World of Warships – Get MAGAZINED! One shotted!

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  1. Right on!

  2. +Louis Chapman I did not know that, and have just used that in game. 22
    Aircraft shot down 🙂

  3. Gigbyte GTX 750 Ti 2G… I thought the Blue screen was meant due to
    possible damage to other things inside cause it happened the same time I
    Downloaded WoWS and just thought my computer died is kinda why i ask cuz i
    havent gotten the chance to play other thing due to me returning the GTX
    750 Ti

  4. What card you have?

  5. Wesly Goldschmidt

    +mrlegodude96alt2 Fancy seeing you here. Not like you were the one who told
    me this was possible, but whatever.

  6. +Frazer Hooke lol at least your honest

  7. mrlegodude96alt2

    also no one uses the advanced repair despite the fact its impossible to
    loose money

  8. I have to put my hand up to that

  9. Apparently next to nobody can figure this out on their own

  10. +Robert MacGregor Pfff I’m just not going to waste my time with you anymore.

  11. Robert MacGregor

    Sure? I am explaining a rational situation and you can’t get your head
    around it

  12. +Robert MacGregor Well then your “Troll senses” are not really the sharpest
    tools in the shed *nudge*

  13. Robert MacGregor

    And now my troll senses are tingling and am looking at you Reece

  14. Robert MacGregor

    maybe the game was loading when the door knocked and wasn’t going to sit
    there and wait for the game to load to say brb?

  15. +kieran hatton ive never had that problem yet, but what i do see frequent
    is when the battle is loading me/my friends get stuck at it for several
    minutes. the loading screen i mean 😛

  16. Marius Schreiner

    Hi go to a send a Ticket to Wargaming they will help you 😉

  17. +raNdom General same I might sometimes get one game in but that’s if I’m

  18. I am that ship non stop,alevery damn time lag and frame rate issues and
    frequent “game is not responding” its so bad cant even play for 5 mins

  19. +Matthew Blenkey Lots of guns, but you gotta get very close to use them.
    Most enemy cruisers and all enemy battleships will be able to light you up
    like a Christmas tree while you’re trying to get close enough to fire

  20. Islam Equals Terrorism

    +Ahmed Darwich Why are you getting pissy at me, my comment wasn’t directed
    at you

  21. Fuck you

  22. Thanks m8.

  23. +TheProrokpl Well for his set up it’s the Hydro Acoustic sonar ability,
    allowing you to see through smoke screens, or you could use the defensive
    AA boost ability

  24. Poi poi poi

  25. Robert MacGregor

    +Zemnas That ability is sonar, it allows you to see enemies in smoke
    screens. You can swop it in Port for the AA ability

  26. Cédric Möhlmann

    Get a piece of wood. A toothpick or some sort. The pick it out with said
    toothpick. 🙂 Hope iy helps

  27. Guys i dropped my phone in water i put it in rice but now there is a piece
    of rice in my jack input. Any ideas?:)

  28. Cédric Möhlmann

    New ability for cc. I didnt read patch notes do. Dotn exactly know what it

  29. didnt it have diferent icon ?

  30. Yeah the Atlanta is multi purpose

  31. Yes !!

  32. +Steiner Jake The 28th but only to some people as test

  33. PanzerFaust 360 (P4nssariK4uhu)

    +xflamousz the Atlanta is so awesome it doesnt need upgrades.

  34. Oh yeah just saw Well premiums kinda suck as you can’t upgrade them

  35. +xflamousz it is premium it doesn’t have a hull upgrade

  36. But hull upgrades Do Not improve or give you more guns

  37. +Othnerl Colen baron took it

  38. +BaronVonGamez Omaha has only 12.7km range – less than the phoenix and FAR
    less than the Murmansk – also it does NOT get a scout plane to increase its

    Omaha is a great ship, it is just funny that the Murmansk is just better in
    basically every way! In CBT once I bought the Murmansk and had unlocked the
    Cleveland, I immediately sold the Omaha, cause what’s the point in keeping
    it with the Murmansk in port?

  39. +BaronVonGamez wat are ur graphic settings on war thunder



  42. +BaronVonGamez
    Will you take out the Hosho or Ryujo in the next video?

  43. Im just not one of those kind of people

  44. I know

  45. +Chris Mcmillian you are actually first

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