? I am in the delaware county
    area, Anyways I am wondering is this a open beta or closed I really want to
    play this on my 4 year old jem of a rig my Corsair TX-850 powered 4 year
    old 4966MHZ i7 2600k cooled by a Cooler Master Nepton 140XL with a 140mm
    radiator that is 38mm thick with idle fan speeds of 700 RPMS and silent and
    loaded at 1000-1200 RPMS but luckily it just gives me a low pitched humm
    since it is using 140mm jetflow fans in a push pull configuration. I like a
    quiet PC. But the 2600K Is mounted in a Gigabyte P67-UD4-B3 motherboard
    with 16GB or cas 9 memory in 2 8GB sticks with 2 SLI’ed EVGA GTX 770
    Classified’s running at as stock 1280 MHZ boost and a OC’ed 2000 or 8000MHZ
    memory however you like to read it. A Sound Blaster Z hooked to my ancient
    2x35watt each Advent AV570 Powered Partners along with a optical out signal
    fed also ancient 50or75watt Klipsch Sub that used to power a 5.1 system but
    a couple of the satellite amps blew so I am using it as a dedicated Sub
    hooked to the SB Z via the optical out.

    I am dying to play see and hear that games Guns on my RIG. Wonder if it is
    going to thump something fierce?


  4. Pronounced like “ow bah”

  5. You ask yourself why your two carriers underperformed, even though there
    was only one carrier on the enemy team? Well iChase, thats why xD

  6. the other team must be all noobs or they were there just to get
    killed so he can make a video 

  7. think i found my next game

  8. wow, so high mouse sensitivity…Trust me it does your aim no good. Sure
    you CAN aim with it, but the path to getting better aim besides more exp is
    lowering mouse sensitivty. From the footage i seen, my guess would be at
    least 30% lower sense for a start.

  9. The XP requirements for all the upgrades look like 20 times less than what
    you need to grind in World of tanks and warplanes, is that just a Beta
    feature and they’ll increase the XP requirements after public release?

  10. Phly its pronounced “ah oh ba”

  11. Are those AA guns animated? I notice in some videos theres just tracers
    coming out of thin air.

  12. Ichase was in the first battle :)

  13. This video convinced me to resub

  14. Awesome! :-)

  15. Could you explain why you’re so excited about 8 inch guns when their rate
    of fire is so bad?

  16. panzerabwerkanone

    No less than three tines you refer to this cruiser as a carrier. 

  17. David Buschmaster

    I have no idea why I like the intro music so much….but its awesome. Good
    videos too mate!

  18. it is swapping to HE because you are pressing 1 to swap out of torpedo
    mode. Press 2 ;)

  19. Is the Cleveland overpowered in this game? I haven’t played WoW myself, but
    in literally almost every single video on youtube about World of Warships –
    regardless of what ship the video is actually focusing on – people are
    talking about how the Cleveland is so incredible and good at everything. I
    wonder why anyone even uses anything else.

  20. Kyliare Ashfeldt

    Little tip for the future Phly, Japanese cruiser torpedoes do not go far.
    About 7-10km is what you can expect for distance. However, they go FAST, if
    I remember correctly the tier 8 and 9 go about 56km/h (Don`t remember the
    increment used in game) And the tier 10 senjo goes 76km/h making them
    immensely hard to dodge

  21. Can’t wait to see the the yamato

  22. Bofors (pronounced Bo-Fers)

  23. I hope they bring in the Italians… they have a ton of BB, CA, CL and DD.
    I could even post a very nice bulletin board style picture of all the

  24. Uhm, why are you calling the cruisers “carriers”? ^^
    Excitement got the better of you there? :3

  25. If this follow the historic’ -> Trip’s 6.1″.

  26. Can´t wait for them to apply Kriegsmarine and Admiral Hipper with 8x 8

  27. Phly pullout game too strong

  28. TheAllYouCan Watch Channel

    Love the new intro

  29. PixelKnife Niffy

    The Mogami-class is in its entirety a CA, infact the Mogami, Myoko and
    Ibuki were more or less the ‘originators’ of some of Japans Battlecruisers.
    So, you are unfortunately incorrect, the Mogami-class is through an through
    a Heavy Cruiser, whats more it can obliterate many aship, even 1v1 Myoko’s
    – just be sure in the Aoba and Mogami, stick to AP most of the time. With
    how many rounds your sending out, your chances to crit the cit is extremely

    I can average 2-4k damage per salvo in my Mogami, albeit mines named

  30. For some reason while watching the video I can’t hear the cannons firing? I
    can hear everything else just not the 8 inch guns. I was really wanting to
    hear them with how good you were making them sound. Anyone else having this

  31. Hey PhlyDaily! Do you stream on Twitch?

  32. “More range then there Kawachis….” Phly. DO YOU EVEN ENGLISH BRO!?

