World Of Warships Funny # 61

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World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. @josephhungerford8348

    Beautiful editing of the video always a great laugh, keep up the great content Daniel n have a wonderful new year.😊

  2. hi Dani, nice montage as usual. What is that version of “uninstall” at 8:35 ? I know the original, but I can’t find the remix you are using.

  3. Those that underestimate kms Dani Chan are forced to pay the price for their mistake

  4. Thanks for the music in the 1 on 1 battles 😉

  5. The master of torp dodging does it again! This video is one of the reasons why I still play World of Warships (albeit it is on console). I can’t help but try to further myself to get better and use my skills accordingly. Seriously, Daniel, I wish you were on console, while with keeping your incredible status on PC. But beggars do not choose. Great video as always, love Dani-Chan’s different expressions, also Merry belated Christmas (if you do celebrate it) and happy New Year. See you again after I turn 31. My birthday is next Tuesday. Continue the good fight, man.

  6. My god that smolensk battle against the sub!

  7. I left this game before they introduced subs.
    Is that a gun that the ship is using to shoot at the sub???

  8. @tacticalcalebgaming7264

    That’s my sub


    Have you heard Silent hunter 4 I played that thing so good

  9. The WoWs player name section. WoWs players really do have the best names. My favorite was a Smalland named 2MillFXPMistake

  10. Oh shit I actually got included in the video also my friend is sad that you shown a clip of him being destroyed in a conqueror 😂 . Much love Dani 😘 but now I hate subs even more .

  11. 3:55′ same thing happend to me years ago…..was fighting as last ship and when match time was up I got hit and sunk at the same time… fight screen my team won with ZERO ships afloat…..strange but fun

  12. AdmiralScumbag. That one takes the cake man. Gotta appreciate the honesty there

  13. Top notch vid, as usual.
    Does anyone know the title of the music used under the brawling section?
    If remix, name it please also.
    Thanks in advance!

  14. @admiralprinceeric323

    Hope you had a wonderful video this year but I really want a video for a Full Compilation in 2023 WoWs Video

  15. Dani: Request support. – Teammate: Nope. Your chat can support u. 🤣🤣🤣 what can you say to that logic? 🤔😇

  16. It is always such a treat to watch these! The name calling part gets funnier all the time, too.
    Well done.

  17. Hm speaking as a console player at the moment im curious whats the borodino like on pc?

  18. Lotta sexy torp beats in this one. Jelly.

  19. @ADayintheLifeoftheTw

    Always love these videos. Thank you for them. 😊👍

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