World of Warships – Stalingrad

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Somebody get this man a weightlifting belt!

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  1. @brutestsaavedra6591

    Morning jingles.

  2. @lonemarkkingoftypos3722

    Wow, just intime when i wanted to listen to a jingles vid

  3. Hey, new jingles video, long may the continue, keep strong big man!

  4. A friendly and well loved voice to start the week

  5. Jingles, haven’t stopped thinking about your announcement. So sorry about the diagnosis. U truly hope everything turns out okay for you. Justin from Staffordshire.

  6. I do miss a good torpedo beats 😀

  7. Everybody should start their day by listening to Jingles, a smooth, calming voice

  8. Jingles, Keep calm and carry on. You are one of the Highlights on Youtube

  9. Thinking of you Old Man, i was telling a couple of mates about your Mingles episode from yesterday, we kinda been watching YT and WoWs as well since 2015, and all were shocked, i know we are all mere mortals but we cherish you and your content, and will always be here to help in any way. Take care and look forward to future content!

  10. Ofcourse jingles starts off by laughing at his cancer… we shall meme it in to remission!

  11. The funniest part of this is that shit talking Kremlin was the lowest score on his team. haha

  12. I didn’t realize how much I missed the torpedo beats! Wishing you well Jingles.

  13. I don’t know why this video hasn’t shown up when I refreshed the site.
    Thank you for bringing the joy, good ol’ sir!

  14. @stuartconnolly8951

    If engagement is what Jingles needs, engagement is what he gets.

  15. Hearing “I hope you’re having a great day” at the end meant so much to me right now. We all need to hear from you in the future of our lives!

  16. He’s a battleship and he’s ok. He hunts all night and he fights all day.

  17. We love you uncle Jingles!

  18. Hats off to the Jinan, he did better than a lot of players would have! what a nailbiter.

  19. Thanks for all you have done Jingles. Being a nurse for a long time you stand a great chance. Hopes and prayers. You can do it.

  20. Jingles, the fact you’re still going and even reviving memes from the good ol’ Why you heff to be mad days even after the diagnosis is amazing and speaks to your grit. I believe you can beat the cancer’s ass! Stay strong, old man 🙂

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