World of Warships – North Carolina – Mother of God, That Damage

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Watch replay…see screenshot…MOTHER OF GOD…that . Axiosplat sends in a replay and wow. That amount of , that amount of damage. Totally worthy of an episode!

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  1. My NC has 99 AA :P

  2. Broadside for a lot of players means they can use all their guns (angling
    doesn’t matter to sub 12yr olds) as they just think more than less guns
    equals more BOOM BOOM 😉 that the problem with Free To Play!=KIDS

  3. He must have the “+10% enemy broadsides” flag, I really need that.

  4. suuuuuperrrr

  5. Very awesome gameplay by axios. Would love to play with him sometime (thou
    im only at the New York at tier 5 :P)

  6. Warner Moczulski

    I think CV had no planes left, they need to buff their non combat
    benefits/rewards ie spotting and AA. Or figure out a better balance method
    because us CVs an either risk all attack and hope they dont have a fighter
    heavy enemy or they just render the enemy CV useless and get nothing.

    IJN CV either massacre with attack because enemy has no fighters and
    isolated/weak AA or get slaughtered by everything.

  7. My guess 250k damage

  8. It’s more about the enemy showing broadsides than the NCal’s skill?

  9. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    yes awesome game Axio,
    Ichase I wanted to comment on the quick carrier discussion. They need to
    redress balance as now its swung to the ship defense (AA) all the new
    Russian ships have good AA. all the new US premiums have good AA the low
    tier Texas and the Indianapolis both have great AA. The Texas makes it
    problematic for starting IJN Carrier captains as they are more offense
    geared….and have boring games watching their planes get wrecked ….I
    don’t have solutions unless having faster but further out torp drops thus
    less chance of losing whole sqdns in attacks? just my 2 cents ;)

  10. sittin’ broadside on to a battleship…that’s a paddlin’ ;-D

  11. jared angel nolasco angeles

    helppp ayuda despues de la actualizacion, el juego cuando lo habro
    y despues de pulsar cualquier cosa ( como un barco o ver la rama de
    naciones) la ventana del juego se pone en negro y ya no me responde que
    hagooo helpp

  12. As for AA, imo it’s really quite OK now. CV players only cry because they
    are used to being the queens of the battle, and now suddenly they need to
    work together with the pawns on the seas: eg. make others better by
    spotting rather than just seeing them as food for the enemy master race. A
    Ranger (a CV one tier lower) can still take on a North Carolina and win
    (I’ve done it), but it will be bloody expensive for him and he will not be
    doing much else that match. And why would he? Any other ship could not
    expect to have much left in terms of health (which is usually their
    resource, just like planes are for the CV) even if they come out on top in
    a 1v1 vs a ship one tier higher.

    The trick for the CV is to make sure that the torpedo attacks come in and
    drop at a distance – most planes will die (on their way out), but you can
    still get 2 torp hits, which should be enough to cause flooding. Then come
    in with your DBs stacked and set fires after he uses damage control. He
    will suffer badly to those dots. Again, you need to be considerate, an NC
    will kill approximately 3-4 planes in the time it takes for a Ranger squad
    to go from the edge of its auras to the center (and then same for the trip
    back out), so be sure to stack them properly and come at him all at once.

    That means: most aircraft lost if target is in range of some other aura
    (which sucks), but if you’re a strike setup, still 10-15 bombs dropped, so
    most likely 2 or 3 fires. You have enough to replace those several times,
    so the NC will succumb to bombardment eventually.

    Imo, NC is actually the worst to hit too, because Iowa and Montana are so
    easy to clip with TBs firstm but even NC can be taken down. But it’s not
    the most tempting target.

  13. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Can I please get those enemies?

  14. IF he’d nailed that fubuki…. man what a game

  15. I’ve got 100,000 XP sat here.. don’t know if i should wait for new German
    battleships or buy the Iowa!!

  16. At 3:43 the smoke forms the numbers 400… strange….

  17. *Skips to end cause provoked.*

  18. Hi I would just like to know how I go about to make my mini map bigger

  19. Good ship. it’s time to nerf it back again lol

  20. to answear your question i would sayd about 300-350k Anything above that
    would really shock me !!!