  33. Phly you need to use you main guns more and stop focusing on torpedos. You
    miss out on a lot of damage by not firing and trying to line up torpedo

  34. Yeah, the Mogami upgrades (though right now it’s almost a downgrade) to
    twin-gun 8-inch turrets. That’s actually historical: The IJN waslimited b
    the Washington treaty in their number of 8-in-carrying cruisers. So they
    built the Mogamis with tripple 6-in turrets, but sectrectly built dual 8-in
    turrets and just replaced them when they ditched the treaty. The 6-inchers
    were I then converted into coastal defense guns.

  35. Can’t wait to see your Mogami Gameplay , she’s a amazing ship.

  36. Aoba-san

  37. Is there a Nevada class warship available in this game? 

  38. I’m loving this new intro song, you should use it for all of your videos 

  39. 9:58 10:14 That whole bit sounded sexual! XD

  40. It’s pronounced = Ow-ba

  41. I really hope torpetus becomes a thing. I know I’ll call em that

  42. next time f-86

  43. Lukáš Třešňák

    than their!

  44. You did beat the Cleveland, Phly. In our hearts, you did. :’3

  45. Yay I got killed by PhlyDaily on YouTube!!!! At least I think I should be
    happy about it no?

  46. phly ive bin watchinbg your videos since wow came out and il say i cant ask
    for a better way to understand this game great job and your audio and video

  47. Aoba is nice, but i’m glad that i have my Mogami :)

  48. “there”? really? i`m native german speaker and i don`t understand those

    good vid btw :D

  49. Mogami was built to become a CA, but due to the Washington Naval Treaty,
    IJN gave her 6 inch guns and lying about her tons to make she looks like a
    CL(and IJN CL got their names form river, CA from mountain. Mogami got a
    river name :P.
    This GIANT CL scared the whole world navy, wondering how its built to
    become so big so powerful. But when the treaty over, she got 8 inch guns
    and become a CA.

  50. it’s AH OH BA

  51. whats the opening music?

  52. When are we going to see the Iowa Class, USS Missouri? Nine x 18″ Mk7 guns
    firing a 2,700 lbs projectile up to 23 miles, 20 x 5-inch guns, 80 x 40mm
    guns (AA) and 49 x 20mm guns (AA)… That’s a whole lotta hurt!!!

  53. that first game you were against iChase in the Sexy Lexy = gg. that dude is
    a naval warfare savant man, if you wanna learn how to play this game really
    well watch his channel.

  54. Love ur videos!! Can u try out the kitakami?

  55. Hi Phly, I love your intro music

  56. What is the citadel 

  57. “Good god those things came out of nowhere!”…. They will be from the
    Destroyer that your Carriers fighters pinged, quite how you didn’t see him
    on the minimap I will never know.

  58. poi

  59. iChase was in a carrier on the enemy team, that’s why you lost

  60. “Friends~ We’re friends~! It’s Aoba!” *Fubuki gets blasted*

    There. A kancolle and historical reference.

  61. 3:48 The fail

  62. Phly I just want to say I adore your opening music track and fantastic

  63. You wrote in the second battle “remember battleships you have more range
    then there Kawachis” it is THAN not THEN. Also it is THEIR and not THERE.
    Please remember the difference between those words!

    Thank you for the awesome videos and the great work you do. have a nice day

  64. how dare you shorten the intro!

  65. HOW do you do to see the shells fly? It`s awesome!

  66. To all the haters of PHLY.

    ………………………/ …/
    …………………./”/’… ‘/””-,
    ………………/’/ …/…./……./”
    …………….(.(…’…’…. “”~/’…’)
    ………………”… ………….._.-‘

    Enjoy :)

  67. What is the intro song PhlyDaily?

  68. 203mm= 8 inches

  69. What’s up with the three commercials during one video post is that
    something new

  70. I wanna play this so bad!

  71. All carriers are pretty good

  72. denis riznychenko

    hey Phly any idea when the game might be released?

