World of Warships: How to CL | Atlanta does a 155k and tries to be a torpedo boat

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So… it’s been a while since the last time I played the Atlanta and I truly love this oversized destroyer.


  1. Great game in a great ship. Keep them coming.

  2. I love playing the Atlanta. I find the games always turn out better when
    you have aggressive teammates. Killing DDs is great and setting BBs on
    fire when they are busy with someone else is good fun!Question: When you
    have level 4 AFT captain’s skill (+20% range), does the firing arc actually
    get lower when for shooting at a closer target? ie. Is there a difference
    in arc shooting at a target 6km, with or without AFT?) If so, it would
    improve accuracy?Bruiser9765

  3. Nice video, as usual! I was always in two minds on whether to get this ship
    or not as I have heard a lot of bad things about it. However, watching you
    play it has made me want to get it. I can see why you say it is an acquired
    taste but it sure is a lot of fun watching volley after volley of shots
    fired, land on target! Burn, Baby! Burn!…

  4. 2:35 Seriously, when I am in my, well ANYTHING – and I see a LOT OF
    Texases, all I ever can think is “YUMM! Gimme them credits and exp!” – and
    that would include my Myoko especially!

    Though, the Atlanta is probably my FAVORITE ship for wrecking New
    York/Texas! So much superstructure so VERY much damage and fire!

    Texas is better than New York, but I would not play either!

  5. 1:57 Yes, she is! And that is probably yet another reason I enjoy your
    content so much!

    Now I have absolutely nothing against Flamu, but he takes the game TOO
    seriously at ALL times! He put up a shot clip of himself in the Atlanta,
    managed a Kraken and survived with 133k damage, only to end by saying “The
    Atlanta is a piece of shit! And I’m saying this as someone who can actually
    make the Atlanta work. So anyone who says ‘Oh well you just aren’t sailing
    her right, she’s an acquired taste,’ Ignore them, they are wrong!”

    And I cannot help but feel like this was not only in response to people
    asking him to play it again, but also because of, well the 5 or so videos
    if the Atlanta I have seen show up in my subscription feed over the last 3

    And that last part about not sailing the Atlanta right, and that she is an
    acquired taste – I cannot help but feel like the is somewhat in response to
    a comment I have made about the Atlanta quite a few times now, including on
    his channel, and that would be;

    “For anyone who HATES the Atlanta, I say none of you know how to enjoy the
    finer things in life! If played right – while not truly competitive,
    Atlanta is one of the most fun ships in the game! I realize that some
    people will always absolutely hate her, but it would seem far TOO MANY
    people hate her just because of the stuff people like Flamu say about her!”

  6. OldSchool Gaming

    Great game! I actually sold my Atlanta after a few month, didnt really get
    that ship working for me but that was a long time ago. Nice double
    Omg, that New York sailed into a world of hurt with a Atlanta and a
    Cleveland burning him down.

  7. Voulezvous, thank you for the pointers. I love using the Atlanta, but I do
    struggle with it. Thanks again. (Corrected an egregious error. 🙂 )

  8. Thomas Theobald

    Best Soviet Destroyer Ever. 🙂

    (This is Azrael_Ashemdion here)

  9. People don’t like it. I do. It is my oldest Premium and a great looking
    ship. It is far from my best ship, but I always have fun in it. Now with
    the improved turrets (they don’t break like they used to, as of 0.5.5), it
    is fun if you know how to play it. It is not a ship for beginners.

    I usually put a captain that needs training in it. When I am in need of
    serious credit-making, I drop my 15-point Fletcher captain which further
    reduces the already low detection. Works well.

  10. Perfect demonstration for the Atlanta !

  11. If they put this ship on sale for a reduced price and let us buy it with
    gold I’ll probably pick it up.

  12. The Atlanta is my most played ship. Took me a while to figure out how to
    play her to the best advantage. Great video as usual and a great game. I
    guess the guy who said the Atlanta was ‘pay to lose’ is now very very sorry

  13. Huh, both you and Notser coming out with an ATL video today. Interesting

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