World of Warships- Hyuga First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impressions reveiw for the new T7 Premium Ship Hyuga, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:21 Ship Intro
3:36 Ship Stats Overview
8:45 Captain and Module Build
10:17 Gameplay Review
17:07 Closing Thoughts


  1. Frankly I like her mostly because she was a real world BB

    • There isn’t nearly enough of this these days. WG has completely forgotten that its players are major naval history buffs and love it when a ship was actually real.

      They’re even REMOVING a bunch of the most historically important and well-loved ships of WW2 in the next patch. Graf Spee, Haida, Nelson, etc. are going just to make room for new paper ship premiums.

  2. Both Hyuga and Ise underwent the hybrid carrier conversion. However, WG thankfully left Hyuga in her original configuration. Much like the Scharnhorst/Gneisenau in game. Being that Gneisenau is represented in-game with her 3 triple 11″ turrets removed and replaced with Bismarck-class twin 15″ turrets. Which was a planned conversion yet was never executed. Thanks for the review sir!

    • They should have kept the 9x 11″ guns and added the 15″ in the tech tree. Then made differences like what they did with Bismarck and Tirpitz.

  3. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    I like how when people start comparing Hyuuga to other Tier 7 bbs, California is completely non existenet even though both are uptiered tier 6 ships

  4. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    SLM Hyuuga’s replay: about to show what happens to a salvo flying at a broadsiding CV
    The replay: *dies*
    Me: *Angry unsatisfied noises*

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @SizzleChest McMurphy no. I play wowsb cos I don’t have PC but to get Lenin in wowsb you gotta throw money for it just like basically any new premium ship in wowsb unless it is like Tier 3 or below then **maybe** will have an event which is not too bad, just grind a few hours a day for it

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean Fair enough, man. If you’re not gonna play a ship then there’s no point in buying it.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @SizzleChest McMurphy yea I am a BB main so even if I have the resources to get other ships(in wowsb’s own ver. Of the shipyards), I am still saving them for when the BBs I want come. Speaking of which, Roma is easily the most op Tier 8 ship in wowsb and maybe Tier for Tier. Was so close to getting her before removing her from the shipyard

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean I’ve got Roma. Fantastic bow-tanking ship. She just has too much pen. Constant over-pen. I still enjoy her.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @SizzleChest McMurphy no such thing as BB overpening cruisers in wowsb (except ofc the Smolensk) so its fantastic pen and decent dispersion just slap bbs and nuke cruisers in blitz

  5. Oh my! A premium of a real ship! And she isn’t Garbage! I might have to open my wallet…

  6. I picked up Hyuga yesterday, without the Japanese Lacquer, very fun ship been having great games in her

  7. MysticDragonWolf

    I was introduced to the Hyuga via Naruto

    I will be getting this ship

  8. Hey sea lord I missed the stream but ya 145 k game I had outta 3 almost all 100k … nice nice ship I like her like mutsu

  9. CV about to explode… the Replay dies.. fukk…. soo disappointed….
    I love this Hyuga review thanks :)) maybe I will buy her :)))

  10. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Hey Sealord- next ranked Bronze season is Tier 6-7 so this ship is very relevant. Ship looks good.

  11. I have her and this is definitely my favourite premium ijn Battleship, I also love the ship visual design and far better looking that fuse in my opinion.

  12. Outbound Flight Gaming

    This ship is gonna have a rough MM. But I love more Fuso-likes

  13. Patrick Matherne

    Next Clan Battles will start at Tier VI & VII for Bronze League.

  14. she will be “adjusted” i’m sure after everyone buys it.

  15. SilverStorm Forge

    I’ve enjoyed her a lot so far.
    Only had 1 loss and that was when the team decided to turn a total victory into an attempt at winning harder. As Jingles says, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Hyuga (Hugh-ga) is def gonna be a new favorite for me!

  16. “Replay had a stroke”, right as he clobbers a CV. WG is always watching….

  17. Ehhh… if you wanna know how to pronounce the name of japanese ships go to the wiki of kancolle. Search the ship girl and play her voice lines.

  18. Waited for this ship since the first day they revealed it, and picked it up the first day they released it. I’m the biggest fan when it comes to Japanese military and a IJN main, i’m very happy to see the Hyuga is being represented in the game because she was a real ship! I also love the Pagoda mast design and my God this ship is so beautiful !
    She is also usable even if it is not a broken ship but still not a dog shit like Yudachi,
    (Yes praise the lord! It a IJN premium that is not terrible!) so i’m satisfied with this ship, i just played her as a HE spammer most of time.
    I’m glad for the time being they are adding historical ships for Japan, IJN Ise, Tone and Kitakami are all real ships and i can’t wait to get my hands on them either.

  19. Another thing is i like the fact that despite WG is known for creating fake vehicles, in WOWS however they tend to base the ship armor on the real armor.
    I compared the Hyuga armor from Wows to the one in WT and they are very similar to the point where you can also find the 100 mm plates on the stern of the ship.

  20. CHAR AZNABLE0087

    it was great to fight you this game i was in the Florida have a great day

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