World of Warships- Hate Planes? You’re Gonna LOVE This

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Hey Guys! For our bonus replay video, today we have Lumpy in the Tier X American battleship Vermont……again, and well, things happen. Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. How the turn tables indeed?

  2. @oddforoddssake3751

    This Vermont really did just hit us with the “I DIDNT HEAR NO BELL.” 😆

  3. Reminds me of the siege of helms deep, where they just kept on coming and coming.

  4. in the immortal words of Zapp Brannigan: “She’s built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro.”

  5. Vermont was furiously swinging it’s flyswatter for all it’s life was worth. Another fine example of a player who bought the whole ship and defiantly used every last inch of the whole ship.

  6. “like a gazelle”

  7. Years before I started playing this game, I was watching various videos about it. What I remember is that back in the day the Vermont was considered to be one of the scariest ships in the game. Yes, it was slow, but it was basically the queen of brawling. Could both take and dish out incredible damage, and you did not want to find yourself in its crosshairs. The game has moved on, but I think it’s still one of those ships that make you wonder “what am I doing wrong” as you hit it with what should be getting a “devastating strike” award with any other ship, and the damage bar just … moves a bit.

  8. somehow Lumpy and Vermont just goes together

  9. I think this replay highlights the worst of Wows. A million planes shot down, doesn’t matter, sub spam you cant hit. Good times.

  10. Impressive tanking job right there…. They folded like crazy once you were gone.

  11. I love the fact that YouTube is lagging so much today

  12. I am still amazed how a cruiser can summon squadrons of planes on quick response no less, when there are no air bases nearby lol.

  13. I can top that, got a game with my Salem in which I downed 77 Malta planes. xD

  14. Wait this isn’t a video about some full AA build shooting down like 50 planes

  15. I almost got 6.0 million potential damage in my St. Vincent fighting a Golden L. recently, got 5.8 million to be precise, I didn’t even know the bombs on those planes count as potential damage

  16. @camerondawnpeterson5100

    W.o.w legends should allow you to buy crates with GXP

  17. Sometimes sheethouse luck is better than skill. Edit to add: never underestimate teammates in randoms to screw things up.

  18. It’s kinda funny that Vermont is the only non Russian ship that have good AA. Love to use this thing from time to time. In Random battles, not so much using her, because of how potatoes it can get. But for Ranks or Tour? Yeah, this thing slaps. Salvo are heavy and have enough AA to taking care on its own. With upcoming Support CVs, I would combo with Essex. Just to make sure to remove the gameplay of Enemy CVs.

  19. I get the plane thing and potential damage but the title should be “how not to play a brick”

  20. AA Dakka mount.

    But to be fair, we should differetiate PD taken from plane dropped ammo and other ones. Why? Because while salvo from enemy ship can theoretically do its maximum alpha dmg X number of shells fired, air drops will never be able to hit by all bombs even such big target as Vermont is.

    I think drop area of air drop is fixed and spread too, to mitigate target maneuvers during time from fired to hit moment.

    But you can really (almost that) achieve maximum alpha strike by salvo by BB for example.
    I remember (although in coop) I hit Yamato with my Bismarck resulting in 7 citadels from 8 shells in single salvo (just from 2km).

    Single Gouden Leeuw strike counts 60 bombs each 6800 dmg, but you will be never able to land more than maybe 1/3 of them, but all those felt in proximity of target do count as PD.

    (Oh y, single drop is around that 12planes X 6bombs X 6800 dmg =489.600 PD minus those shot down before drop)
    And it really added around 300+K PD with each drop.
    Finally our Vermont guy has his ship angled probably well broadside to airstrikes, resulting in smallest possible received dmg from it while still getting max PD from it.

    Anyway nice match, keeping some ships busy definitely helps team to live longer do more action.

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