World of Warships – Zero or Hero?

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You ever have one of those matches where you can’t quite figure out whether or not what you’re watching makes the ship in question the Zero or the Hero of the match?

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  1. @liberalsockpuppet4772

    It’s Friday, it’s 5am on the east coast of the US, time for Jingles

  2. The best name flambass has gotten was Montana princess. He doesn’t like the Montana.

  3. @cyberhornthedragon

    i hope you have a great new year to come Jingles

  4. Mr Jingles!!! I finally unlocked the beautiful T10 HMS Conqueror and got my 1st 21 point commander the same day. You. You my good sir are my very 1st 21 pt. Just a casual player slowly grinding since that mission waaaay back in the day that you were the reward of. Sally forth and paddle on

    • The conq. is a fine ship! Burn down the all the ships and reprint them in your image. O7

    • I have unlocked Conqeror few years back , I dunno whi I did not play it much , but like year back there was free xmas camo for her , so I taken her for a ride , and she is very good , much better that I had remember , AP can smash ! … and yup Jingles was also my first 21p commander , oh tho I had him for some time , I even have twin Jingles , but that one is only 19p …and about Jingles commander , there is no way to get Jingles commander 2024 🙁 , I have buddy he started to play wows and watch Jingles , and his biggest regreat is that he cant have own JIngles on his Vanguard or Agincourt … would be nice if Jingles team up with WG and re release Jingles commander , maybe even whole line commanders , including , Rita , Akizuki , and R.I.P Eddie.

    • @teensierpython-4565

      I put jingles in the submarine line. Muhahahahah

      Ok. Off to the salt mines with me.

    • @@teensierpython-4565 Damn is so shame I cant post here pictures , because literally both my Jingleses are on submarines , place them there whrn I have grinded line , lower one on T8 higher on Thrasher , I thought would be fun , but I at the end spend saved free xp , but both Jingleses are still train on subs , and that dont matter as if I play UK ship I play premium/special so I dont need retrain.😅

    • @broccanmacronain457

      Nah I am not even that bad I put him in the heavy cruiser line.

  5. I would say the Minnesota player is neither a hero or a zero. I think he’s more like a broken clock, because even those tell the right time twice a day.

  6. 1:45 actually Jingles, Mecklenburg gets 305mm guns and thus is unable to overmatch the Duncan’s bow either.

    What’s that? Triple shift in the lowest mines? ‘Aight I’ll get to work then…

    • There are a lot more BBs in her MM spread that can’t overmatch her, 2 more at T9, an upcoming ship at T10, 5 at T8, and up to 11 at T7. Now T7 and 8 include 1 clone in each tier, but still, a ship is a ship, but don’t worry, I will be keeping you company on those extra shifts in the salt mines

  7. Been watching your videos for WELL over a decade, never commented before.

    We’re both Navy vets (USN and submarines here though….) so it’s been a joy watching you all this time, cheers

  8. Happy New Year! Minnesota played badly, but at least was seal for the others to club as a distraction at the end. Don’t think the enemy had time left to flip the cap anyway, just halt points…

  9. I’ll never be able to play this game, but it’s always nice to see you upload it

  10. This was an extremely messy match, from start to finish. Sometimes you look at the minimap and just know that you have to throw yourself in the lions den and hope for the best if you’re to have ANY chance of winning, so that’s what I did, but it was uffff
    Was funny as hell watching HE spammers at the end just throwing the potential win ball at each other.
    Happy New Year old man and to all salt miners 😉

  11. At T9 and up, there are 4 BBs (with another on the way) with less then 380mm guns, Marlboro, as you mention, but also Illinois, Karl XIV Johan, and Mecklenburg, and the upcoming Rhode Island, at Tiers 9, 9, 10, and 10 respectively. How ever, in her MM spread, she faces T7 potentially, which has KGV, DoY, Florida, Cali, Poltava, Lyon, Hyuga, Strasbourg, and the Scharnhorsts, not to mention T8 having Anhult, both Brandonburghs, Odin, and Picardie, that is a lot more then 2 ships in her MM spread, all with less then 380s.

    As for needing the DFAA, Haarlem (a ship without torps) could require the use of said consumable (which considering that it went for the ship right next to him), not to mention, if you are supporting a friendly sub (icky, I know), you may want it if you see all the DC airstrikes going for him

  12. OK, I’ve only played Duncan on PTS but have found it a fun ship – I always spec it for secondaries and can get them out to 11km or so. Hilarious to see German BB’s rush in to their secondary range only to get a face full of mine while I load up AP for the main guns….

  13. Happy New Year everybody!
    It’s watching games like these that keep me playing Wows every now and then. Not that I’m near Flambass’s skill, but close ones like this sure are inspiring.

  14. My god the Minnesota at the end! You expect that sort of play from tier 2 or 3 players!
    On a side note, the Minnesota is a cool looking ship! I love the lines on the turrets the fact there’s a nice symmetry going on. It looks quite short and wide so giving it quite a tanky appearance. Whether these features are a hinderance to it is a different matter though.

  15. @IronicallyNamed17

    Mr Jingles, just wanted to say thank you for providing years of content for us humble salt-miners. I always enjoy your vids, and really felt the need to say thanks. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  16. Flambass is always good to hear from. Too bad it’s just a replay, the two of you are a great comedy duo.
    This battle was hard fought.
    Treats and scritches to Hjusie and Akizuki please. Give Rita my best wishes and take some for you.

  17. To answer your question on how fast Duncan accelerates, as far as I know, British battlecruisers from tier 6 onwards get improved acceleration like British destroyers and light cruisers. They can accelerate faster than most cruisers, although I don’t know if it’s enough to dodge any torpedoes from a standstill.

  18. The Minnesota is the type that comes back from battle, scarred, a survivor, a victorious hero, while someone like Flambass, who contributed largely to the victory, is dead (I know, the Minnesota also died in the last seconds of the game)

    This is why all-out total war is a dangerous game of Darwinian Roulette.

  19. @jamesdurrance4077

    The phrase “Even a broken clock is right twice a day” comes to mind. Lol

  20. @indisputablefacts8507

    I had a lot of good matches in the Minnesota… Or maybe they just seemed good compared to what tended to happen in the Kansas. I don’t think I ever loaded HE once. The AP is 60% likely to be the best ammo for the next round you fire, and there’s absolutely no way to know what the best ammo will be when the next shots will go out, at the earliest, 20 seconds from your decision.

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