World of Warships – I met Skip Bombers & ITA tier 10 BB

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I played a match few days ago and in the enemy was ITA tier 10 brand new BB which I’m not allowed to show myself AND German new tier 10 CV that has skip bombers and we were lucky enough to get attacked by them and see their attacks on other ships.

I don’t know much about these ships but here you go. Hope you enjoy watching it 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Flambass met Le pasta and German that would threaten the Italian because of Fritz X

  2. About to go to bed…..and then Flambino puts up a new video, guess I won’t be sleeping yet

  3. Love how looking at the Colombo he missed it blapping the other halland for 7k and the CV chunking a DM for half its hp with the bombs

    • im confused, did you mean 10:05 or another time? because he did less than a third of the dm’s hp and also flambass was staring right at it so i dont see how he “missed” it

  4. Skip bomb’s look like dolphins jumping. Very explosive dolphins

  5. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Colombo the new Smolensk devastator.

  6. Lol, that luck when you face two testing ships in the same game

  7. Flambass professional cameraman xD

  8. 5:26 That’s what she said!

  9. After careful consideration, here are my thoughts:- 16 SAP guns – Stupid, Skipping aerial bombs – Stupid, Armour piercing bombs that can take half a Des Moines health – Stupid. Yes, the game seems to be going in a really positive direction, well done WG!

  10. I just hate it. They should have stopped adding new ships to the game a while ago and call the project finished (NOT abandoned).
    When you put too many objects into a balanced system at some point it flips over and crashes.
    I don’t get why MMOs have to get new stuff over and over again until they are broken. Single player games are finished with developing at some point, too.

  11. By time WG finishes putting gimmicks on the paper ships, it will be impossible to play real ships. This is not why i play this game. Played since closed Beta and seriously thinking its time to find something else to waste time on. Tanks in unplayable and Ships is now close behind.

  12. I have a feeling the seas are about to fill with Italians. That C.C. is one of the best looking battleships I’ve seen, hopefully it isn’t a 16-gun potato

  13. So good of WG via WOWs and WOT to give me some new capacity on my HDD where I can install games that are actually fun enjoyable and not made to frustrate and piss you off. Seems WG has forgotten what games are about or for.

  14. They gave British skip bombs to a German CV lol

  15. I like this clip a lot. Not because of the new stuff, not because some high level gameplay is being showed, but because it shows a random game that didn’t go too well.

    My gameplay makes more sense now 😀

  16. I already commented this on another video but here goes: A Colombo took like 60 or 70% HP from my Hindi at max range… then continued to do massive amounts of damage as I tried to dodge but failed. It’s SAP is OP as fuck.

  17. “that looks… Interesting.” LoL May you live in Interesting times.

  18. I don’t know anything about the Colombo but it looks like the physical manifestation of power creep.

  19. watching skip bombers bounce towards you is actually scary and halirious at the same time lol

  20. SAP on BBs.. Conq 2.0 “we need this ingame!!”

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