World of Warships: I Really Really Like Key Battles – Valkyrie

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Key Battles is the new Halloween game mode. It’s a free for all where you can team up to find yourself a key to be able to exit through the portal. Valkyrie is a really fun experience in this because of the SPEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

0:00 Game
15:40 Keys Leave
16:20 Octagon
19:08 End Screen
19:34 Combat Missions
20:00 Equipment
23:19 Outro

World of Warships footage of the Valkyrie in Key Battles.


  1. I like it too but the rewards aren’t as good as last year, tier 9 camo for 300k points is too much of a grind.

  2. I should probably give this a go then. Looks kind of fun

  3. First time using the Valkyrie’s speed boost is a trip and a half

  4. Lobster-eyes that don’t have a key spawn with 1500 battle points

  5. I was playing the Gale yesterday, and when the game ended, I didnt have a key, but I was the last one left alive, so I actully won

  6. u missed the details on the hulls.
    also i would like more details on gale recommendations and mechanics

  7. i like joining a division and getting close to players in a gale then just leave and quickly torp them lmao

  8. You get to keep your battle points if you die you get whatever points you accumulated with no bonus. If you kill another player those points they had get added to yours and if you either leave by the portal or survive the battle royal at the end you get a bonus reward for doing so.

  9. Had one player that attempted to backstab me he joined my division and then got close I knew something was coming when he went to fire torps he was too close and they didn’t arm. I nearly killed him before he decided to back off.

  10. Speed boost has taken a whole new meaning.

  11. Rapid fire upgrade, and vamperism. Literally you can’t die.

  12. Now that you mentioned Dota I kinda want to see you play it xD

  13. North Carolinian Mapping

    In my experience usually don’t rush to get the keys or the portal at the beginning, and instead hang around near the portal. Once you get the key people will usually focus you and you will usually die before you enter the portal. However, if there are still keys you can get within 4-5 minutes before the portal opens, definitely go get them.

    Also take all the heal buffs you can, you’ll need them.

  14. Valkyrie with Gryffin module in a shellnut:


  15. LeavesUselessComments

    Don’t worry, I’m sure WG will listen to the fan base loving this game mode and never use it again!

  16. I really, really don´t like key battles. You don´t build up your credits, XP or Free XP. All you get are whatever the tokens are for this mode to buy camos or captains that you can buy for cash in the armory anyway. In the past, in this event you made a bunch of Free XP, credits and so on. To me this event is a total waste of my time. WG really droped the ball in this one IMO.

  17. I enjoy them but I just make up the numbers and just getting the battle tokens not for me, maybe if WG had put these new cammo’s in the armoury! I did enjoy all the others but No Thank’s, on this one, Enjoyed the Vid Aaroon 👍👍

  18. Portal doubles your score on leaving, same as octagon but because of how the battle points work an octagon win is essentially guaranteed to give 10k (max)

  19. What i am hoping to see are those skin available for purchase in the premium shop, they kind of remind me of cybran warship from super commander. The mode is just as awesome and a good way to sit back and play in a not so serious matter outside of coop and scenarios.

  20. So, Aerroon at the end, what you’re saying is: There can be only one!

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