World of Warships: How to CL | Cleveland 4 kills and 25 fires set

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This is a quick gameplay video where I take you through my way of thinking when sailing the mighty Cleveland. 25 fires and multiple citadel hits later I’m enjoying the first place on my team 🙂

Link to my modules, upgrades and captain perks on the Cleveland:


  1. Well…At least I know what my Cleveland could do, now I just need to get
    better at playing the game.

  2. DAYUMMM! I haven’t finished watching just yet, but I will bet the farm that
    you are using Demolition Expert!

    I can’t wait to start playing again soon, I now have Demolition Expert on
    my Murmansk/Mikhail Kutuzov captain!

    Oooh, please do so more awesome games in your Mikhail Kutuzov! I was hoping
    they would buff to compensate, but I never figured they would give it FULL
    AFT range! I was hoping for 16.5 to 17.8 km range!

  3. Thanx for doing this. I’m another still playing the lower tiers, so your
    strategy and commentary on ships in this range is very helpful. I really
    love playing the Omaha, Cleveland, and Murmansk, as they all seem to
    provide great opportunities for good games. And I also silently thank you
    just about every game with the help you gave me with the left shift key
    zooming technique. More than just about anything else that alone has
    improved my game. I may never reach your skill level… but I will continue
    the chase. Thanks, Voulezvous!

  4. I friggin love my Cleveland, she is the destroyer of worlds! So good at
    hunting DDs, so good at countering other cruisers, so good at shooting down
    planes, and roasts BBs. I run mine completely spec’d out for AA though but
    generally keep company with some BBs in my division. Haven’t played her
    since the patch though because her captain is currently progressing up the
    rest of the line though only at the Pensacola right now.

  5. An excellent gameplay but I’m usually using Murmansk for setting ships on

  6. how ur “bullets” flight so tight??? mine are flying so bad. is some perk or
    something? or just skill?

  7. HE is so much fun, I should start the IJN Cruiser line already.

  8. U made a bloody barbecue, man!

  9. Another great video with explanation , now i see the fire perk is working
    good … ;)

  10. Hehe thanks for the video! I re-purchased my Cleveland to set fires for the
    ARP Myoko mission after I realized the Pensacola was really bad at it :).
    And then I discovered how much joy it was to continue playing the
    Cleveland. I had sold it off thinking I’d keep my New Mexico as the Tier 6
    ship I’d keep. Now I think I’d be keeping both.

    By the way I do enjoy the Colorado, and you are right – it can angle its
    armor well. It was painful stock, but the pain surprisingly went away after
    the speed upgrade. I had expected to have to wait till the gun range
    upgrade too, but I found that once I could go 21 kts the ship played a
    whole lot better. Now all I have left are the hull upgrades :)

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