World of Warships – Atlanta 0.5.5

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Atlanta on Two pushes eastern against a couple destroyers, cruiser, and a battleship. We engage a cruiser at range, but need to be careful around destroyers. One shows their ugly mug and we work him down, the other destroyer retreats. The team pushes forward and works on enemies as we go. I get into a bit a pickle and must rely on my team to bring it home. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Cruiser Atlanta Replay


  1. In the Atlanta, you can survice easily with 50% + health and all guns
    alive. You should take advantage of the high arc and shoot from behind

  2. Liked for the natural selection name drop. Super fun game.

  3. In my opinion the Atlanta is not a tier 7, tier 5 tops, gun range just
    isn’t long enough battle other tier 7s. 13k gun range I feel would help

  4. Der Wahre Hunter

    for the atlanta the gun buff was not that big of a deal, in over 100
    matches í never lost more than 4 turrets per match, sure it’s not that
    funny with less guns, but at least it still can fight, not like most DDs.

    the ship needs a real buff or change, like most usn prems… (besides from
    the texas and maybe the upcoming t8 CA)

  5. Love the turret buff, it was desperately needed. I’d like to see her
    maneuverability increased a little, and maybe a knot or two more speed. I
    don’t know why such a light cruiser is so (relatively) slow and sluggish to
    turn. I’d also like to see more historically accurate armor, which was
    better than what’s in the game. If not those, then I like the idea I read
    in the forums of giving Atlanta the tier 8 upgrade slot, which would make
    the concealment upgrade available. I think that would be just enough to
    make Atlanta competitive with her counterparts at tier 7.

  6. JiaWinMinecraft

    Talking about the Colorado, just got it and man is the stock painful…
    19.0knts max, rudder takes like 30s to turn… really feels like a
    T95/Tortoise on water :/

  7. Ivan Voroshilov

    Why would you run Superintendant on a ship with unlimited consumables?

  8. What line is WoWs releasing next? I heard its either British battleships or
    British cruisers but I dont know……….

  9. Sweet

  10. Atlanta doesn’t get a lot of love but it is a fun ship. The Atlanta has
    about 2 roles at which it is very good at (DD hunter and AA). Outside of
    those roles you will get into trouble very fast.

  11. i don’t know if you noticed , cause i’ve never noticed it before, that your
    flag went upside down for distress after you were blown up. nice touch by

  12. There is a truth about what the Atlanta class REALLY is used for – those
    guns were used for long range anti-aircraft fire in support of the
    carriers. It should have this enormous AA rating that would make it total
    murder for aircraft to get anywhere near it and its best use should be
    covering other ships from air attack.

  13. I have no idea how they could make the Atlanta a decent ship, it would take
    a lot. Maybe a much much lower detection and give it radar. Then it would
    be the best DD hunter in the game.

  14. Onos is more like a rhino.

  15. Had that Fuso shot AP at the N-berg at the end, he would have likely
    started the next 3 games damaged. This is why BB players complain that BBs
    aren’t good. They fire HE at freaking cruisers that are nothing but

  16. BirtyDastard wanted you to say some Wirty Dirds. XD

  17. you was really kinda screwing up firing at the DD at long range, you needed
    to raise up the aiming ret. higher.

  18. Brian Lock (神通)

    Oh yea, drop anchor thing, what if they actually put in this game, ship

  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    Atlanta had way better armor than a DD, it is called a cruiser for some
    reason, just not a Armored Cruiser.

  20. If they increased the velocity of the shells and flattened the arc at the
    expense of maybe decreasing the ROF I would be ok with that but it’s range
    definitely has to increase .

  21. Can you do Ognevoi 0.5.5?

  22. To anybody don’t buy the Atlanta it is just a money/gold wasting!!!!! It is
    supposed to be a “tier 7” ship but it is so broken just compare its stats
    to the Murmansk’s which is a tier 5 Russian premium cruiser…. Murmansk
    costs less than this ship and is far better in many stats except mainly AA.
    Seriously, a tier 7 cruiser that a paper amour worst that German cruisers,
    only 11 km gun range with shells that take ages to travel to the enemies
    ships!!! The stats Noster shows at the beginning of its video are very
    increased by its commander which has 15 skills…

    Anyway, another very nice play Noster! You are so OP when is Wargaming
    going to nerf you :)

  23. It would help if her torps reached to about 8k or so

  24. atlanta was a light cruiser build to be destroyer squadron leader. ofc its
    gona be looking like a fat destroyer.

  25. Sir Failalot The ll

    ive had a division of 3 atlantas firing on me in a Battleship… the
    psychological damage intense… much HE rain

  26. Hey Notser, your a good you tuber and I like your content. There is just 1
    thing that rub me the wrong way… Try not to do “shaming others” in your
    video. It’s ok to point out mistake to give your viewers some tip but don’t
    do like other WoWs you tuber that actually dedicate video by shaming
    others. I find it disrespectful and I have actually seen someone get called
    out in a match because he was seen in a video and made a little mistake
    that was noted by the you tuber, not cool to see. Some people have to take
    account that not everyone have skills in video game and some are young
    players. I know you dint do it too bad on this video, just wanted to tell
    you my thoughts. Keep up the good work and here’s hoping to cross paths
    whit you either whit you or against you ;)

  27. Silver Firebote

    Atlanta was meant to be a destroyer lead ship :3 its is a big destroyer XD

  28. Ihaveyourusername

    It continues to baffle me how this has less HP than the tier III St. Louis.
    Four tiers up, still 2k health down.

