World of Warships Gameplay – FURIOUS TACO!

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  1. +AniBunny (Antoine S.) Ctrl+x

  2. +AniBunny (Antoine S.) Cut


  3. Only = phly, auto correct

  4. +Original Slim They keep getting better after Furutaka, so it’s just a case
    of taking the needle and getting it over with.

  5. +Original Slim This shit is so terrible Ive had it for days now and ive
    NEVER seen it make the shots you do

    20 min match aand i make 4 hits. Even shooting at AFK these guns SPLICE
    every fucking shit. MAN I hope im not wasting my time with japanese

  6. +Manilla Ice Just look at Phly’s game, he had 40 some hits(which is a good
    game in this thing) and ended up in the top players of his team….WITH 30K
    DAMAGE ! These guns might be big, but they fire waaayy too slow to be any
    form of effective, and the turrets literally prevent you from
    manoeuvering…. Top that with no armor, slow rudder-shift and mediocre
    range(I’m sorry Phly but 12.88km is nothing, Pheonix has over 14km with
    6-inchers), this IS one of the worst ships in the game. Kuma was so fun
    before that… and don’t even start me on Pheonix and Omaha, they are
    phenomenal and I often did 60-80k damage games in these (and I’m not even
    that great at this game).

  7. To be honest the Pensacola and Myogi were winning if you go to the very top

  8. +Mathieu Couture Yeah really.

  9. +GamingLeprechaun Hey, people can be real dicks. They other day, my friend
    got friendly torped and sunk by a destroyer in his Kongo at the beginning
    of the game because he scratched his paint. Because you know, battleships
    have such manoeuvrability so HE should have dodged the destroyer right ?

  10. +Chun Wai Chong sweet..tnx, didn’t know for this other way to designate
    target..true it is not conviniant but i will take whatever temporary
    solution i can.. especially when torp bombers coming))

  11. +just Shane I have the exact same problem like you, i think it is a bug
    right now. But you can actually open your mini map by pressing “M”, then
    click on the air unit you want to prior on, it can do the same thing, only
    it is less convenient.Let’s hope this helps ^.^

  12. +Sasa Anakijev make sure the ship actually has AA. if it dont then u cant
    target planes

  13. +Kitsune legend its not working i tell you.. it worked, then it stopped..
    something bugged.. maybe some driver for my keyboard lacking or something..
    don’t it can work, then

  14. +just Shane If you press and hold left Ctrl, your mouse pointer should come
    up on screen, then you can click on the enemy aircraft you want to target.
    (while still holding left Ctrl!)

    There is a way to do this with other ships as well, though Im not 100% sure
    how to as I never use that function.

  15. +a_traktor13579 “Enable small objects animation” or something like that.

  16. +Nathan Peterson

  17. +By Alexander22 Hans Zimmer- “Time”

  18. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    +marcelogenesis23 wait ur kv 2 killed a maus? wt.

  19. +Nedelc Ciprian yup.. after the painfull furutaka… i got the aoba.. and
    stock in my first game killed 3 ships.. that accuracy and punch… ap for
    the win against cruisers…

  20. +Nedelc Ciprian
    Aoba was originally planned to be Furutaka’s sister but at the last moments
    the designers realized it wasn’t WW1 anymore.

  21. +Bio_ Hazard yeah

  22. +Mathieu Couture yeah, im so happy that i have my Aoba now .. And furutaka?
    Only in bad dreams ..

  23. +pjstonehill444 Literally unplayable, and with 11km range too…. wow such
    OP cruiser omg…

  24. Yeah kawachi

  25. Franz Der Sturmführer

    +Momo Momane Even though it has 9km range it would be nice to see him play.
    I actually like the turrets on each side but I sold my Kawachi to make a
    slot for my Fuso.

  26. Kawachii mate best battleship in game!!!

  27. +Momo Momane You heard him/her! Kawachi!

  28. +Team Enchanted – Become an Enchanter! go to the gulag… pls

  29. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    +Roy Shein (How IGN rates the Condor 200) Would fly again and recommend
    9/11 – IGN

  30. Yis ur teh man zo

  31. -11/10 – Way too op -IGN

  32. +Akula971 Not a threat until it gets within 6.5 km then it becomes an

  33. +Reece Wouters And to think that no doubt thousands of people bought it. I
    do like a challenge, and got 3 kills last game,1016XP and top of the board.
    Most enemy ships ignored me, probably thought “not a threat” but I’m sure
    that will be its zenith for me.

  34. +Akula971 No wonder they made it free xD

  35. Yes but not completely unplayable LOL

  36. +Akula971 Ha 7.5 km is still shit

  37. +Adam Botsford Aoba was originally built with the 3 twin turrets, however
    the Furutaka aka the Furious/Fury/Furry/Fuzzy Taco was originally built
    with 6 singles

  38. Yeah but the other Frutakas also ended up getting double turrets

  39. +Sibghat Shaikh The Tier 6 Aoba is actually the third and fourth upgrades
    of the Futa

  40. +MrCapnpeanut They did not even give it modern double turrets!!!

  41. it’s suck, most UP ship ever

  42. +CorporalOdin They are in the ship, you can’t really see them, you have
    penetrate the armor of the ship, mostly somewhere in the middle or under
    turrets. If you pen those areas, you have a chance of getting a citadel
    If I’m correct, that’s how it works.

  43. My Soft Little Pillow

    +BL8CK_GAMING 343

  44. My Soft Little Pillow

    a bird 😀

  45. +My Soft Little Pillow what animal was it

  46. My Soft Little Pillow

    +BL8CK_GAMING 343 yea

  47. +My Soft Little Pillow must of been an awesome pet

  48. +brandon jaffe lmao jokes on you man xD

  49. +SEHC95 THANKS! ive wanted one for so long dont tell dad.

  50. +brandon jaffe Have a cookie. ._.

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