Vermont Is Even Better With The New Commander Skills

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  1. Could you do a Vermont full secondary build?

  2. 4 salvo 150K dmg, Vermont smashed!

  3. Vermont has turned into my favorite American BB, even more so or very close to Ohio from the new skills and several rebuild attempts so far.

  4. good old days where u can punish DDs who tries to point blank torp you.

  5. Ship request: benham full torp reload build

  6. That como looks Hella sick man wish I had it

  7. Thanks for so much content PQ!

  8. I’m scared what the USA super ship will be when Vermont exists at tier X

  9. Vermont is still the ship i got my highest dmg salvo ever. 88k and it was against another Vermont never forget how good that felt.

    • @arandomvietnamese1687

      mine was devastating strike a 100%hp ohio 96k3 hp (6 citadel hits), the second was 73k + to a satsuma (4 citadels hits). Those 457mm * 12 guns are truely something different.

  10. PQ, mind taking a look at the Blysk? I want to know how you feel about this dd in 2023, I heard from many ppl that its in depserate need of a buff due to the power creep.

  11. I’ve got to finally pick this one up. Thankfully, I’m almost done with my 3rd Monty grind so I only have 3 ships to chew through.

  12. i love my brik. brik smash gud.

    since the buffs i’ve enjoyed minnesota a fair bit, kinda like a mini brik, but nothing beats the real deal.

    edit: i had that ‘weird cheek citadel’ thing happen to me last night in cbs with Kremlin. every time it happened i just laugh once, shrug, and keep going.

  13. Brick is love. Brick is life. Brick is hysterical with the ram flag. Nobody expects it

  14. @hagostaeldmann9881

    I’d like to mention that with Vermont, ESPECIALLY with heavy AP skill, you should almost never use HE on destroyers. You’ll ALWAYS do more damage with the AP overpens and the only time HE matters is if you might break torp tubes. On destroyers around 12k hp and lower, never use the HE.

  15. Brik is love; Brik is life. VT is bae.

  16. So I haven’t played with the new skills. So this improved readiness does that mean I am playing yamamoto on yamato. He has 5 heals gets first kill he now has 6 heals hits 2 million potential which in that is low gets a 7th heal hits kraken and gets an 8th heal. That has got to be a war crime.

    • @jonathanbaron-crangle5093

      Cunningham gets an extra consumable on the 2nd kill, so that’s also an option, again, on something like Conqueror, that’d be a war crime as well?

  17. Great Video ! Happy New Year fellow Canadian. I wish you a great 2024 !!!!!

  18. I still die in a satsuma even tho I’m able to use the sixth heal 7 that’s super rare

  19. if WG ever decides to be nice to the players, one of the changes they could make is to let you play 10-20 games in a new ship (or after skill re-works) and be able to demount equipment for free to see what really works best for the ship and your play style.

  20. @buivietdungtran3065

    This skin make a brick seem faster 🎉

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