World of Warships- How I Nuked Wargaming

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The Yolo Emilio takes no prisoners

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  1. there will always be people complaining no matter what you do… so just do you.

    • exactly and well said. you can’t please all the people all the time (that pleases nobody all the time) so be yourself. there are also a lot of people like me who dont say anything nor complain because we are quite happy with how things are mostly. and some of us will only complain when you do change something thanks to the ones who always complain. its really a no win situation, but i quite like how things are. maybe have more battles to watch but you do your thing sealord!

  2. @oneangrycanadian6205

    Hey brother it’s your channel run it the way YOU WANT!!!! Your never EVER gonna make everybody happy my friend!!!! Just enjoy what you do and too hell with anybody who disagrees!!!

  3. I’m following you instead of other Youtubers because i like your style – even if i don’t agree with some videos.
    If someone does not like you, they can change channel.

  4. Kills should be based on who does the most damage to a ship, not the last to fire a flare gun into a ship and finish it. Solo kill if you cause twice as much damage as others or shared kill if you don’t cause more. No kill if you cause less than 10% of the damage even if it’s the final damage.

    • But But, how can weegee stop players from getting the 10% bounty for a kill… to the other player who doesnt have as many buffs to exp / credits earning! Weegee called said how dare! Better for weegee, cos the spender keeps spending and the person with less earning potential gets less as a %. Weegee win win. Ofc this would never happen!

    • You already get points for damage. Your system aids damage farmers and not focus firing for the kill. It’s definitely erratic in the mass flurry of everyone to try and get that kill and just odds based on how much at the end everyone is doing and which gets the lucky final shot. Still a bit off on the rewards, but it does incentivize good play as it is.

    • Why so focused on kills? Your actual important metric, xp and credits, are determined not by kills but by percentage off damage done. Killing a 40k hp DD get’s you a lot more as doing 80k to a 100k ( with healing ) babyboat.

    • @@MarvinWestmaas

      I’d hard counter, the greed of players at least in randos is, that kill, that 10% bounty.

      Many of them probably arent even aware of the 10% bounty for a kill…

      Especially in BB that cant fire for 20-30 seconds will take hail mary shots 18-20km away to try and kill something with 2k or less Hp.
      Tme and time again.

      They’ll waste a potential sure hit on something closer with more hp to remove, so best for the “team” and better scoring potential for a kill and a few K extra damage.

    • @@outsidein3206 what ten procent bounty? Xp and credits are given based on DMG percentage not kills

  5. Just be yourself. You can’t make everyone happy, so just do what you want. If they don’t want to watch it… eh, they can fast forward it.

  6. So I just picked up the Yolo last week as my 3rd RB ship (even though I swore I’d never participate in that nonsense)…and it’s sooo ridiculously fun to play. It’s one giant Samuel L. Jackson “Surprise, motherf-er!” meme boat.

  7. @steveoltjenbruns2366

    Glad I’m not the only one who wears a command ball cap when they play. Lol. Helps that I actually served on my ship.

  8. An intro is classic in all types of broadcasting. It’s meant for new viewers to get to know you and the content but also as a familiar theme and greeting for your fans. If some people don’t have the attention span or patience to get through it, they can always skip forward. The “Report of the Week” is an extreme example of an old school intro format that hasn’t suffered much from this criticism.( 2.8 mil subs)

  9. Newer viewer here. The videos I have seen are positive , informative, and upbeat. We all have our political leanings, but your channel isn’t political. It’s another meme and we all need to laugh more. Keep up the awesome content!

  10. For those complaining about the intro, press right on your screen twice to skip 20 seconds, you’re welcome

  11. Watching your vids for years. I was half way into this thinking, ah this bearded dude I like who is it, oh it’s Sea Lord. Gotta say your intro used to be the finger nails on chalkboard every time, but I watched anyway. You do you tho.

  12. Look it’s your video. You make it how ever you want too. Keep up the good work.

  13. Keep it the way you had it. Dont let whiners run your channel.

  14. You cant please everyone. So just do your thing and don’t care about the the idiots. Keep up the good work.

  15. I really enjoyed the cinematic. The majority of the “Its too long” complaints from the very minority of your viewers. Some peeps cant be happy or satisfied. And no matter what you do, you are going to have a very vocal few trying to convince you to make major changes.

  16. I miss Mountbatten… Always enjoy your games and what you have to say… ❤ from 🇳🇱

  17. @anthonyrobichaux9290

    Make your content the way you want man. I love it the way it is.

    • what a bullshit advice, if you want to have any success on Yt you need to adapt, every big channel dropped their super long ass intros for the algorythm

  18. Your opening of “Hello good people of youtube” greets me. F@#$ the people who try to control you, yet don’t contribute anything but complaints.

  19. @broccanmacronain457

    I think some people do this just to have a forum to complain. Just like some people can’t seem to understand that some of us are here to have fun and play a game not basing our happiness in life on trouncing and demeaning other people so don’t sweat it.

  20. @javierriosgarcia5446

    Great playing with you today on your yodo. Thx for your vids!

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