World of Warships- Hate Submarines? I Have Good News For You…& Airship Escort’s Return!

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Hey guys! Today we go through the most recent DevBlogs concerning changes to submarines and ASW, A new Dutch Heavy Cruiser, and the return of Airship Escort! Enjoy!


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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:09 Prins Van Oranje
7:03 ASW Buffs/Sub Changes
16:49 Camo Changes
21:57 Airship Escort Returns
23:06 Other New Content


  1. @theiranianputin2770

    Fellas, I got the Missouri 💪. Ran on Asym for Rewards and did 227k first round

  2. When BB’s are the best thing for killing subs and Destroyers are one of the worst, the class is busted.

    • BBs don’t kill subs. Planes do.

    • weak@@LarryWater

    • Depends on the situation. If the sub is right under the DD, that’s far better than planes.

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      Because IRL no sub would be anywhere near the front lines

    • Submarines might lurk around hoping to pick up straglers.. but they were not intergral part of fleet operations.

      Submarines do not fit World of Warships, period.

      Submarine gameplay if on the same realism scale as the other classes, would be boring. So they give them homing bs, make others blow through dcp instead of giving ships historical counters like towed arrays, and then they force their natural counters to actually be the worst at countering them….

      Utterly puke inducing game design.


  3. So glad they buffed the 5km BB’s ASW, Was starting to annoy me in Jean Bart and Ohio.
    Felt useless on the team when trying to help deal with subs, usually had to just abandon the side of map the enemy sub was on.

  4. @bensundermann6553

    I will keep all camos from now on, hoping WG gives me something valuable for them if they get officially taken out…

  5. We will see if this helps, through I’m sure I wont be happy until 1, they gives us a separate button than Damage Control to deal with pings and BS ‘MAGIC TORPS’, or 2, they give Subs normal torps and remove the ‘MAGIC’ ones altogether. Also, the ping indicators should be accurate to the sub location, not random in an area around the sub.

    • Really all those changes to make you happy? Why not just say it, I dont want anything in the game that counters my BB..

  6. I feel like a way to improve the ability to fight shotgunning is to give BB’s 100% secondary accuracy and fire rate to secondaries at 3-4km. They could even make this unique to subs. Making a pop up and fire risky as secondaries could immediately unleash a full accurate secondary solvo.

    • I’ve found secondaries already almost always hit subs at that range anyway, due to the secondaries not needing to actually hit the sub. Even Haida and Huron’s secondary turret hits almost every time in my experience. The increased fire rate wouldn’t really be much of a deterrent either.

    • You have this already its called dept charge air strike.

    • All BBS should have excellent seconday battery accuracy under 5km as standard,

    • @@duesing6 All advantages at close-range combat is for the tier X subs. So, stop acting like shotgunning does not result in a dead BB 99% of the time. It needs to be balanced. Give BB’s additional depth charges so they drop them like DD’s as well. Allow them to switch like torp types. Something to disuade subs from playing this type of game that obvious is a cheese play.

  7. More permanent camos are a very welcome addition

  8. so subs will become ‘passive DDs’ as spotters, to me that says DD will become obsolete as spotters and become ‘torpedo boats’ or ‘smoke and gun ships’. which is interesting since the DD concept was originally ‘Torpedo Boat’ for the kaisers navy and the royal navy created ‘Torpedo Boat Destroyers’ to combat a massed german DD attack (happened at Jutland twice), which became shortened to ‘Destroyer’. DD will basically just try to eliminate each other sounds like.

  9. They should really make it so the sub sonar ping effect becomes closer to the actual sub the more times they use it in a certain timeframe or the closer they are to you because it’s really annoying when they spam sonar at close range and it’s useless for you since you’re still just as inconsistent as you are at 10 km and they ping you once

  10. Dds should have some sort of more permanent sub spotting skill. More credit for them in case the skill was contributing for killing the sub. I for one like the fact BBs are inferior with their asw skill set. Heavy Cruisers should be a little better in that tough…

  11. I still say that Airship Escort and Asymmetric Battles should be moved into a new Random Mode Mk2. Yes it splits the play base into two buckets, but it would also pull active players from co-op and into more random matches. AE and AB game modes both encourage brawling and that is what a decent number of us want again and leave the original Random mode to snipers/more passive game play.

    • As a Co-Op Main (toxicity in Randoms drove me away at the start), I am more than happy keeping Asymmetric battles on a PvE basis. It’s a great alternative and is fun too. I think the balance is about right this time too. I can see the trio of Convoy, Asymmetric and Airship Escort being used in quarterly rotation.

  12. My first thought when this video started was “wow look at all those DD’s. But no subs!” To think there was a time when too many DD’s was the main complaint.

  13. As long as they don’t make it easier for ships to see me, I’ll continue having fun in my U-4501

  14. @trickponystudios

    Subs are getting a lateral nerf at best, the damage was reduced for depth charges and the Hydrophone consumable is getting buffed. It is nice that the range is being increased for ASW and multiple ships are changing from Depth Charges to ASW. In addition the Commonwealth cruisers look great for ASW.

  15. If WG removes those consumable camos, it could ease players life.. Getting rid off selling them. WG also knows players don’t buy them and if really interested, then you can get perma camo for X millions of credits anyway. Thumb up.

    I am just bit worried about upcoming changes to subs.
    Those who play them already know that getting really good damage in competitive modes(with T10 lets say 100- 150K is exceptionally, while you would get it with surface ship way easier.
    Curious how it comes out.

  16. Just started playing a few weeks ago and finally killed my first sub with depth charges yesterday. OMG it felt so good.

  17. @mattgearytransplanted

    excited about the new dutch cruiser. GL is incredibly underrated and useful. I’m done talking now as I don’t want my toy getting overplayed and nerfed.

  18. @duncanmacraven4024

    With BBs I use guns on subs… But great on those changes. Though for subs their conseal should be closer to 4 or less. On the camo, this exactly what I’ve been asking for in my surveys. Then again there are a lot of us that love low tier games, and sure camo is just for looks now days, I’d rather the boat in front of me looks kewl.

  19. Everyone complained about airship escort. The truth is it changed the way we played the game. It forced us to move up and get closer. I found battles to be more intense, but I’m glad they found a way to keep it around.

  20. the camou had been asked for for so long , its the proper way to sell cosmetic .. now some of the default perma camou just are well meh .. many simply look way better with the expandable camou and now its OK to get them as permanent

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