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  1. Who is researching USS Alaska

  2. Mitchell Erickson

    I’m doing the GK and Yamato first. I just don’t have enough battleships in my life lol

  3. June 22nd is the start of Patrons…highest rank needed for Commanders will be 15. They haven’t released info as to which Commanders will be needed to be at 15. I’ll check and edit this in case I’m mistaken but with a Patron it adds 9 or 12 research points on top of the base research AND Fleet additions.

    • I severely hope the level 15 commanders you’ll need for segment 12 are of a wide variety. It’ll suck if they ask you for a level 15 Dewey or some shit to be a patron… The only level 15+ I have right now is Bey as I started in January and have been leveling all the necessary commanders up to level 11… So I’m a month to a month and a half away from being able to get a few commanders to 15+…

    • @Obsydiian SailingRobins response to that very same question on Reddit was….Expect anything, that way you won’t be disappointed.. which leads me to wonder if the rank 15 commanders needed will be all the base commanders..which sucks because I have Bey, Atago and Kuznetzov at 16, Tanaka and Spree at 12, everyone else is between 7-11..some I haven’t even bothered with.

      I can only hope they continue to give us opportunities to earn Promo orders and Insignias…definitely need more insignias

  4. Daiki Cipolloni

    You have got to be kidding me. Yesterday I have spent 1,5-2 hours yesterday to get the daily trials. Omg. You can do them in ai battles? I would’ve gotten a few thousand more xp in my Nagato! Thanks for mentioning this! I would’ve spent my premium time better!

  5. I guess Alaska and Kurfurst are more interesting than Yamato

  6. Pretty excited about all this an also looking forward to your next snowrunner video hoping to see a nav 5000 review 🤞

  7. At 3:43 I would recommended do a AI battle than a player battle, soo is would made you doing this really fast with are the players in AI battle

  8. GG. Cheers for the update. It took me 18 years to pay of my first house so I guess this is doable lol. Peas love and I love watching the AI ram each other. Johnno Bloke.

  9. Patrick Stanley

    Lol yeah I would have had all daily trials done for all ships in like 2 hours or less, but my teammates always suck, thanks for that tip

  10. RICOLIVES116 PS4

    4:10 annoying teammates? You mean the ones playing reverse simulator?

  11. Simply it’s a idle game concept tossed in.

  12. Now I’m doing them in AI, thank you for eveything

  13. Conor O' Sullivan

    What a great tip doing it in AI battles! Also let’s say you want to research two or even three projects. For one you don’t have selected you might be able to switch over to your secondary do the daily trials for let’s say the alaska then Continue with your main of yamato. That way you can potentially make progress on them all at the same time albeit slower but something
    Edit: you just said that and man what a great idea too!! You the man spartan!

  14. AI is all I play, much less frustrating and the AI can be quite nasty!!!

  15. “You won’t lose your mind, hopefully”😂😂

    • Unknown Unknown

      I did once I knew I had to wait 1.77 months just so I could get a “free” Yamato and a Alaska hmmmmmm

      Lord please help me

      Great isnt it

      I space my words to much

      Dont you think?


      Life sucks to much for me

    • Might be too late

  16. Yo i never knew you could complete thee daily trials in vs AI. I was sweating my balls off with a match in the furry taco where i got 140k dmg while holding off the right side in neighbors. Finally I won’t have to do all the work by myself

  17. My teammates disappoint me even vs Ai.

  18. The Tier 5 Daily Trials Stack for Activated Projects so in Spartans case, play 1 battle in any Tier 5 Ship and counts for both Alaska + Yamato at the same time.

  19. good tip Spartan about switching to the ones you haven’t done, Alaska in my case and something i didn’t include in my own review.

    • Spartan Elite43

      You mean I actually included more info than you for once! I win!

    • @Spartan Elite43 Lol, i included a few tips but not this one (Also forgot about the Pausing between Contracts but i added that in my Comments after), i’ll let you take this one 😛

  20. Ismael Domingo Gallego

    Spartan, how can we see the stats of the legendary ships?

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