World of Warships – Best Cruiser vs the Iowa Tier 9 Battleship!

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  1. Nikolaus Sonninen

    This video shows brilliantly well that Clevelands are nearly impossible to
    citadel pen :(

  2. Baron, always fire HE at destroyer when you are in a cruiser. ( If you are
    in a battleship that can be left out because battleship take 30s to reload
    and when a destroyer are closing in you better turn away and hope your
    secondaries take him out)

  3. USS Texas pls she is a great ship

  4. What the problem was, is Slick sitting waaaay back the entire game watching
    his team die :)

  5. Whats the fuso’s range guys because its like 13km stock and it says when
    upgraded 14km but people say it is fully upgraded to 20km please can
    someone tell me ?

  6. Baron, for the love of god, stop using the acoustic consumable. switch it
    to anti-air

  7. Best Cruiser is the Atlanta

  8. Go and use the German battleship Bismarck 

  9. Next time you do an aircraft carrier can you do a quick tutorial on how to
    actually do everything. I’m about to unlock my first 

  10. USS NC plez

  11. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    Plz sail the Fuso soon

  12. Ryu Kenshin (KuramaKitsune)

    how do you not get terrible audio cracking, popping and lag?

  13. That replay featured some really really terrible decision-making and

  14. Hahahahah Baron! Baron, i Just rammed a Destroyer in my tier 2 Chikuma xD
    he was so mad xD plex reply senpai

  15. Joeben Pajes Engalan

    Oldspice commercial in barons vid nices

  16. I’m curious. I used to see you use a lot more HE…and now you seem to only
    use AP. Is there a reason?

    • Nikolaus Sonninen

      +neokoga He learned the best times to use different kind of shells? 🙂 With
      AP you can score citadels which do a buttload of damage, but smaller guns
      can’t penetrate heavy armour. Also the angle of impact and distance can
      make big difference. I think there’s some tutorials on WOWS website to give
      you better idea of how and when to use them 😉

  17. So how does the scout plane get back on the ship in real life? Do they
    crane it back on the ship from the water?

  18. wow awesome, thanks Baron for playing my fav. cruiser atm in WoWS! I keep
    requesting Phly to make a video while playing the Atago but..he has not
    made a Atago video yet..(atleast not that I know of!) If I am wrong and
    Phly has already done one on the Atago, feel free to correct me anyone.. ;)

  19. Baron did you really fed deer a pizza ? XD

  20. baron tell your viewer to like the video, so your standing will not drop
    and also to help more on your youtube.. Since you begun this series this
    game been the highlight of my youtube time everyday and i always waiting
    for WoW.

  21. Atago is such a sexy ship!!

  22. You suck at destroyers. Don’t play them until you can use them right it’s
    not fun to watch 

  23. The epic game bros

    Fubuki-chan! What r u doin there?!

  24. Which graphical settings do I have to change to make the whole squadron of
    planes visible and not just on plane?

  25. Anyone try WoT on Xbox One? It’s beast.

  26. best cruiser? Iowa? I don’t see both, freaking missleading

  27. Do the tier X japanese destroyer pls

  28. Baron, some of us know what is happening (don’t worry it isn’t bad),so make
    sure you take your time while doing it, best of luck to you guys

  29. SMK attempt 22

  30. Just one thing, why didn’t you change sonar (or whatever the hell is its
    name) for an AA barrage?

  31. Baron, please do the New York next. I would like to know how an experienced
    player can use a tier 5 when they normally use tier 9’s or 8’s. (Plus, I’m
    from NY and can’t run the game so I’d like to see you do it.

  32. Didn´t the bismarck get torped by only 1 torp? since only 1 hit the rudder,
    the shells hit the fueslage

    • +Elliot Stenberg The Bismarck got hit by alot of torpedoes, only the 1 that
      hit the rudder did serious damage.

      And ‘fuselage’ is the wrong term for a ship….

