World of Warships – Hunting SUBS on live server

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Submarines have arrived in World of Warships for the 1st time ever on a live server. They are in their own separate game mode, like for example ranked is, but now everyone has access to them.

In case you’re still wondering how to obtain subs, you get a token every day you login to your game. There are 7 tokens from which 6 will give you coal and 1 will give you 3 subs. You exchange these tokens in ARMORY, it is random what you’ll get.

I have to say that playing against players subs are a lot more difficult to play, and playing against them is harder as well. They seem to be taking away from both sides and not putting a lot back in. Making life of DDs VERY difficult, BBs are nowhere to be seen, most ppl don’t want to play BBs anymore, while not being too strong or fun either due to how easy they die and how hard it can be to sink a team full of only DDs and cruisers.

Can they be a good addition to WoWS? I’m not sure yet and balance is very questionable since we only tested tier 6 so far. Only God know what tier 8 and 10 will be like.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. You know Wargaming/Gaijin dont care about balance. They only see $$$$$$

  2. Rajtilak Sengupta

    To equlise the game, they should give the ships sonar guided torpedoes too.

    • You want to see 15 torpedoes from Shima hunting you down 20 km away, while each and everyone can cause 21k damage? That would be murder…

    • Michael D. Uchiha90

      @Skupina 11 no only against subs.

    • @Michael D. Uchiha90 make subs have an oxygen mechanic. So they have to surface or they die.

    • @dillydoe subs were probably introduced to let subShumans have fun. Thus an oxygen mechanic seems too complex unforfunately

    • @TheGrandexeno Oh I want subs in the game. Just want this mechanic implemented so that people actually have a way to play against them in another class that isn’t a destroyer. If this was in since day 1, we would be talking about how a certain sub line is under powered vs another sub line.

  3. LANMasters Assistant

    That first sub you sunk the gameplay was so stupid

  4. I’d like to see a line graph of the Warships player base before the carrier rework through the introduction of subs.
    They need an option to set “Prefer not to play with subs” and carriers. Key word prefer, so it only would work if the people in matchmaking allow it. Otherwise you’re SOL.
    I know this is an arcade style sim but sonar not detecting subs & radar and sonar going through islands is complete trash. The torpedoes homing mechanic is dumb asf as well.

    • They showed this some time ago in a QA. It was stable, a few quits but more joins which made the player base stable. Also CV’s satisfaction levels was acceptable for WG, though quite alot bellow the rest of the classes. (something like 5% vs 3% for the previous cv gameplay style)

  5. This is disgusting. That up/down dance to dodge depth charges and torps is bullshit. This is horrible.

  6. Some easy nerfs:
    Subs are basically blind unless they surface. They had that before it was way better.
    Improve camo for DDs from subs.
    BBs and heavy CVs need a defense against subs. High caliber shells should do ridiculous abounts of dmg and also hit subs that are underwater.

    • @Thomas Neal You know, seeing the number of time people insult each other on youtube comment, I wonder if you would say the same thing IRL knowing you would run a high risk of getting punched in the face. Why would you call a total stranger braindead on Internet if you would never do that in real life ? I’m not even mad, I just found that… Sad ? Depressing ? idk

    • Best and simple solution? DELETE them from game, subs are not “battle” units. To slow, to fragile and low rate of fire in RL made them stalkers and hunters to oblivious targets.
      But look here, people arguing how much more unrealistic arcade BS “balans” tweaks could, mabye, somehow, somtime…somehwat balance this…wtf?
      How about a phased plasma gun with satelite guiding, directly linked to a sonar drone that automatically fires a turd at a float, wich activates a switch that starts a rubberduck that goes buttfucking the enemy submarine as long as that player doesn’t hit the quicktime event buttons on time to start a counter flying turd to…NOOO..stop it, this shit isn’t balanced and never will be, just like CV’s !

    • @Azreal20 chill

    • The Real WildBoar

      @XxJay71xX depth charges should also function all the way up to the surface. IRL DDs had to drop them at full speed to not damage their own hulls so a sub even at surface should get ruined by them.

    • @Azreal20 Actually mate, there was something known as fleet subs, that would travel with a surface fleet acting as a forward scout and would attack targets of opportunity if possible.

  7. This is exactly what I was afraid of, this just looks like a pain in the ass and not fun at all to play against.

    • This is stupid. In real, subs were never able to detect ships like this, they could hear them, but could never able to torp ships if not periscope depth. Also they were never be able instantly submit to other ships where enemy ships are. They should rework this fairly, subs cannot detect ships if they are not in periscope depth, also others cant detect them if they are below 5m or less, or without hydro.

    • Idk on the one hand subs are squishy af. I soloed 2 subs both players with above 55% winrate on t61. Depth charges are seriously easy to hit.

    • @XHitsugaX Agreed. I actually like it. With the right enhancements I was getting 15k xp per game last night. Just have to wait till your team (or yourself) drive away their surface ships and the subs are easy.

  8. What a fkin trainwreck of a gamemode…

  9. ramming a surfaced sub or a sub that is not below 10 feet should be death for the sub and minimal damage to the attacker

    • Well, it is. Ramming damage is based on full HP and subs have low hp no? So they do low damage.

    • Also ramming on a vehicle that is a pressurized can underwater. Yeah .. ramming shouldn’t be a thing.

    • I was in my IJN DD and i was over a sub and launching depth charges. The sub surfaced while I was overhead. It died and took me down 90%.

    • WG announced that ramming a sub would kill the other ship, restore the sub’s health to full, and also restore the health of all Russian ships and CV’s in the battle.