  73. Would it be possible to get a look at the atlanta class crusier? I really
    wanna see but I know it’s a premium ship. 

  74. Phly, how many ships are there that you actually don’t like? And what’s
    your least favourite?

  75. I’m looking at the bottom at the beginning, did h sell his Nagato or

  76. iirc the Mogami crusier had the triple 6′ Turrets and was initially a
    ‘light cruiser’ but was re-fitted to Dual 8′ Turrets making it a ‘heavy
    the spare turrets were then installed on the Yamato class battleships as
    secondary armament

    cant wait to get into the Beta of this game, i have completed
    Battlestations pacific SO many times in preparation 

  77. colonel calamity

    Phly the Aoba is a cruiser not a carrier and the Kuma is a cruiser not a
    destroyer #PhlySpeechism

  78. this is one of the most enjoyable vids you’ve put out Phly,nice one :O)


    Is it weird for me to want to watch your vids all of a sudden?

  80. dude do you play with royal shrimp? I played with him once on his live
    stream (you have a conversation with him down at the bottom)

  81. Captain Storm -Dj.S7orm-

    im kinda sad that the tone isn’t in the game. that would be fun.

  82. Once you unlock the Yamato can you do a video on it please

  83. Phly were you in the Alpha? Also, I was in the Alpha and I used my giant
    stockpile of free xp WG gave me to get the Mogami immediately. It is so
    worth it.


  85. Is world of warships out yet fir the public ? 

  86. dont you think the visual representation of enemy ships seems lagging
    behind from where they should have been? for example like at 25:37 and 25:58
    the enemy’s shells appeared further ahead from where his ship is.

  87. Omg phly every time you launch torps you hit he instead of ap over and over
    again. -_-

  88. The kuma is the M4A3 105 equivalent 

  89. Loving these WoWships videos mate! Can’t wait to get my PC back so I can
    play it

  90. PhloatDaily

  91. BB’s for the WIN!

  92. Wheres IJN ISE? IJN TONE? ;(

  93. I think its pronounced “Bofers”

  94. Does anyone know the intro music.

  95. Video repeats.

  96. Phly if you want to make the most of the ship you have to use your
    torpedos. Japanese cruisers have a tough time in a shoot out with their
    american counterparts.

  97. The Japanese built various cruisers with triple 6 inch guns turrets, then
    replaced them with twin 8 inch turrets closer to WW2. The 25mm AA guns used
    by the Japanese were not very good. French designed originally, they lacked
    stopping power, had a slow rate of fire and a small magazine capacity.

  98. WG needs to add the Tone and Takao class D:

    And Phly called the Aoba a carrier XD

  99. Relaxing this weekend PHLY 

  100. Simple things to remember when speaking Japanese names: Don’t spell “a”,
    “i” or “y” the way you know from English Alphabet, because the way English
    spells their Alphabet is wrong.

    You can spell “A” similar to “aa” or “ah”, NOT “ei”.
    Also, “i” and “Y” is “e”, NOT “ai” or “wai”

    The Aoba should be spelled “Ao-Ba” (or “a-o-ba”).
    The Myoko should be spelled “Me-Oo-Ko”, not “mai-o-ko”

    Last thing: When spelling Japanese words with 3 or less sounds, put the
    stress on the 1st sound. (e.g: MO-ga-mi)
    For words with 4 sounds, stress on the 2nd sound. (e.g: shi-MA-ka-ze)

    Actually, I don’t think Japanese uses the same word stress system as
    English, but saying JP names the way above (which might not be 100%
    accurate) is still more accurate than the way most Westerners do.

  101. Best intro song ever!!!!!!!!!!

  102. wow, phly vs Ichase. I cant wait to see ichase’s perspective of this

  103. I haven’t even gotten to the action yet but I had to thumb’s up the crap
    out of this video!! “Bofo’s”. Perfect. What’s next Phly “mofo’s”? Awesome.
    Keep it comin’ dude! Now on to the action.

  104. Can’t wait for Bismarck 

  105. Not first, but damn gotta love watching one of your favorite youtubes
    videos right after they post

  106. White Wolf Gaming

    Phly, the 40mm’s are pronounced “bo-fors” phonetically. Just an FYI for ya.

  107. Andrew Scheurich


  108. Yeah ! Hi Phly ! Have yet to watch the vid :D

  109. First ?

  110. Today we take a look at this 8inch BEAST! The Aoba 

  111. FRIDAY HYPE! Whats everyone up to this weekend?!

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