  21. Regarding CV:s I used to play a lot with the Hiryu before and it is still
    fun but if you get out tier and have to face higher tiers you can do
    nothing. But if you face your own tier or lower tiers it`s still great
    damage potential. But tier VII aircraft Vs Tier VIII or IX AA simply does
    not work. It`s basically all up to MM if you will be useful or not!

  22. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    Epic, exciting bow-on reverse BB battles.

  23. O7 Superbly played Axiosplat! Love to see BBs played so well!


  24. well, about carriers, you do have an awesome carrier game in your inbox,
    Chase. Search for ‘7 kills Zuiho game’.
    May be worth watching. ;-)

  25. Wow. What a heavy carry! You can see how much better the NC is now with the
    buff. Very fun game to watch!

  26. Want easy to pop BBs? Don’t bomb USN ones… not terribly hard, considering
    that’s the only thing the USN is supposed to have according to WG is AA.
    Also where are these enemy players when I’m in my NC? Jeeze. Might as well
    be playing vs bots. Hell I had to check to see if he was playing vs bots
    twice lol

    Also he scored 10k more dmg than my guesstimate.

  27. Elizabeth Freiwald

    Why when I play people never sail broadside ? umm? Everyone perfect angle
    and stuff. And my team always broadside and charge ahead. pff sad.

  28. I would love this ship. unfortunately ill never get it because i refuse to
    play the colorado again. Short range. Inaccurate. Not enough HP or speed to
    close to brawling range.

  29. Gareth Fairclough

    Hah! Called it! xD
    Now that really was an impressive number lol. Just imagine that with the x3
    or x5 bonus on an event!

    P.s. Cousin was glad Fubukiwuki survived the battle! :P

  30. With respect the bb at 9:45 was turning to avoid torps — a rock and a hard
    place situation…

  31. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

  32. u had a friendly RNG, it happends 1 time a month to have such a game, dont
    overreact :)

  33. My guess is around 350k

  34. If I played a battle in the North Carolina, and did only the damage he did
    from his 10 citadel hits, I would have been jumping up and down shouting
    for how 131,000 damage is a really good result… and I’m a pretty decent
    player and a good battleship driver to boot.

  35. AXIOS – I AM WORTHY!!! – great game for that namesake

  36. Since Ranked battles are “Coming Soon”, maybe you would consider making a
    video recommending some ships for us iChase?

  37. 260k is my guess

  38. how about having PT boats in the game .they would be fast ,carry torps ,
    what do you guys think ?

  39. my guess. current video time 0:50 im guessing 260k damage

  40. There is a rather obvious way to buff CVs why still allowing *Glorious
    Gunnery Duel*. Thing is, I have studied naval warfare in the Pacific for
    quite a bit I can count on one hand the amount of surface gunnery duels
    that happened during the day.

    We all know what WoWS needs, Night Battles!

  41. hey IChase you have sed in the video that Axias had submit his replay to
    you, I wanted to ask you how to submit replay’s. Because I have got one
    epic but I don’t know how to submit it to you.

  42. Peter Attila Kriszt


    Congratulation! And thanks for fun.

    Just keep going 🙂


  43. Guess: 238k :P

  44. biggest problem is US CV vs IJN CV… after US CV nerf tier 8 and 9 (don’t
    know about 10) are really suffering at the hands of IJN CV captains and US
    CV are a little bit inferior throughout tier 5 to 7 (tier 6 and 7 are
    workable tho). So to sum things up, a little nerf to US battleship AA would
    be alright, but in all honesty it’s what they have going for them. (IJN BB
    get yamato at the end, it’s a fair trade!) What does need to be nerfed is
    the fighter efficiency on IJN CV. The IJN fighters are too bloody strong!
    even if I run fighter set up!

  45. pinkyandbrain123

    Is this fake laughing?

  46. pinkyandbrain123

    Is this fake laughing?

  47. 15:15 My last match in my Blyskawica, while certainly nowhere near as good
    as this match (just 36k damage) I had actually managed a new record for
    myself, I landed 5 ribbons in the span of not more than about 20 seconds,
    not more than about 5 minutes into the match!