  10. There we go. WG gives us the wheeled tank Desaster to warships

    • At least wheelchairs can be shot at will. These subhumarines cannot.

    • And that is why i stoped playing world of tanks. It looks like the same thing will happend with world of warships.
      But maybe they are just doing this to get some Money and after they get those dollars they remove subs all together.

  11. Johann Wolfgang von Dörte

    Me sitting here, throwing my arms in the air and yell “QUACKEN”…. and then there is no achievement and my brothercomes in and asks me if i am okay…..

  12. Wow. I’ve been saying what Hans is saying. I knew that guy was a smart guy.

  13. Let’s be real: Subs are never going to fit well into WoWs because they just *don’t* fit well into Naval surface combat. They’re just fundamentally different in a way that a game like WoWs is *always* going to struggle to overcome.

    • Oxygen mechanic. Where the subs have to surface or they die.

    • We have CVs already, why wouldn’t it not be a good idea to add more stuff that doesn’t fit well into the game?

    • Dude, wow you gave me some breaking news … The fact is with the amount of time and money they put into subs, there is no way there are just gonna remove them.They will keep them and create premium to milk as much money as possible.

  14. Hate to tell you, that ships that you can not nothing against already exists… Its called a carrier. Spots you no matter how good you concealment is, can hit you with impunity ( even with the strongest AA, you still get 2 strikes against you on a same tier carrier. Even worse if your uptiered against a T10 carrier ), and no matter how many aircraft you shoot down, they have unlimited resupply so by simply switching between the 3 types, they always can have 80 to 100% full strikes.

    I SUCK at carrier gameplay and do almost no damage to ships because this arcade gameplay but i do not even care about “smoke puffs” and simply fly into them. Its less damage then trying to avoid. And i can recycle another 80+% flight group on my next strike.

    Subs are simply the next carriers. Their spotting alone makes DD’s their concealment drop from a maybe 50% full gametime, to maybe 20% ( mostly at the end if you survive that long ). It destroys all my stealth Japanese and premiums DD’s. It makes my gunboats into even more cruisers because they way they penetrate smoke.

    Wow is really going down hill. I rather have a new game mode with DD, Cruisers, BB and NO carriers and Subs. Those games actually tend to be more fun and even strategic at times ( a word you do not hear a lot in Wow ).

  15. markpartridge78

    Depth charges on all ships won’t work. It’s pretty easy for a sub to sit at 6m until you’re so close that you can’t fire your guns then pop up to above 6m and shotgun you with their torps, whilst your depth charges do nothing…if you’re still alive after the torps

  16. @Ben Jiro A carrier a savvy DD player with big nuts can kill CV’s I’ve done it often in fact the rework made it easier in some ways.

  17. The Real Killer B

    Flambass is so good, his chair even plays better than 90% of the gamer-base!

  18. 5:40 your depth charges didn’t do anything because the sub yo-yo’d. it rose a little to make it invulnerable to depth charges, then will dive down immediately again to make itself invulnerable to surface fire.
    did you not see people doing this all the time on the test server? I did. you’re going to see the smarter sub drivers figure this out on the public server quickly. as it is, if you’re any good at all, you can make yourself nearly invulnerable, since you never have to surface, and the subs rise and dive like toys in a bathtub. All you have to do is yo-yo around 5m depth. fucking WG.

    • WG should add a time delay when surfacing and submerging to 7 meters. Easy fix. But had loads of fun last night! Plenty of opportunities for actual team play! Got a mini wolf pack together, hunted subs, and snuk up to a heavy cruiser behind an island (when I was in a sub). I’ll outline issues that should be fixed in the next comment. But so far a really good change! Smolensk is an example of a bad addition, HE spammer; not fun for the player and not fun for the other players. Subs, fun to play and play against!

    • Issues:
      1. Bobbing.
      2. Shot gunning.
      3. Detection.
      4. Can stay underwater forever.

      How to resolve:
      1. Add a time delay from surface and submerging to 7m.
      2. Add a torpedo arming distance so that DDs have a chance to get up close.
      3. Prevent spotting for teammates when submerged so that DDs don’t get destroyed when they rush a sub.
      4. Have an oxygen meter so that subs are forced to surface every now and then when they don’t want to.

    • @dillydoe I’d go further and also add a sliding scale of damage. 0-5m depth charges still hurt but don’t kill, deeper they hurt MORE.

      A DD on top of sub should be death, 5m or not.

    • @deaths dentist or right when they are submerged, at like 0.5 meters. Doesn’t make sense that depth charges hurt subs when they are completely surfaced lol (*cough* war thunder *cough*) but it would be a nice change cause it would mean that the sub can no longer Bob up and down to become invulnerable to torps and then invulnerable to depth charges. If it wants to Bob up and down to be invulnerable to depth charges, well the DD can just decimate the sub by throwing torps at it.

  19. William Peterson

    @Ben Jiro They need to introduce the mechanic that if they take depth charge damage they have to surface or slowly flood. It will make it more balanced. Also they should not be able to spot unless periscope depth. I don’t agree with homing torps, just make their torps do like 25k damage but have 2 min reload. Also if a sub is only 5m down any HE shell should do damage to them. Plus any depth charge when they are shallow should do damage. Only way they should be able to avoid damage is go deep. They also need to nerf the ability of subs to go up and down so fast, it’s absurd

  20. we need hedgehog and oxygen level so sub cannot stay conceal all the time.

  21. Even with 3 Sub slots taken, the matches feel empty with less surface ships…

  22. I have a simple solution have a game mode called Random and one called Random No CV/Subs. See what people choose to play.

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