World of Warships – Get MAGAZINED! One shotted!

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  1. You can’t always blame someone for being AFK in WoWs; I’ve had it happen 4
    times now where I’m stuck in the queue screen (10 minutes), but my ship is
    actually in a battle. Force quit the game, and come back the port to find a
    loss. This is on the Asia server, maybe the US is more reliable. Never had
    it happen in WoT though, even in the open beta for that.

  2. Baron ! Once ur aim is set hold right click ,it stays on target ,then u can
    manouver and spam fire ,also u can switch from sonar to aa in the
    consumables screen in modules ,dude l2p ,so many ppl watching u noobing
    around 😀 great content boi ,keep it up :)

  3. ????????????? whomever you are!!! ??? ??????????
    ????????!!! I just played with you on the Normandy map in WT. Next
    time the cap isn’t capping, don’t curse the entire universe just
    because you have deceased brain cells!!! If you have had the I.Q. of a
    banana you would have checked around the cap zone and voilà… what do you
    know??? Two enemy Pzr IV’s, a T-34 and a Jagdpanzer IV were hiding in plain
    sight on the cap… I had to deal with them with my Wirbelwind in order to
    make you stop whining on the chat you ridiculous, brainless, brat!!! If
    only I was given the opportunity, I would slap your ears so hard that you
    wouldn’t be able to hear your own thought!

  4. Are they going to put German ships in here?

  5. J Baldwin (MadMechaGuy)

    You can change the the Acoustic to AA in the Port.

  6. I thought they took that AA consumable away as well. learned in game they
    simply gave you options. You can go to your module screen and click on your
    consumable and switch it to AA instead of sonar. And plus you can upgrade
    to reduce the cooldown for 22.5k credits.

  7. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    13:54 pause fast enough.. He died with the black out screen before the
    shells hit? Bad damage system exposed?

  8. Me personally I can’t wait to start playing. I’m going full battleship.
    Also, maybe they might add the USS Missouri! And you should actually try
    and play a Russian ship if they have em.

  9. No no …Serpentine is all wrong……What you want is to herringbone in
    that situation.

  10. Can you please do a video on the mighty Fuso Battleship please Baron?

  11. At 10:54 a filipino typed “LOLO MO GAY” which means your grandfather is
    gay…can’t believe a dumb kid gets to play this awesome game

  12. Play Yamato please!!!

  13. Yo Baron, you can press Rctrl + shift + backspace to enter freecam mode.
    Great for those after-death spectacles! (arrow keys to move, 7 and 1 on
    numpad to elevate)

  14. Baron… you still have the increased AA thing.

    You just have to go into modules and change to it. You can take the sonar
    perk (increased detection) OR increased AA.

  15. Hey do you think the Cleveland and Atlanta should switch tier levels? 

  16. Have You noticed you don’t care about any one else. I think when you let 2
    carriers die a couple games ago is when I first noticed, You got a cat ?

  17. You can change the SONAR ability to the anti aircraft consumable in port.

  18. Legendary Bulldog

    Can the Atlanta be classified as a destroyer because it’s guns torpedoes
    speed and range

  19. +baronvongamez the Atlanta was built for aa fire the five inches on it were
    used for aa only next to carriers 

  20. Hi can you and flydaily do battle you vs phly in war thunder and

    ITT world be soo FUN to watch

  21. If you click the hydrophone ability in the modules screen, you can replace
    it with the anti-air ability.

  22. lol

  23. Happened to me today in my Atlanta as well. Had a Cleveland on the
    ropes….boom 22,500 magazine hit. The Cleveland was like WTF…..explained
    it to him and thanked him for the detonation flags hehe.

  24. hey im new to the world of world of warships and your vids are a good help
    cheers pet

  25. Does this game Cause the Blue Screen of Death? or is it my video card or
    computer in general? My video card got leaked on by my CPU water cooler so
    I replaced the Card and still get the Blue Screen and only played this game
    around the time. Don’t know if games could cause Blue screen or not.

    • Gigbyte GTX 750 Ti 2G… I thought the Blue screen was meant due to
      possible damage to other things inside cause it happened the same time I
      Downloaded WoWS and just thought my computer died is kinda why i ask cuz i
      havent gotten the chance to play other thing due to me returning the GTX
      750 Ti

    • What card you have?

  26. Replace the sonar ability Baron for the AA fire buff.
    I think you have to right click on it in the harbor.
    And get a skilled crew with the tier 4 skill that increases AA fire and the
    range of guns under 155mm.
    This will take the range out to 13kms

  27. Can you,devil, and phly play red orchestra darkest hour tanks?

  28. Ok this is a major issue for me with some of the Streamers and Youtubers.
    1. You can swap the Sonar ability for the Defensive Fire ability by
    clicking on the ability in the consumables section of the Modules tab. This
    was clearly explained in the old patch notes when they added this feature.