    Because I ; Started off shelling an Atlanta with HE for good damage and
    continued doing this until I noticed a mutusuki was like 3.5k away from me
    and shooting me (which was given away when I stayed detected in smoke), So
    I quickly launched both spreads of torpedoes at the Atlanta, and started
    turning my guns at the Mutusuki – aaaaand, the Mutusuki was probably just
    1.8km away at this point, and was bow in full speed right at me, I was
    HOPING beyond hope that I would survive the ram, as I had about 7.8k HP and
    this Mutusuki had just 2k, but it was not to be.

    Well the Mutusuki managed to ram, and he did die a few microseconds before
    me, so that was First Bood, and Naval Warfare Ramming, and no sooner had
    that had that happend, when my torpedoes hit home for a Devastating strike,
    Double Strike, and Flesh Wound!

    5 medals within 20 seconds! And I could not help but write in chat “XD
    Totally Worth it!” and “I actually KNEW that would happen…. For about the
    last 15 seconds there!” To which I had many jovial replies, and my
    teammates thanked me heavily for giving us a rather huge points lead so
    early in the match!

  48. how do I enable the thing in the minimap that I can see the last known
    location of ships?

  49. You know, it’s funny, in this game bringing your broadside to bare is a
    no-no because open belly for citadels but in real life “Crossing the T” was
    actually advantageous because you could bring all your guns to bare vs only
    the forward guns of the enemy. Battle of jutland that they’re promoting
    right now being the example of its use.

  50. Mr.I can Do Everything

    He probably did 1.100.000 damage with its torpedoes

  51. 11:29 Yeah I never played CVs, since open beta anyway. But I HAVE been
    wondering how well they do with the rather insane amount of AA out there. I
    know I have seen people such as yourself, Aeroon, VoulezVous, Flamu and a
    few other still do rather well with CVs, but for the average or slightly
    blow average player, I would imagine that CVs have a VERY rough learning
    curve, especially at tier 6 and above.

    I mean, look at what happened to the Molotov alone in 0.5.6 alone, she went
    from 46 DPS on her 37mm guns which could only hit planes up to 2.4km out,
    to IIRC 68 DPS on those 37mms that now fire out to 3.2 km. That plus the
    myriad other AA guns she has, equals out to over 100 DPS.

    Anyway, last patch, IF a CV decided to focus me in my Molotov, when I
    either had defensive AA on cooldown – or just was not paying enough
    attention to trigger it, I WOULD take a good deal of torpedoes and/or dive
    bombs, as Molotov has rather terrible turning circle.

    But now, when I DO trigger defensive AA, not only do planes never hit me,
    but I tend to drop entire squadrons out of the sky if the CV attacking is
    tier 6 or lower, but even a tier 8 CV, I have actually killed several
    planes from them since 0.5.6 in my Molotov.

    Some of that was in training rooms too, because I was testing mods, and as
    you are probably aware, Training Room bots are TOUGH, mostly because they
    have MapHack, and are scripted to stay heavily angled or bow on at all
    times, and the CVs tend to throw absolutely everything they have at you!

    Which is what had me genuinely surprised to have survived 2 CVs, one tier 6
    the other 7 – bombarding me at the same time, and not only did I survive
    but still had most of my health!

    In WOWS, WG REALLY NEEDS TO find a way to compensate CV players for
    scouting! That is the single most important thing they can do for any given
    team. And the same goes with DDs to a lesser extent. But they still need
    some form of compensation for screening and spotting, ALL TOO OFTEN I see
    mostly Japanese DDs totally ignore objectives and screening – and that
    gives the enemy team a massive advantage if their DDs are screening and

  52. i think 300.000 damage

  53. From what I have heard, currently the Colorado is the SINGLE most accurate
    BB in the game now, with the Montana being second.

    I wonder if that is true?

    if it is true at all, Chase, could you do a review of the Montana again.

  54. 308,000?

  55. CVs would be better if bottom tier BBs would fire HE in the first few
    minutes and coordinate strikes on weakened targets. One good volley of 14
    or 16 in will take out most of the guns if you hit center mass.

  56. I was 111t dmg low on my guess… 😀 Nice job Axiosplat!

  57. Vast majority of players LOATH carriers. I, personally am glad that most
    ships are more powerful in AAA terms. Nothing is more frustrating when
    playing this game. Than getting ganked by a carrier player. If your team is
    off on an adventure and leaves you hanging. You’re toast and that is not
    fair. Most other threats you can at least mitigate against yourself. DD’s
    you can WASD hack. Other ships you can angle against.

