World of Warships German DD Split Torpedo Changes

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The German DDs involved in the World of Warships tech tree split are getting a change, once again. This time is revolves around their torpedoes. Instead of faster short range torps, they are now longer ranged sea mines. This gives me serious concerns for a class that is supposed to fight light cruiser which it will have issues hitting with torps.


  1. Who ever wants to play those mini cruisers? They are getting more and more cruisers than DDs.

  2. Steven Wiederholt

    What do I think? Oh Golly Gosh I am soooo excited about this change. Be Still My Beating Heart.

  3. Damn, WG really dont like German ships (anymore)…
    BBs nerfed secondaries, CA and DDs powercrept to oblivion, and the new line haven`t even received a single buff yet while everyone and their mother knows its going to be bad with current stats

  4. 0:42

  5. So a new line of DDs that are supposed to target light cruisers in WG’s own words, get their torpedoes nerfed to the point that as long as an enemy cruiser captain has two brain cells to rub together they’ll never get hit by….and they think people are going to be excited for this line? They must be getting some really good drugs up there in the office.

    • what you expect? we are talking about the creator’s of “the soviets rules the wales”

    • Technically those torpedoes are buffed since 13.5km is surely longer than cruisers’ 8.5km~12km radar range which could come pretty handy against cruisers especially when they were using AA instead of hydro. The increased damage made the torpedoes more effective when trying to yolo.In conclusion,the ship becomes playable after the buffs,but it is definitely not fun to play

  6. They are out of time, the event is right around the corner. The concept of a DD that’s supposed to fight the class that is designed to counter DDs is so dumb…

  7. The idea of this DD is WG think everytime cruiser meet this DD they gonna be like here my broadside.

  8. This could be WG asking the question could I interest you in something a Pan European destroyer? Something Pan Asian perhaps? We’re also going to be taking pre-orders for exotic South American bottoms.

  9. “WG, lets make a gun boat line” Buffs torpedo. Anyone else confused? To be fair they kinda needed it, those torps where a SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!

    • .. Buff? You’re kidding right?

    • PanzerJäger Hantoeig

      They basically got Russian gunboat DD torps. Slow but ok range and damage. Thing is, slow torps are only good for kiting evasion tanking ships that mainly use them to stop the enemy from getting too close

    • @PanzerJäger Hantoeig well like the Italian torps they might make a good idiot filter.

  10. This line has my interest. Might not be that good, but I don’t hate the concept.

  11. Well, that’s just great. Instead of one, we will now have two lines of useless German DDs.

  12. It’s becoming apparent WG isn’t sure of how to make something unique in the constraints their game has set. The last 2 lines have been subpar and I believe these new German Destroyers will be as well. While I’m against power creep, I want unique play. It seems WG is losing sight on how to combine those two aspects. The American BB split’s selling point is it might do good damage from long distance but with so many trade-offs they cannot impact the game as well as other battleships that do the same. The Italians are close in brawlers with inaccurate guns, poor secondaries, somewhat decent armor, and horrible reload speed that offer a new shell type that mostly not effective if someone doesnt want to give you superstructure shots. Now we’re getting gun boat DDs that cant seem to speed tank like Russian or French DDs, cannot torp like Pan Euro or Pan Asian DDs, and offer nothing outside of accurate guns. I cant wait to see whats next like maybe a CV line with no planes.

  13. Why do cv have 70 percent fire chance when they can hit a target so easily lol

  14. you didnt talk about torp reload hich was always an advantage in the German DD line…

  15. I propose a boicot on these DDs. Nobody should play them. Lets make WG understand how bad they are once and for all

  16. Can’t have these new DDs be too strong of course, they aren’t a CV or Russian

  17. And don’t forget kiddies, WeeGee will give you the extra special privilege of “earning” these tech line pixels for your hard earned cash.

  18. Well since you don’t need aiming systems you can put on torp mod and torpedo acceleration skill to get 10% more speed and get up to a whopping…….

    55 knots.

  19. Here’s an idea give the z line the new torpedo range to them and the z’s torpedo to the new dd line that should balance it out

  20. PanzerJäger Hantoeig

    Yo the current German DDs got 1/4 pen HE like the cruisers and BB secondaries.

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