World of Warships – Gneisenau Live Die-Hard

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on Two Brothers moves to attack the eastern side of the map. We run into the main enemy force and I do some interesting sailing to get into a position to defend our base. The enemy encroaches into the final point and I must fight them off without much assistance in the north. A enemy attempts to take us down, but I get a special opportunity and take it. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Gneisenau Replay


  1. is this ship worth it?

  2. Did you get his point of view like you said on stream?

  3. weirdest Yoda voice ever :)

  4. The Royal Marines arent that old, 1755. US Marine Corps, 1775. The Royal
    Marines can trace back to the 1600s, but they werent organized until 1755.

  5. Listening to your talking about marines etc, SEALS do some of the same
    training because they are trained by the SAS but the Royal Marines training
    is tougher

  6. Did you know Stalin murdered 10k Polish officers and another 10k+ Polish
    intelligence in 1940. I would never call soviets “Allies”

    You should read a book about Soviet Gulag system written by Gustav
    Herling-Grudzinski”A World Apart”

  7. Respect for mentioning Poles while talking about Enigma :)

  8. Yay, I’m in the video 🙂

  9. I learned two things… Notser knows NOTHING about history and he is a top.

    Mao killed more people than the Soviets lost in WWII. WWII Soviet losses
    are 26Million. Moa, IN PEACETIME, in front of the WHOLE WORLD killed

    So play your games, and stop trying to be insightful when you haven’t a

  10. Nice video Notser EVEN THOUGH I WAS THE ONE GETTING RAMMED!! But I was
    wondering if some of you would come over and check out my channel as I will
    soon be putting my view of this battle up on my channel along with some
    more funny edits!
    Link to my channel:

  11. WW2 was won by the Evil Forces… you did just not understand because they
    manipulate you since were a child,

  12. The Dutch were the first who trained marines

  13. I should know because I myself am a United States Marine and I happened to
    train the Filipino Marines and the Singaporean Marines and I also served
    with the British Royal Marines in Afghanistan

  14. Marios Karampalis

    Wrong the first marines were in Ancient Greece and aboard the trireme
    warships of the time, like today kroussers 2500 years ago !! Later the
    Romans evolved the best Marine Corps.

  15. did u realize that the afk nagato took ur kill? What a lucky…luck …….

  16. listening to notser talk to his chat is hilarious

  17. the italian lagunari are technically the oldest amphibious combat corps in
    the world

  18. I completely lost it when he startet screeming “get back here”. that was
    totally hillarious

  19. #BoxHead5Prez2016

    I missed the streams because I was setting up a tent that wanted to smash
    in my leg. At least there’s this xD

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