    ATM the last real problem in this game is HE spam and fires. Fires are the
    issue. Cruisers are hunting battleships with fires. That needs to be
    lessened. Yet if a cruiser is HE spamming you, at least you can shoot back.
    Nothing you can do against a carrier.

  58. If you are looking for a new map with Easter eggs, this is one of them.
    I’ve already found Fort Saint-John in Marseille on it ;)


    how do i sent you a replay

  60. Well, a North Carolina can have 90+ AA score so it’s best that a CV strikes
    a cruiser instead..


    lol i have a 90k dmg nc video and my nc is fully stock i citidal an iowa
    for 38k dmg

  62. as i always say… players these days are awesome^^

  63. Wanting game wide CV changes for NA specific issues. We hardly see any high
    tier USN ships on SEA server and those are the only ones that give CV’s any

  64. I wish I played on NA server now…….

  65. I guessed 315k and was so close, almost landed that guess!

  66. That Ranger probably didn’t had any planes left at that point.

  67. I always shit myself whenever I see high tier US battle ships on the enemy
    team especially the Iowa…my Hipper doesn’t like them one bit

  68. wow wish i encountered a team like that when i’m in my BB

  69. I’m thinking around 180k damage? Let’s see by how much I’m off.

    Edit: 3956 base xp? wow! over 300k damage? Hat tip to you sir! And almost
    mill credits? Dayum!
    Edit2: +Axiosplat don’t worry about the camera, if it really was that bad,
    iChase would have.. you know, taken control of it :D

  70. And that, PMC and PVO priority in the EU server is not exposed?

  71. Hi iChase, great replay! Thanks for featuring it. Just had a thought
    (dangerous I know) but in historical naval battles, there was always a high
    emphasis of “crossing the T” .. Making sure you could get all of your guns
    on the target, but being broadside on to the enemy. In WoWs that’s actually
    a huge disadvantage because you get citadel’d by everything and anything.
    What’s your thoughts on the historical vs gameplay aspect?

  72. I thin it was like 210k damage?

  73. You can tell that Chase is a teacher 😀 No skipping to the end of the
    video, kids! :D

  74. james wilkinson (wilky1000)


    I haven’t been able to play WOWS since the last update because there is a
    problem with game, when I launch the game and comes up with the screen to
    enter your details and the server your going to join, it has no server?? I
    click on it and the box on where the server name should be isn’t? I have
    uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn’t work and also I
    tweeted War gaming the problem and they just ignored me, and also I haven’t
    seen any problem like this on the help centre, can anyone help me solve
    this please or give me any suggestions on what to do? Thanks Also great
    gameplay :)

  75. LEX Maximaguy87

    270k! damage!

  76. Misleading title chase, you should have said “SWEET Mother of God, that
    damage”. Well played, well played Axiosplat.

  77. Of course the first iChase video I’m in is the one were I do the worst of
    the day and get taken out first, and it’s my first win to boot. lol
    I remember coming back to the score screen and seeing that guys score and
    regretting I didn’t stay and watch.

  78. Richard Heijden

    Nord call AA can have a rating of 100+ don’t go for gun range but AA range.
    Whit shell traveltime off 16 sec at max range why increase max range.

  79. A tier 7 CV is attacking a tier 8 BB whose specialty is AA. This same tier
    8 BB is expected to deal with tier 10 planes. If you want a solution, you’d
    have to compress plane hps and normalize AA ratings a bit more across
    tiers. Your solution just makes it so that lategame the CVs can mindlessly
    kill the remaining pockets of ships.

    Your assessment of automatic AA being not fair is also off because if the
    enemy CV player is competent the target simply can’t do anything to stop
    the drop other than pray the CV screws up. A “skill vs skill” would also
    mean that you’d simply drop anyone under any pressure in the surface v
    surface and they’d lose no matter where they turn their attention towards.
    CVs hold all the cards in deciding the engagements, it would make sense
    they have to be smart about it to get results. You can’t be a global map
    control assassin without risking your ship and expect results.