  33. Baron you need to play more heroes and generals! Those are some of my
    favorite videos.

  34. LOL border humping

  35. Do you guys know if the progress in the beta will continue on to the full
    game or not? Because i don’t want to waste time and money on the beta if

  36. +BaronVonGamez 3:40 SERIOUSLY BARON?! AP against a high tier BB? FFS and WG
    gives THIS GUY a permanent press account?! It’s like they want the standard
    of play lowered between this and that animated “Bad advice” video that
    seems to suggest that you should never use AP at all…

    I SWEAR you almost ALWAYS use the wrong ammunition for the wrong targets!

    I mean, you have a PRESS ACCOUNT – yet you don’t seem to have some of the
    most fundamental skills required to play this game well.

    • ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

      Mad much huh?

    • +Dysphoricsmile then you are just dumb. He is one of the biggest if not the
      biggest youtuber making videos about the game. Here you have your reason.
      They want Promotion For their product

    • +Free Thinker Armchair admiral is more like it.

      And I have watched enough of his WOWS videos to know that this is no fluke
      or random derp – it’s just how he plays. And a lot of it is simple shit to
      learn. It just makes me wonder why, him of all people got a press account.

    • +Dysphoricsmile Look at this piece of shit back seat admiral.

  37. would like to see you play the pensacola :)

    • You mean the Pepsi cola?

    • +Uncle_Lefty 14 Furutaka is the worst for cruiser jumps in this case, the
      Kuma with quick turning 7(6 in a broadside) 140mm guns with 5/6 second
      reload and descent AA to 6x 8″ 20 second reload with a dismal turret

    • +jrussel2456 the reason why people think the Pensacola sucks is because
      people played the Cleveland with 5 second reload, and then get the
      Pensacola. with a 15 second reload, and they don’t get used to it.
      Pensacola and Clevelnad r good ships tho

    • +xflamousz no, Pensacola once upgraded rocks if played right

    • i like it it does not suck at all dont know why ppl say that

  38. Lol baron try to shoot HE at destroyers. You could have killed that guy at
    the beginning.

  39. That is not the best cruiser and that is not the best battleship. 

  40. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    Hey Baron! Have you played with the premium tier II Albany yet? If no type
    ALBANY here and you’ll get the ship, I
    guess it’s rare, and a slot 🙂

    Here’s a screen of the ship

  41. just watched the news at Partially Royal, congratz and have a great time!

  42. How are so good

  43. I always play against atagos, and I ALWAYS play with Baltimore with me or
    new Orleans if needed because if ill not do it atagos will kill me… I
    killed 26 atagos…

    • +Fishfingers232 Lol yeah, that ship is armored like all around so it hard
      to pen him when his ship is angled. The Cleveland have a citadel at the
      center od the ship’s side, but it small and hard to pen if you don’t know
      how too shoot.

    • +Hoang Nguyen High tier IJN cruisers are easy to deal with, just use AP.
      Even the Cleveland with it’s relatively weak 6 inch guns can citadel them.

      On the other hand, when I’m in my Mogami I never bother to use AP on
      Clevelands, it’s just way too hard to citadel them.

    • +Roy Shein Not neccessary, I have killed the Atago with a, believe it or
      not, Tier 6 cruiser Cleveland, just pumping HE or AP at long range and when
      he try to turn side way to torp me, I broadside him and knocked his torp
      tube out. XD

  44. this Iowa player should really play with cruiser… that’s what im doing
    and im never getting killed by atagos…

  45. Can you make one lets Play where do you speak German 

  46. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    nice video Baron-senpai

  47. no AA consumable?

    • +TeeLamba They have, but you have to switch Hydro acoustic Search with it.

    • +TeeLamba Only cause Baron is too stupid to figure out that you can switch
      out the Sonar consumable for the Increased AA consumable.

      WG give a press account to a guy who fires HE at cruisers, and AP at BB and
      DDs! Seriously, Baron needs to watch iChaseGaning’s captain academy series

  48. 3rd comment!!!

  49. The Atago is REALLY good but.. I have noticed it gets citadel’ed very
    easily, so its a giant glass cannon, very good but a bit risky to use
    against opponents that know what they are doing, its like playing an AWP in
    CSGO without buying armor:P

  50. Hey, baron vid

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