World of Warships- I Still Don’t Know What The Hell This Ship Is Supposed To Be (Poltava)

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VII Soviet battleship Poltava! Enjoy!

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  1. I would think she is suppose to be an ambush battle cruiser.

  2. It’s a solid BB. High pen AP and good HE requires to change between ammo types quite a lot, so it’s not a good BB for average potato.

  3. I luv my poltava, a fun little ship but I do have to be mindful of which ships I’m shooting as when I do get uptiered I find that the ap doesn’t work all the time

  4. I managed to snag one in a Santa Mega and was like, what ship is this? Had not heard or seen of before hand.

  5. @poprosturobert6874

    Useful video because i just got this ship out of the santa container and I knew about the ship’s existence, but I had no idea what it was supposed to be

  6. I always saw the Poltava as a pre 2022 CIS server ‘exclusive’ BB that everyone got because Santa boxes work like that… since there’s literally no other reason for her to exist than as a cash grab for that server, she has no special stats or quirky gimmick and is so bland players make stuff up since no one plays her to confirm that no, she has no gimmick but isn’t bad either.

  7. Got this, and Only this ship in crates this season, quite tempted to just sell her for the credits, because I *know* I’m not playing her over my other t7 BBS lol

    • Just keep it. Why? Next time you roll a Container an a ship drops, IT can’t be Poltava anymore.
      Sold Leone because its just a bad ship and got her back … 3 times …

  8. This is a ship I don’t have and would really like, but no way to get it without spending a ton on loot crates…not happening here.

  9. Not sure why, but I have gotten a few 7 kill random games with her. It uptiers well especially against cruisers, the AP really shines there. It is a funny ship that I have enjoyed playing. However I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen other players bring it to battle.

  10. I actually really enjoy Poltava and all her quirks…Also she’s a BEAUTIFUL ship…

  11. +1 to the scharnhorst for attracting the cvs attention all game, and just helping you push. o7

  12. I like Poltava it really really suffers up tiered though

  13. Im wondering if we ever see a video of you NOT colliding with other ships 🤣
    But I guess this is your thing 🤔

  14. I got the Poltava in a crate about a year ago. When I first got it, I tried to play it like a typical Soviet BB and obviously that didn´t work out. So yeah, I did much better in her when I started to play it like a battle cruiser. it´s not a bad captain trainer at tier VII.

  15. This is the only ship I got in create this year’s black Friday I believe

  16. i dont know why but i feel like due to its armor it was more designed for a ramming battleship but i dont know how ramming mechanics work.

  17. I got this in santa boxes this year and it was one of the highlights… I heard it’s a bit of a meh ship but the matches I played in it were all fine

  18. Playing T7 means a lot of four sub, dual CV games with T9 opponents. With that said, most matches at T7 are less one-sided than T10 matches these days.

  19. The only thing I wish they’d change about it is its accuracy and range. If its accuracy and range were buffed it could truly be to Sinop what Slava is to Kremlin

  20. Over on Legends Poltava has improved AP pen angles and penetration factor. She’s definitely a better fit there.

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