World of Warships – He Who Laughs Last…

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There’s an old expression in the English language. He laughs last, laughs longest…

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  1. A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

    That Ryujou has a spirit of a true Japanese during ww2.

  2. Aww and I was hoping that the Ryujo would have finished off the Atlanta with his secondaries….

  3. the captain of the ryujo is actually field marshal haig

    • “How did you know our top secret battle plans?!”

    • +Kuolonen “Mèèèèh” 😉

    • Thunder1177 Weekly

      “How could you possibly know that blackadder that’s classified information”

    • This, reveals utterly the lack of knowledge some commentators have not only on Haig, but also of the rapidly evolving tactics and technologies that were the name of the day during 1914 – 1918.

      Contrary to popular belief, which in this case is actually 100% incorrect (popular belief has a habit of being that!), Haig did not in fact use the same tactics twice. Neither was he to blame for the Somme, here is a hint if you want to study the Battle of the Somme, you HAVE to also study Verdun, the two battles are intrinsically linked.

      But then it is easier to spout innaccurate ‘beliefs’ than it is to find the truth right? Take one example, Haig was a Cavalry man and only understood cavalry. You do realise that the primary job of British Cavalry was as an exploitation arm? That they had to meet the same musketry and field training requirements as the infantry? You know why? Because thats how they were generally expected to fight. When people think of Cavalry of that time as charge cavalry they are WRONG. Sure, they did do so on occasion, but it is more accurate to look upon them as if they were Mechanised Infantry, because there role on the Battlefield was actually exactly the same. You look at all the field manuals pre WWI, and this is expressed time and time again, and Haig was one of the principle Authors of those Field Manuals.

      It is not Haig who did not understand how Cavalry fit into the WWI battlescape, but YOU who do not. You hear the word cavalry and assume charges, when most Cavalry fought as they had been trained, as MOUNTED INFANTRY who dismounted on contact and actually fought on foot. And the Generals of the time had no option BUT to use cavalry in that role, tanks were too slow and unreliable, and trucks were limited to roads.

      But you know, why let actual facts get in the way of a belief right?

    • +alganhar1 and since when did a comedy need to be historical accurate?

  4. BUT WAIT! At the end of the match some seconds before look at the minimap that little sneaky bastard is trying to attack him from behind!

  5. Actually Jingles the carriers torpedo planes did get a torpedo away at 17:45

  6. And yet no medal for aircraft shot down… what does it take to get one of those things?!

  7. That Ryujo captain is definitely one of those guys that spam every channel and forum about how weak CVs are with this new patch lol

    • +VerilyVerbatim Thank goodness for that. Imagine maintaining historical accuracy for CV power and also trying to balance the game. Balancing the ship type that made all other ship types completely irrelevant is impossible without some adjustments to their power.

      Game balance comes first, historical accuracy second.

    • Ferran Cabeza De Vaca

      Its much harder to help your team with CVs now.

    • Ferran Cabeza De Vaca

      +Karthik CVs can’t do very much defensive work they can’t chase the other CV’s planes as they used to be able to.

    • Yup, AP bombers and Midway HE bombs and rockets are TOTALLY not OP.

    • Homesickfobbit would not have mattered.

  8. I feel like the ryujo player’s favorite ship is the Atlanta, and he was more than happy to feed.

    • As the atlanta is a relatively rare ship, it’s more likely that he’d never come in contact with one before and didn’t know how to handle it. Not unlike how players didn’t know how to deal with the Texas.

  9. That fighter drop with the rocket squad is to divide the AA between them cause you can’t prioritize the attack squadron. It’s very common in high tier battles…………but that was cringe worthy to the bitter end. I think he was saying BANZAI

    • I think AA is applied evenly now so it doesn’t matter if there are more planes of a different squadron type

    • …except that’s not how it works. All AA shoots at each squadron.

      No, IMO, it was for a more sinister reason.

      The Ryujo and the Atlanta were in league with each other to feed plane kills for a mission.

  10. 14:30 Perhaps the Ryujou player thought that if there were now fighters in the area, his rocket planes might have a chance to get through…?

  11. Atlanta: It’s impossible to get more than 60 plane kills since the rework in a one CV match.
    Ryojou: Hold my beer.

  12. It looks like this torpedo at the very end would have probably hit the Atlanta before it sank the Ryujo, if the timer hadn’t run out.

  13. Unexpected bombshell? It was the only one the Ryujou did drop…

  14. That Ryujou player must be Swedish. Clear case of Stockholm syndrome

  15. I thought it was, “He who laughs last, thinks the slowest.”

  16. The Lewd Bohemian

    And here I was, sure that a last lonely rocket from the Ryujo will find its way and sink Huntyman. That CV showed determination beyond the call of duty.

  17. none of your business

    I love how the Ryujo has absolutely dominated the comment section.

    Just like his aircraft dominate the bottom of the ocean.

  18. That Ryujou captain might some day be sailing a Hakuryu. Lets pray that idiot is not gonna be on your team

  19. Dammit Jingles you didn’t show the team scoreboard! I wanted to see what that Ryujou got for his 75 planes!

  20. Ryujo was played by Hunty’s Grandma, didnt want him leaving hungry.

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