World of Warships- Hold The Line

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Today I bring you a game I had in the Yammy after the CV hotfix!

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  1. Tiny Tim rockets , probably

  2. After the Santa Crates, I decided to go full manual secondary on my GK (former stealth tank/firefighter build) and Massachusetts. Could you offer a ‘tips and tricks’ video to best utilize the potential?

    • R Blinson how do you mean potential? GK is best at 10-12 km. your secondaries work I think 11.6km and your guns are at their best at around 10-11km

    • Yebane Brod What I meant is that I’ve only dabbled in some secondary builds, but not gone farther than that. I mean, I had some fun with Bismarck (non-manual) and that’s literally all I’ve done.
      There’s some give and take regarding ship/captain builds to get the best out of manual secondaries (including IFHE on the Mass, something I don’t have the points for yet) and was wondering if some tips could help out.

    • R Blinson well manual is great as more accurate but (unless fixed which I don’t think it is…) you don’t shoot over islands even if enemy is targeted and spotted and if you ever get in a situation where you have a bb, a cruiser and a dd in range you only ever shoot one target. so it’s give and take.I personally had manual and switched back to normal to shoot at numerous targets at the same time. all depends on your playstyle as well

  3. Gerasimos Papadopoulos

    Love is not always on time

  4. is IFHE good for secondary build in german bbs or should i get fire prevntion this captin is for fdg and gk later i have manual secondary and aft (also i think bft is not good any more 10% and the the aa buff is not worth it )

  5. So u stopped panicking after your Skycancer vid 3 days ago, thats nice

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Digger Au yeah after I saw how hard they nerfed CVs, it added a lot of re assurance

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten good to see u spreading the word, WoWs has been my fav game since closed beta but i’ve had to take a break, keep pumping out them vids

  6. Ohhhh I get it now you were the line

  7. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    “The Germans Torpedo Protection Is Doo Doo” -SeaLordMountbatten 2019

  8. why didn’t you repair two fires with no more planes coming your way that moment in time?!

    • I think its a good choice not to Dmg Con the double fires before planes came in. He wouldve had perma fires and maybe the Zaos would come around the corner and send torps, which would lead to a perma flood.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yup I hold DMG con until I absolutely need it or if I’m in the clear

    • ZachDaKilla it worked out fine it he should have used it
      he was well in the clear.
      each their own I guess, I mean it’s not a point of contention. good video

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      +Yebane Brod Also depends on how much burn time is left on the fire too, if it has under 15ish seconds left I just let it burn if I have the health to spare

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten makes sense, to be honest I didn’t check how much burn time was left, I just saw two fires and thought “why isn’t he fixing that” lol
      first world problems ey

  9. 7vs5. “we got about the same number of ships as the enemy team” Mountbatten 2019

  10. I like to move in closer to a cap while I’m not spotted. When the enemy team move around unaware in front of you showing full broadside it’s a huge oh shit moment for them.

  11. Midway rockets have 68mm pen. They can pen your deck , bow, stern. It’s not like haku 30mm rocket pen. On the other band haku has more rockets and can bully DDs so hard. Midway can’t cause he has much less rockets.

  12. Ludwig von Siegfried

    I slowed the video down. It was the rocket planes

  13. Mountbatten, you took dmg from only the rocket planes for that 15K strike. Izumo did not shoot at you (cannot overmatch you anyways).

    That’s just how BrOkEn rocket planes are. Plus, the double fire, I know and HATE that feeling/moments.

  14. Is there a way of sending you private message?

  15. Yeah when I hear people say warships is dead because of the CV rework I tell them to think about the time,energy, and resources it had to have taken to get blueprints and performance data on these ships to give us reasonable virtual copies of these ships that we can play with. Because of that I doubt they will let WOW fail.

  16. Don’t forget to reinforce your AA sector

  17. only the low skilled are glad they nerfed cv s to hell nuff said

  18. Good morning your Lordship. During your stream on the nite of 2/9/2019 someone asked you about an emblem on the side on #2 turret of the Massachusetts, and yes it is there on the turret of the ship docked in Fallriver Massachusetts . It is of a gremlin riding the shell with the name george on it in the lower left and 2 flags one of which looks Japanese and the other not sure, and the shell has eyes on it. I live here and know it well. Love your streams and videos very much so please keep up the great work. Wargaming name GrandPa_Bill

  19. Yamato never had “good AA”….

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