  80. that how my tram alwas act when I am in a battleship

  81. being split up isn’t bad as long as they can all still bring their guns to
    bear (which almost happened, if not for the 2 BB that decided islandhiding
    was a preferred choice. glad that wasn’t my team ;p)

    Also Ichase, as far as attacking BB… just find which ones your Cruisers
    have been firing at, and hitting. those BB will probably have a fair
    amount of their AA blown off, making for good targets.

    14:00 another good choice, if the Col had been paying attention, was to
    notice that the hero NC had JUST burned a DK. if he used HE as his next
    full salvo, regardless of angle, he might just have secured a kill by

  82. Tamás Kerecsényi

    I’m sure (even though WG said only the tier8-10 US BBs dispersion were
    buffed) that the Colorado’s dispersion got buffed too, because after 0.5.6,
    from garbage it became one of my favourite BBs, from 55k avg dmg after
    0.5.6 i’m avergaging 80k dmg in it, i even retired my Nagato now it looks
    like trash compared to the Lolorado :D

  83. Aveek Mukherjee

    +iChaseGaming, how do you add the commentary to a recorded replay? I have
    been thinking about a replays channel of my own, and this would help me a
    lot! Thanks in advance!

  84. I dont hit shit in NC. Splashes, everywhere splashes… :S

  85. No clear sky award?

  86. MattHew Kersnick


  87. I didnt skip the video, i just looked the end before the start, and i
    guessed the damage he did exacly right 😀 ;P

  88. sometimes you just wish your enemies are showing their broadsides on all
    the time…

  89. televisionblitz


  90. christian mccullough

    iChase could you please do a review of the t6,7, or t8 jap battleships

  91. I find it really hard to angle against 406 mm guns in a New Mexico since it
    seems I get overmatched anyways and penned

  92. Facepalm Colorado lol

  93. stop complaining about zooming in and out. good players play like this.

  94. He gets good dispersion and a lot ships driving broadside, so nice battle

  95. guy never actually aims for more than a half second, just instantly fires
    and every salvo ,,,not one was behind or in front of the enemy

    pretty obvious what this is

  96. 232k dmg in Fuso is my highest damage ever so far!

  97. Words cannot describe…

  98. I think that other ships should be able to help out BBs put out fires. Like
    a water hose cool down that if you’re inside 1km you can help them put it
    out the fire 50%-75% faster or something. Oh and for the damage that you
    help prevent that’s already out of the total you get half of it. So one
    fire is about 7k damage you get 3.5k worth exp and credits. That way you
    have 2 more things CA could do to help people to want to stick together.

  99. He got more free-experience for that game as I base-experience in my games

  100. Ah, Battleship replays… 350% random chance, with a tiny dose of basic
    competence. This exact same game is maybe a 50k damage match as soon as RNG
    decides not to serve up Citadels on a silver platter.

  101. Amazing, well played game. Makes the 175k game I just had in the NC look
    mediocre. Coincidence that I got to blast a Ranger in that game too,
    steamed full ahead right towards me. Felt pretty good. ;-P

    I unlocked and purchased the Essex but haven’t taken her out yet. Probably
    won’t do so any time soon. I think CV play has just become too much of a
    mess. That and I’m not very good of a CV player and don’t want to punish my
    team in expensive high tier battles. lol

  102. Wow, Keep them coming.

  103. 200k damage? 311K!? 83 hits in a battleship!? Where can I find such a team?
    Love the update to the North Carolina, having so much fun with it currently
    P.S. The fail Colorado reminded me of my first game in my Colorado, it was
    completely stock, and I ended up ramming to death a North Carolina to
    death. It was epic. Also iChase, to describe a broadsiding ship just do
    what the MightyJingles does, “sitting broadside on to a battleship? That’s
    a paddling”. Love your videos and keep up the good work. Hope to see the
    York review soon.

  104. bout to break it but this video has 1,111 views . 111 likes , and one
    dislike .-.

  105. Christopher DiCesare

    don’t mind the zoom in and out, I do get annoyed with the going in reverse
    in battleships

  106. 275k or more

  107. holy shit on a shingle… my eyes just about popped out of my skull

  108. wow. And that enemy Fubuki could use a bit of a shout-out. He managed 2k
    raw experience in a loss. Definitely pulled his weight.

