World of Warships- I Despised This Ship, But She’s Aged Like Wine (Iwami)

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Premium Japanese battleship Iwami! Enjoy!

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  1. You should try to do the main batter accuracy for other supposedly “brawler” BBs as well
    Such as the Brandenburg. I still ran into tons of stans who try to say it’s a brawler even though its god awful in that role.
    However if you switch to accuracy you actually have an extremely accurate long ranger BB that can continously troll enemies from afar then if needed wade in by late game and sink any cruisers you ran into.

    These accurate BBs (especially if they have torps and also still decent 2ndaries) are essentially more well protected battlecruisers or the toughest cruisers you team got (accurate guns, tougher than even Napoli in brawls.) Once you know how to apply pressure with them (Iwami included) this alt battlecruiser niche does far more for your team than if you kit them out like a frontal brawler and underperform in that role. I love by Iwami and Brandenburg to bits.

  2. I love her too.
    Just play her as a sniper. It’s the best way to play her IMHO. Secondary build is a meme.
    The sternmounted torpedoes have saved my ass against DD’s so many times. And the 20KM trop range is also great for just tossing out there and hoping to get lucky.

  3. I went with a hybrid build on her, worked pretty well. Secondaries out to 9.2, meaning you can do stuff to destroyers and things that come closer. I love it (it funnily is my first coal ship)

  4. Over the last few patches, she really shined as a fully built in brawler, but not for PvP, but in PvE. In October, we got T9 ops, and oh boy, was she a monster running a full secondary build, and similarly, late last patch we go the return of Co-Op (Hard Mode) with Assym, and like the T9 op, full secondary build just rip and tore, assuming you don’t just drive down the middle. Don’t get me wrong, she still eats crap if you show too much side, but her forward firing angles are pretty good that staying angled isn’t that difficult. Here’s hoping we get Assym more permanently in a future patch, and also that we may see T9+ ops as a permanent and non seasonal choice, making this ship, along with many other brawlers, really have a home in battle

  5. For me: Daisen 90k, Izumo 100k, Iwami 110k avg damage. It doesn’t have the pen of the first two, but those <30 degree firing angles both frontally (rare) and kiting make it heckin tanky. Also 2.1 sigma never hurts. Excellent mid range sniper

  6. @antoniskalakonas1876

    Well analysed! I can confirm as well that the ship is well armored when you are playing at her 15 km range and the accuracy of the guns was a definite pleasant surprise!

  7. @papaversomniferum2365

    Oh, thanks for making a video dedicated to my favourite tier IX IJN BB! I won Iwami last year from containers, had a little trust for this ship and gosh, how mistaken I was! Iwami is perfect BB for almost any situation. Her guns are quire accurate at any distances, armor is great when angling, and its easy to angle with her great turret riring arcs. Usually I play her like a “Drunken Master” style – changing angles to the side, where torpedoes are reloaded. Iwami is my second most favourite tier IX prem BB, with Georgia on first place.

  8. I also love my Iwami. I do have Yamamoto with a full secondary build on her with IFHE. True the secondary range isn´t the same as the German´s, but once a ship does come into secondary range, those Gummo guns eat them up very well. And you´re right, people do forget she has torpedoes! So, if they are loaded up when you get in a close up brawl…surprise! She is my most played IJN BB.

  9. @bensundermann6553

    Got Iwami B randomly in black Friday free containers I think. It is a good ship, It feels like a sniping ship for me.

  10. Iwami was my first coal ship, and I remember being pretty disappointed with it. I played it a couple of times and then I ignored it. Fast forward to the Black Friday event, and one of the first drops I got was… the Iwami. I ended up playing it a lot to get the 2500 doubloons and yeah, if you build it out right (I also put in the rudder buff), it’s a decent tier 9 battleship. It’s not my favorite battleship by a long shot, but I rank it just below the Daisen in the Japanese battleship line.

  11. @tecmobowlguy3120

    I love this ship! I struggled in it at first wasn’t sure how to play it, but this ship really does excel it hitting broad sides, and staying on the move.

  12. A video on T6 BB’s (eg on Bayern) and how to play them in double uptier games where you face T7 and T8 BB’s would be nice 🙂

  13. I play it similar to the Ki or Amagi, more kiting around mid ranges (12km-15kn) and it generally works.

  14. The Iwami is not the best tier 9 Ship but i like really like her you cant compare her to Musashi or other crazy Ships. I hit my 8 Million Experience with her and i play her as a sniper and it works fine. One of the better tier 9 Ships in my Opinion.

  15. I got her for free in a free christmas box, after all the mega ones i bought gave me ships only at t7 or below. She has great secondaries and since I have been really in a secondary mood, I have build her for it and ive had a blast.

  16. @danielfisher9344

    Nice video. I like my Iwami. I find that you are right on the money when you mention a mid-range battleship. I have brawled with a couple of German battle wagons and the torps came in quite handy for that.

  17. I go 2ndary build with her. Those main gun angles are beautiful to push forward with, along with actually responsive(for IJN) gun traverse. That 1km deficit on the 2ndary range isn’t that bad half the time since you have such good angles to fire all your guns while pushing forward. Plus it was also recommended to me by one of the folks at your discord lmao

  18. I got Iwami and like her very much. For the 20 km torps, they are surprisingly useful as you said, because there are people who don’t expect them and they hit hard. Unlike with Shima they are not your main weapon, so being trash against people who pay attention and angled already isn’t an issue. And for brawls, the torps being rear mounted is the bigger issue, because at brawling torp ranges, you typically launch when maneuvering already would be too late anyway. Overall, I played enough Yoshino to have an idea of how useful 20 km torps can be on a ship that is not a DD.

    Also, I do think that as a brawler, Iwami isn’t too terrible. Just consider it the logical inbetween of Kii and Shikishima (of IJN 10 cm secondary ships that can be secondary specced). It seems to me that IJN “secondary” BBs like that are basically all designed to be hybrids, who will not outbrawl the Germans, but you can still outbrawl much of the rest, especially cruisers (secondaries have incredibly dpm against things that have no more than 30 mm plating) and BBs that don’t have torps. And compared to most other secondary BBs, these three have still very good main battery at range (Kii mostly compensates with volume, other two have good accuracy). Typically, I find Iwami to be basically the best IJN brawler short of Mikasa, even if it is a brawler of opportunity, where you outsnipe what you can’t outbrawl and then push in when you see an opportunity. Also, rear-mounted torps are good for kiting, same on Kii.

    Lastly, IJN secondary ships can be quite great for fighting bots. Sadly unlike Kii, Iwami cannot go into operations.

  19. @doublewidemotorsports7217

    Do a secondary build and take her down the map edge in Assymetric Battles. Keep her angled or most BBs can hit you hard from the side. The front will bounce a whole lot of shells no matter who fires them. You will get 3-5 ship kills per match and can easily surpass 150K damage every time. I have been doing this multiple times a day for weeks now and the payoff with blue boosters is extremely nice. I am probably near 3M in free XP and over 300M silver.

  20. Although only 10.5 max range on her secondary, but if you gets into range it has one of the highest if not the highest dpm out of all the tier 9 battleships. iirc her secondary also out dps german tier 9 battlecruiser

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