World of Warships: How to CL | Atlanta – play it like a destroyer

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Step by step commentary on how to achieve high damage, high impact games in this oversized USN destroyer 😉


  1. New Yorck at only 9k hp when it finaly approached as you have predicted

  2. I really enjoy watching other people play this game. I love the game WoWs.
    I just ate my dinner while watching this video. It’s like a tv show you
    look forward to. I’m not familiar with the Atlanta, bit I see that it
    reloads super fast.

  3. Cześć. Czy możesz mi powiedzieć czy to jak dobre jest kamo wpływa też na
    szybkość znikania po wystrzale?

  4. #awesome

  5. Hehe hehe I do LOVES them Atlanta Torpedoes!

    Given that short ranged torpedoes are not that often useful, having them
    puts the ships with them at a MASSIVE advantage whenever another ship
    without torpedoes happens to round and island unknowingly into range of
    those torpedoes!

    And the nice thing about the torpedoes on the Atlanta, Kutuzov, and Molotov
    for that matter, as well as Atago – is that they all have VERY wide launch
    arcs, so if you are ever in a last ditch situation, you generally will have
    enough time to launch torps at whatever is about to kill you, given they
    are within range.

  6. I dunno about you, VoulezVous, but I have basically VERY LITTLE interest in
    the Indianapolis, as I have stated in review videos for that ship, I am one
    of the seemingly few who are PERFECTLY happy with the Atlanta, well maybe
    not perfectly happy, I would like to see her get more HP, perhaps a little
    better armor protection as well, and a base range of at least 12.5km
    (without Advanced Firing Training)

    Anyway, my point being, that the Atlanta fits me well, and I find her a
    BLAST to play! Whereas the Indianapolis just seems, boring. And that is
    without taking into account her armor issues which while SOMEWHAT fixed in
    0.5.6, apparently that BIG gap in her amidships area, is still a rather
    WEAK area where even cruiser shells that hit properly will penetrate, and
    then the rear of the ship, which is round and slab like, very
    bathtub-esque, where again, even other cruiser can penetrate given the
    shells hit properly!

    And all of that aside, she is LITERALLY a Pensacola with better range,
    stealth, lackluster radar, and LOWER DPM!

    I was actually hoping WG would make the new US premium cruiser be one of
    the Brooklyn/St Louis class ships, the ships that are literally USN
    Mogamis! Because they have 5 x 3 152mm guns! THAT would have been a VERY
    compelling buy to me!

    As they supposedly, from what I remember, actually have a bit MORE armor
    than the Cleveland class! Their AA isn’t as good as Cleveland – but it is
    better or at least roughly equal, to the AA on the Indianapolis!

    So had they added one of the “15 gun Cleveland” ships (Brooklyn/St Louis
    Class, IIR the St Louis class was improved over the Brooklyns, with better
    AA and a few other things)

    THAT would have made my Atlanta Jealous! Because Atlanta can fire “only” 14
    guns at any one target, where Brooklyn/St Louis can fire 15 152mm L47 USN
    guns at any given target!

  7. Kongo, New York, and Texas – my favorite three snacks for my Atlanta! So
    very easy to shell to the bottom of the ocean, and they will have a VERY
    hard time hitting an Atlanta that is playing properly!

  8. 7:01 Chain fire is probably the best option when facing an enemy Atlanta
    that actually knows how to maneuver!

    That said, I tend to chain fire a good deal in my Atlanta. I certainly do
    still shoot plenty of full salvos, but that is usually against a target who
    is not directly maneuvering against my shells.

  9. 6:37 Atlanta has GREAT firing arcs, as well as a VERY TIGHT turning circle!
    Which is why it really makes me think that many players hate the Atlanta
    because they sail her in straight lines and do not maneuver much! Because I
    run into countless Atlantas that either try to push the front line and/or
    sail straight and do not care if they are giving half the enemy team

    When I play my Atlanta, I do NOT go out and screen, I stay a safe distance
    behind my DDs, and generally do not push forward until other heavier
    cruisers have, and some Battleships are actually near enough as well. Kind
    of similar to the Molotov in that particular way.

    When I do attack, I TRY to pick targets that I can single out, as in
    whatever target I can land shells on, that has no teammates who can land
    shells on me, so the only person who can shoot me back is the person I am

    Obviously this is not always possible, but as an Atlanta player, one should
    ALWAYS be on the lookout for such targets.

    And I think I have said this before on this channel, but perhaps my
    FAVORITE thing to do in the Atlanta, is to get a BB to engage me in a tail
    chase! Because I can EASILY keep 10 to 14 guns on said BB at all times,
    while I am maneuvering side to side and constantly slowing down and
    speeding up! Where the BB almost never hits me, I just stream an endless
    firehose of HE onto their decks!

  10. 3:23 *psst* VoulezVous, you have AP selected! But that serves to make a
    good point as well; People REALLY underestimate the AP shells of the USN
    127mm L38 guns, when they are actually quite strong for their size and
    velocity. They have a Krupp value of almost 2600 which is a LOT! (the
    higher the Krupp rating of any given she’ll the better it will penetrate
    relative to its caliber and weight.)

    Versus cruisers who are largely broadside, OR at about 12.5km or farther
    away, are actually quite susceptible to Atlanta AP, as it has quite good
    plunging fire, and at ranges of 10km or less can actually punch through
    side armor pretty well.

    I have actually even had success using AP against broadside BBs in my
    Atlanta, of course that is when firing AP into superstructure, unlike with
    my Molotov, where if a BB is broadside a day 12.5km or closer, waterline AP
    salvos WILL do MASSIVE damage!

    I did 27k to a Warspite in 1 and 2/3 Salvos (all 9 guns, then 6 more) and
    sunk it by firing at the waterline from 9km!

  11. Yay! VoulezVous makes another video explaining to the HEATHENS that the
    Atlanta is a GOOD SHIP!

    lol I know some people just cannot get along with her, but I STILL say to
    anyone who hates Atlanta; They just do not know how to enjoy the finer
    things in life! XD

  12. It’s for me a very fun ship to play. You can do amazingly good runs when
    Ocean map doesnt pop up :)

  13. Its a good demonstration on how to not ignore the atlanta like you got
    ignored here. Some of those BBs could have ended this way earlier, even the
    stock kongo.I unfortunately don’t get that Lucky in the Atlanta these days
    :/. Its incredibly easy to get citadelled in this thing, regardless of
    angle. So the Island rich Trident map is indeed a good atlanta map :).

  14. The Atlanta receives a lot of hate but it’s my most played ship (400+
    battles). If you play it right like you do it can be a real winner. Great

  15. not worth it. KAMIKAZE R is a better moneymaking machine

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