  109. I think he will do oh.. say 311,215 damage with 83 hits, 37 planes shot
    down, 4 incapatations, destroy 7 ships, cause 1 fire, and critically hit 10
    times. The seven ships he sinks “could'”possibly be a Myoko, Atago,
    Colorado, New Mexico, New Orleans, Ranger, and another Colorado… but this
    is all nothing but a theory so im sure im wrong…

  110. Why do I never face off teams like that :(

  111. Well played.

  112. Ive submitted something but you havent even replied for a long time. If it
    isnt good enough you should have at least said something. do you check your

  113. i guss 340k dmg

  114. So this is what it takes to be featured on the channel! *take notes*

  115. That ranger is every BBs wet dream.

  116. My guess is 200k

  117. Someone needs to do a video on how to use captains to the best advantage.
    How to train them up, move them or whatever you guys do.


  119. HAL Ninethousand

    CVs got nerfed because they were out putting so much damage, and the double
    drops with torpedo bombers were impossible to survive from. While I agree
    they need something to target bigger ships the current game mechanics make
    it almost impossible to do so.

  120. Flip SkeeMalker

    I’ve been out of the WoWS loop for a few months, as the end of the school
    year doth approached me. As I understand it… Battleships got an accuracy
    buff? or just the North Carolina?

  121. Good. I’m glad that CV play sucks dick right now. You wanna know why? The
    manual drop torpedoes made them the orbital laser cannons of WoWS that
    artillery are in WoT. They have NO hard counter. And what you’re asking
    with this “hybrid automatic” control or whatever it is, will never work
    because this is an ARCADE GAME.

    USN ships had ONE job unless they were a carrier, and that was
    carrier-escort and defense. You nerf the AA again and carriers are gonna be
    stupidly OP again rather than just the normal slightly overpowered that
    they are now. When CVs make a conscious choice to send their planes in
    against a USN BB or CA/CL, they SHOULD pay the price by losing most of
    their planes. Because with the atrocious dispersion that USN BBs have
    (thank you WG for ignoring our fire-control computer systems and our
    surface radar) all we have is the damn AA batteries.

  122. that would be so fun to play with

  123. yaaaassss chase please talk to wargaming about that

  124. 9:13 chase drunk team

  125. I bet 0 k. Thought that chase was bluffing…

  126. idrivesleepers yt

    you should get a texas

  127. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm i’m gonna guess 309k that seems like a decent number
    considering the title

  128. I guessed 220k. I underestimated. Slightly.

    In truth, that is staggering. He managed 190,000 more damage than my own
    best ever game in my Colorado. Wow.

  129. 250k damage?

  130. Holy crap at that damage. Now if only I could shoot that good with my Nc.
    We aren’t meshing well. Can’t hit the broadside of a barn with mine.

  131. I 100% wouldve tried to ram as that colo. Higher tier enemy ship with a lot
    of kills? still a friendly ship alive? needs to die, no matter what.

  132. Well, the Colorado is getting nervous, and once they got it, they’re prone
    to make mistakes… That’s what I can say… Not everyone got the nerve in
    that chicken game… haha

  133. Do you think that they could implement like a AA gun sight…? So the
    player could enter a manual fire gun sight to really effectively use their
    AA. That would make it less frustrating for players being targeted by
    carriers because they feel like they can actually do something skill based
    to fight back (I can find it very frustrating when I specifically find a
    friendly cruiser to protect me from CV’s but still get bombed/torped). It
    would also mean CV’s would be able to maximise their chance at doing damage
    by timing their attacks when enemy Battleships and cruisers are fully
    focused on other threats…. So all in all adding more skill-based elements
    to the game.

  134. see this just goes to prove that, at least for chase, The North Carolina is
    a Show Boat!

  135. 355k Damage is my bet :)

  136. 350k maybe?? Idk!! ?

  137. I bet 200k

  138. When iChase says why I never play CVs now

  139. ‘situational awareness’ I don’t know why that term makes me chuckle

  140. I forgot how to track shells, can somebody tell me how?

  141. No, whats hard to watch is the replay bugs. It’s about time that WG got
    around to updating the replay system.

  142. Great ship, great game, great video as always, Chase!

  143. Yay thanks for sharing my replay! Appreciate it 🙂 Sorry for the bad camera


  145. Coming here directly from stream :D

  146. first

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