  29. 2:30 — His dastardly plot to make Notser swear hath failed. Birty didn’t
    see that coming.

  30. KingOfRotterdam16

    your should watch “how to atlanta” by atsf, its hilarious.

  31. what is the point of super intendant on the atlanta.. it has no consumables
    as they are al infinite

  32. Gareth Fairclough


  33. a tleast they fixed the gun issue

    that was horrible

  34. no idea why the atlanta doesn’t have smoke

  35. Nice play Notser! ok here is a challenge! beat my record of 495 hits!

  36. Pre buff, i’ve had games where I lost all but 3 turrets. post buff, im
    unlucky to lose one.

    Still tho, i’d love to see her get radar and/or smokscreens.

  37. Pranjal Shrivastava

    “just the tip, but i’m committed to taking D”

  38. Pranjal Shrivastava

    I lost my shit at “she’s well endowed” xD damn man, your sense of humor is
    improving like your firing skills :)

  39. Flamu whining about Atlanta being terrible

  40. no not the atlanta i hate this ship

  41. GiveAtlantaRadar. hashtag

  42. Just wait for the Soviet version of the Atlanta, it’ll no doubt be 10 times

  43. Severely underestimated ship

  44. Talking about people who want to sink their ships… have you noticed that
    so many players do the exact opposite of what they should be doing? When
    they should be aggressive and push into caps, they stay back, dither, do
    nothing at all except exchanging salvos from 20 km. But in the end, when
    the friendly team has a clear cap and point advantage, when all they need
    to do is sit back and let the enemy overextend, they rush in one by one and
    die. Man, the number of matches I lost because the team managed to snatch
    defeat from the jaws of victory just because they couldn’t be bothered to
    play smart…

  45. i remember going tow to tow with a yamato and mange to burn him down from
    50 -100 meters from full health

  46. The only thing that bothers me about my Atlanta is its torpedoes. I carries
    the exact same torpedoes as the Benson’s upgraded 9.2km torpedoes. Why they
    don’t give the Atlanta the same range is just wrong. Balance is a poor
    excuse for a ship that has limited range on small caliber guns. I guess
    because it’s an American ship, they just screw it over.

  47. Ehh… the Atlanta is an Okay ship. Against the cleveland, it doesn’t stand
    a chance, HE salvo’s do around 4-6k at an angle and AP salvo’s obliterates
    the Atlanta within seconds due to the Altanta’s bad range and shell travel.
    IMO the Molotov and Mikhail Kutuzov are the two OP premium cruisers, Atago
    got stronger with the repairs, but that’s about it.

  48. great ending, no Atlanta for me, just like to watch so I can more
    effectively sink them. We don’t talk about that one time an Atlanta sank

  49. Hey Notser, have you seen the video “how to Atlanta” by the channel atsf?
    It’s so hilarious, you gotta check it out

  50. In Closed Beta, this was by far my favourite ship, it would chew destroyers
    and cruisers and annoy battleships from time to time…..a few patches
    later and this became a terrible ship. I’d get every turret knocked out in
    the first few minutes of the battle and be useless from there on. This
    latest patch might have made this playable again. but we’ll see. Another
    great vid Notser, and that comment at @5:29 was hysterical!!!!!

  51. I LOVE my Atlanta, more than ever now! Last match, 3 kills, 89k damage, 2
    solo base caps, 1 assist – died about 12 minutes in, and did not lose a
    SINGLE gun! Oh, and I topped the game in EXP by over 500! Obviously it was
    a win!

    But yes, the Atlanta is ALMOST identical to the way Destroyers were back in
    Closed Beta! They DID have a citadel zone back then, and even though the
    game kept giving the tip to “Fire HE whenever engaging a DD!”

    But back then – that was absolute BS! AP would DESTROY DDs with a single,
    well placed volley!

    And that is why, back then, that I did not buy the Gremmy! Because to me,
    DDs just were not competitive, well the Japanese ones still were, but the
    American line was pointless..

  52. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Notser next patch they buff the Furutaka!! As soon as there is a test can u
    play 1 battle

  53. Love the channel!! Nice work Notser.

  54. is Atlanta still worth buying?

  55. hi notser 127mm destroyer can citadel to enemy dd?i never citadel to enemy
    dd or any ship tier to tier with dd…except to below tier 4 ship except

  56. my aa build atlanta can go to 80+ rating

  57. Since the turret buff, it’s been nice to make it through an entire game
    with all my turrets intact finally. If I had a dedicated captain for the
    Atlanta though, I think I would swap out Advanced Firing Training and take
    Demolitions Expert instead. Having a greater chance of setting fires is
    worth it to me in the Atlanta compared to an extra 2km range that adds an
    extra 20 years to the flight time of the shells. But since I use my US
    cruiser captain (currently on the Cleveland) having AFT is just more useful
    in that line to swap it out I feel.

  58. “just the tip, but i’m committed to taking D”….phrasing! @5:29 lol

  59. Switch gun accuracy modul for AA modul. The main guns are so accurate,
    that’s not needed in my eyes.

  60. finally!

  61. 2:30 except for that time you said “are you fucking shitting me?” :D

  62. 15 th !!!!!!!!!

  63. Pls start streaming

  64. Ultimate Shifter


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