World of Warships – I did what I could

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Sometimes team is hopeless and you can just do your best and see what comes of it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Every morning now I find myself waiting for 9 am for your new video 🤣 much love man, keep up the great content

  2. What’s the reason The Great Flambino doesn’t play Monty? Anyone?

  3. well…. just the state of the game these days

  4. Imagine hating a ship in a video game so much, lol. (Montana)

  5. Bro was complaining about 80k damage and doing all the work while flambass was sitting on 120+ k 😂

  6. why aint your cruiser s helping you..
    They should be Kinda close to you, Letting you SPOT torps for them. And hitting the enemy hard.

    • They can’t be close. Red DDs kept spotting them for red BBs to blap. Look at what happened to Pensacola.

    • @Altsak but you see what you just said? That the Enemy was doing what I suggested. If the cruisers would of at least shot long range to get rid the enemy DD, it would have helped allot. there were only 3 of them, then the DD on your side could do the better spotting.

    • @Ed ash You are changing your premise from “why aren’t the cruisers supporting at close range” to “why aren’t they supporting from a far”. That is a more valid question. I would have gone even further and asked “why aren’t no one shooting the spotted DD, be it a battleship or a cruiser?” I know the answer and when you figure it out by yourself your WR will improve by 5%

    • @Altsak I quit abit ago, because of the Physics in this game and How they explain View range. Then radar, seeing threw islands? Then the reality of Ships were not designed for Ship to ship battles, they were used to bombard, with little accuracy, even in WWII, the Allies aimed at the Walls protecting the beaches on landing and MISSED, by miles. Little to no damage was taken by the protective walls.

  7. Why wont you play a monty tho flambass

  8. You had a bot carrier on your team feeding their Dallas Air kills :=)

  9. I have a love hate for this map. Especially if you have cvs involved. Either North side is doing good, or the south side is good. But there was times where I sneak my way to other side and bye bye piggy😂.

  10. Keep getting emails from Wargaming, but even given the doubloons and premiums I have , with this CV meta I have zero interest in reinstalling. Enjoy your videos though.

  11. Flambino u should play neutras again it’s been a long time u re not playing it

  12. You can only do so much. 🙄

  13. 2:57 shell goes through the enemy ship and doesn’t register.

  14. Can we get A_Hot_Chick playing

  15. That enemy Furious was legit.


  17. I bought Jean Bart B, now that i had the chance. Been having fun in Dunkerque, so Jean Bart was a must have for me at this point.
    Well i got a mission that would give me 2500 doubloons and 25000 coal. Now i realize to do the mission i have to play the ACTUAL Jean Bart… Not the black version… Very funny Wargaming. You win this one

    • O you also fell for that. GZ here … Doing two missions and realized. Hey, why is there no progress on the 2500 mission. Its done deliberately to confuse people because who the hell is going to buy the same ship all over again. Hell, with the Black Editions, they are separate ship so even if you win the a Black ship, you do not get the full doubloon refund, that you normally get on a duplicate ship. Wargaming, all about sucking the players dry with fake rewards and tricks.

    • @Ben Jiro It is the first and the last time i buy anything form WG. But as i said. HAD to have a Jean Bart.
      Not dissapointed about the ship. Now im playing Dunkerque on roids

    • I bought 3 containers one each of the 2018, 19 and 20 black Friday premium ones. I got Kaga, Atago and 14 days premium not bad but it gets better. Since I already had Atago I got the mission and with that gold I got the 11 250 containers and by the end for that 3 container outlay I had added the Alaska, Jean Bart, Sims, Atlanta and Cossack plus another 28 days of premium.

      Not a bad haul for £10.50!

    • I fell for that one, I got a Scharnhorst B and up popped the missions, but they needed to be done in the Scharnhorst so lost out as the Scharnhorst B is not that ship, how ironic.

  18. 61 Tries now. Marryad I hope you’re counting. Cause Flambass will need proof of this so he can’t hide from playing the USS Montana

  19. my first reaction when i saw him in a gremy, “Oh you dirty dirty boy…”

  20. lol love my Gremy and yeah need expert marksman, that turret rotation is garbage

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