    2. The Dual-Purpose Guns on ships do actually shoot at aircraft. They are
    not animated because you need them for surface firing. This is obvious on
    DDs as the only weapons they normally have besides the DP guns are machine
    guns yet you can still see Flak Explosions. The Atlanta is the same as the
    only Flak it has is the main guns. Even the secondary guns that are
    Dual-Purpose shoot at both aircraft and ships yet you will only see them
    pointing at the ships.

  29. Man Baron I love your vids, but you gotta learn to aim man

  30. Atlanta is a St. Louis on steriods

  31. its more fun to guess where the rounds are going to impact on a target than
    it is to use precision fire control.

  32. Yo Baron! I was in this game with you! Anyways, love the vids man! Keep em

  33. Play the New York

  34. mrlegodude96alt2

    baron you goof you can switch your skill to the AA up ablity

  35. I don’t fucking understand. WHY HIT THE BATTLE BUTTON IF YOU’RE JUST GOING
    TO FUCK OFF AND DO SOMETHING???!!! Okay i vented. But why?

  36. Baron, you can swap out the acoustic ability for the AA ability in the
    module screen.

  37. Tristen Toulouse

    Please play the Pensacola

  38. 13:50 What Yall wanted to see

  39. sometimes i am that battleship because there is something wrong with my
    game files that is corrupt so when i enter a battle there is an error that
    says i dont have enough available memory though i have 16 GB of RAM

    • +kieran hatton ive never had that problem yet, but what i do see frequent
      is when the battle is loading me/my friends get stuck at it for several
      minutes. the loading screen i mean 😛

    • Marius Schreiner

      Hi go to a send a Ticket to Wargaming they will help you 😉

    • +raNdom General same I might sometimes get one game in but that’s if I’m

    • I am that ship non stop,alevery damn time lag and frame rate issues and
      frequent “game is not responding” its so bad cant even play for 5 mins

  40. that looks like my kind of ship. fast and lots of guns

    • +Matthew Blenkey Lots of guns, but you gotta get very close to use them.
      Most enemy cruisers and all enemy battleships will be able to light you up
      like a Christmas tree while you’re trying to get close enough to fire

  41. cornellius cornwall

    Baron you should play the Fubuki next m8,I think its gud ship long time.

  42. now noobs shot with fire with the atlanta… bob XD

  43. Islam Equals Terrorism

    Baron lead your fucking shots, man. You consistently fire behind the enemy
    ships. So annoying.

  44. yeah Atlanta, still waitting for you Phly an Slick B all in atlanta at same

  45. Great shot

  46. What does “T” do?

  47. Your team in the first match… fuck me those guys are just terrible. When
    Baron is the only one with kills, then everyone else should immediately
    quit the game, and never return!

  48. Baron, you can change the consumable (your T ability) for the AA power.

  49. Do a 9 Kill game with the Cleveland
    Then check YT : new baron’s video
    what a evening :)

  50. x ImageBreaker x

    Atago Pan-paka-pa~n!!

  51. Can you start doing some more of MOWAS 2 +BaronVonGamez 

  52. Do the tier 9 Baltimore

  53. Whats the T abillity ?

  54. Merica!

  55. Baron you do know you can change sonar perk to AA if atlanta is capable!

  56. damn, with all the thousand that always watch this i got the fckng bad luck
    to be the 666’s view.

  57. please stop using scroll wheel on the mouse , use shift one click and you
    in binocular view , plus you losing lead on the ship you targeting with
    scroll wheel

  58. Baron you can unlock the AA skill in your commander i think the Atlanta is
    dual purpose 

  59. You should really use AP

  60. Please play the North Carolina next!

  61. Hey can you take out the warspite, I would love to see the most decorated
    ship in the glorious Royal Navy be put through its paces at the hands of a
    good player 

  62. Bismarck when it’s going to release 

  63. The Atlanta does have the AA ability mate, I use it on mine ??

  64. Finally!!! I love these videos. Thank you for posting xD

  65. 3rd :p

  66. waiting for people to spam first

  67. Get Magazined! Ya nubcake!

    • +BaronVonGamez Omaha has only 12.7km range – less than the phoenix and FAR
      less than the Murmansk – also it does NOT get a scout plane to increase its

      Omaha is a great ship, it is just funny that the Murmansk is just better in
      basically every way! In CBT once I bought the Murmansk and had unlocked the
      Cleveland, I immediately sold the Omaha, cause what’s the point in keeping
      it with the Murmansk in port?

    • +BaronVonGamez wat are ur graphic settings on war thunder



    • +BaronVonGamez
      Will you take out the Hosho or Ryujo in the next video?

  68. 1st, jk love ya Baron

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