World of Warships – Head Over Keels: The Navy’s Here!

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A fascinating story about the rescue of three hundred British sailors from the German raiders awaits in the second episode of Head Over Keels!

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  1. To be fair, Hitler had already planned on attacking Norway prior to this
    incident. It was just that this incident forced him to follow through with
    it at a more accelerated rate.

  2. fucking Winston Churchill =_=) stupid fat son of a bitch he and his lackey

  3. While we in Norway always think of the Altmark Incident as a grave breach
    of trust and breach of neutrality, we do not blame Britain for the invasion
    of Norway. The Germans had made deals with Quisling and the planning had
    been in motion from well before the incident.

    To be honest it is rubbish this incident actually caused the invasion of
    Norway, it just added an excuse. The invasion would have happened even with
    no excuse. After all the very same date, 9th of April, also saw the
    invasion of Denmark, and Denmark had nothing to do with Altmark.

  4. TheDarKnight 57

    PLEASE GET A DIFFERENT NARRATOR. His pick-up at the end made the video

  5. the british always talked about german war crimes, but they never call this
    OBVIOUS war crime to question, it’s a war crime to ignore a nations
    neutrality, and if you ask me..britain should be held to account for this

  6. Wish the Royal Navy bloody was there lazy wg

  7. nice vid! however, i find the narrator’s intonation pretty stange (even
    thouit is trying to imitate the style of the era) Also, troop movements for
    the invasion of norway began long before the incident, and it was only used
    as an excuse by Hitler, but nobody actually believed him.

  8. mierda británica, por su culpa noruega fue atacada, esta es la gran mierda

  9. do we get Admiral Graf Spee now as a Premium ? ^^

  10. I love those animation-comic-stories!

  11. And the Royal Navy isn’t here, in-game yet.
    The tech-tree i mean, and the tech-tree i want.

  12. Ron Mayer-Opificius

    Prime minister Winston Churchill? Chamberlain was still PM at that time (He
    resigned after the fall of Norway)… Get your facts straight WG!!!

  13. Yellowstone The Pony

    liked the story and style of the animation. good work WG

  14. aries paddayuman

    Dear WG Could You Add A Game Mode Were Pirate Ships Are Being Use

  15. The German crew of Altmark did not resist the English sailors, but tried to
    flee by jumping into the sea and swim to shore. The English sailors shot
    and killed six Germans (most likely unarmed), some while swimming in the
    fjord, or having reached the shore.

    There are no good or bad nation – there are good and bad men.

  16. Has a movie been made to tell the story?

  17. To Save Some Soldiers . Norway is Fucked Up

  18. rangamatchstick

    Britain…ya kinda fucked up.

  19. A story about the Royal Navy even though the RN still hasn’t been added to
    the game. GG.

  20. GG WP Britain, you dunked Norway into chaos for 300 prisoners.

  21. L is watching you

    Good video, too bad it ended with typical allied propaganda “Hitler used it
    to invade norway”. Hiding the fact, that the brits also prepared to invade
    norway, and germany just was a few hours faster.

    And btw the first nation in WW2 disrespecting neutral countires was
    england, by fying with bombers over belgium and netherlands to bomb

  22. 1st good video.

  23. Ramdhany Kasmani

    This should make me asleeep

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