World of Warships: How to Fight as a Destroyer in 60 Seconds

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Learn how to use the Destroyer’s speed to your advantage in this 60 second strategy.


  1. Stefanie Schroeder

    AWESOME vid

  2. i was so distressed with this title. i was like “is this a video that shows
    me how to destroy a destroyer in 60 seconds or is this a 60 second video
    showing me how to destroy a destroyer at all

  3. Why does IGN keep posing World of WarShits videos is wargaming giving them
    ass for it?

  4. This game has taken over my life

  5. Please, please, PLEASE, bring this to the console! Xbox One
    WOT is amazing and this would be too!

  6. 7th good vid

  7. lol nice

  8. mantazer mohhamed

    You lied this is 1:28

  9. That ship is way too fast. Silly fast.

  10. Those water physics look sick

  11. why play them??
    just dont play them

  12. I can’t wait to get my apartment so I can finally get a PC. I really want
    to get back into PC gaming.

  13. Not first

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