World of Warships- I Was Wrong, PEGI Rating Being Increased

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Hey guys, today some surprising news, WG expects their PEGI rating to be increased after some changes to their rating description.

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Great, but 12 is still a minor. I want the ten s of millions in lost credits from my recent nerfed credit OG Missouri battles. Its adding up to quite the loss just for me. How about globally, has to be in the billions.

    • Yes… With a gambling mechanic it needs to be 18+

    • Trust me, I will never play my Missouri again. I got the Missouri back in 2016 with 1millionfreeXP. She is an absolute pile of garbage now. That was the only good reason to play the Missouri was her money making capabilities. So, my Missouri thanks to wargaming which is now just a huge pile of fucking trash will sit in Port and never sale again. WG=💩

  2. When visited HMS Belfast WG room, there were at least 2 kids about 11-12yr old. One just asked mum to play this at home. I warned mum not to pay for anything…Hope it helped 😀
    The PEGI impacts the new player influx, not the money they got. WG is right, their target was the 35-55 group with biggest wallet. But they are able to close that wallet!
    What would bite them if digital goods would be like other goods – if they do not fit, you can ask your money back!

    • A PEGI 7 rating means the game can be open access on the various ships, higher means the museum staff have to start policing it. 18 rating means, Dad won’t go in as kids can’t. And that’s the target demographic, 40 year old plays this after kids gone to bed? If it’s open when kids around no problem @ Pegi 7 but letting kids see pegi 18? Nope

    • I believe in Australia, digital goods are NOT exempt from “fit for purpose” etc. and that’s why Steam had to allow a no questions asked refund option if they wanted to remain available there.
      The games industry is a sewer that regulators generally seem not to have the courage or inclination to hold to the same standards as other consumer goods or services, which I think is a dereliction of duty on their part.

  3. You also raised a good point why to raise PEGI: the in-game language. Kids can take it quite badly when they are trolled in chat. Some toxic trolling calls R rate for sure.

    • @Cthippo1 Do we have chat filtering? I vaguely remember you can’t write the f-words? Of course you can curse in Navaho…that is code language 😀

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @hond654 How do you expect the Devs to control chat? Players always find someway to get around filters. They do take actions to chat ban players that bully and harass others. Which is more than a good chunk of other games. Then you’re setting a precedent that EVERY SINGLE GAME WITH TEXT/VOICE CHAT should be rated M/18

    • ​@Sea Lord Mountbatten “EVERY SINGLE GAME WITH TEXT/VOICE CHAT should be rated M/18” not a bad idea. I saw examples of young kids to have PTSD symptoms after harassment. This is not a joke unfortunately, this is how human brain reacts to danger.
      AI algorithms are also getting better too, so it will be a constant fight between a healthy community and a few trolls, which can not be win – but can be reduced. I agree – no perfect solution, but as newer generations spend more time online, their mental health should be considered – if R18, then R18. You have to put the stick somewhere.

    • Normally online interactions are not rated by the ESRB

    • The pegi rating of Fortnight is 12 and in that game its the 12 year olds cursing everyone else out like drunken sailors

  4. I have to agree this will make no difference overall. What I’ve done is not buy any dubs for the last month, i have zero dubs and that’s the way it’s staying.

    • So that means you won’t be doing any missions then? lol, does that include those free dubs you get? ;~)

    • Half-measures give poor results. Quit the game and hurt their matchmaking, or get off the pot.
      Your “protest” is laughable if you’re complaining and still playing the game at this point.

  5. It won’t change a thing for WG so easy for them to implement and agree to. Quite frankly it was a silly accusation to begin with and just allows them to save face by doing literally nothing.

  6. “We always act according to the law and industry regulations” yeah the whole camo loot box fiasco would beg to differ.

  7. WG acting like it was their ideda to have the increase lol

    • Underrated comment.
      It seems that the rating agencies received quite a lot of tickets, if WG actually decided to do damage control.

  8. This is completely missing the mark. The point of Jingles getting the PEGI rating increased (at best to 18+) is NOT to prevent children from playing it, or to prevent WarGaming from marketing it to children. An 18+ rating would prevent lots of marketing to any age group, e.g. no prime time TV ads, no front page Steam ads, no YouTube ads. Everything a child MIGHT see, even if you target older people with lots of money, will be prohibited. A 12+ rating does not matter in comparison to 7+, but an 18+ rating would hurt them. Additionally, an 18+ rating (or any association with “adult” content) is heavily discouraging investors, look at the current OnlyFans situation or what happened to Patreon.

    • ​@Sea Lord Mountbatten My area is marketing for industrial manufacturers, and you’ll be shocked to learn that loot boxes don’t come up much for me professionally. But I’m certainly following it. As far as ‘marketing to children’, having a PEGI 7 rating is marketing to children 7 and up. If you are marketing a film that’s rated G, you are marketing to children. It’s not always the type of ad, or the style of the ad content that is at issue.

      Me, I’m cautious, and would advise against including controversial things in a product like this. But I’m sure WG sees this as an important revenue stream, so it won’t go away unless they are forced. However, since they are currently being investigated for money laundering and other illegal activities, this is the last thing they need now.

    • So let’s be honest here… he’s trying to prevent a business from advertising because him and a bunch of CCs had their feelings hurt because a multimillion dollar company didn’t bow to their wishes. Businesses don’t care what you think otherwise Amazon would have been bankrupt years ago.

    • @illogicalreality Business’s don’t care what their customers think? I’d be out of a job if you were right lol.

      Companies spend millions on PR, advertising and marketing because they don’t care what the public thinks? Hysterical.

    • @illogicalreality I don’t think people are trying to make the company “bow to their wishes” because of “hurt feelings”. WarGaming, just like most other companies, repeatedly failed to deliver not on other peoples demands but on their own promises. Every CC is free to leave or stay with the program. Jingles even continues to make WoWS content.

      The practice of loot boxes is rampant in the entire gaming industry. There are laws regulating gambling for a reason. Loot boxes might not be officially considered gambling for some legal technicality, but they create all the effects that make gambling an addictive issue. Which is why companies are adding more and more “surprise mechanics”. It is profitable for them.

      Law makers might create more stringent regulations about loot boxes, some countries already have. Trying to get PEGI to look into the matter (full on loot boxes with a game rated 7+) is a good idea. WarGaming proactively having the PEGI rating changed should be an indication, that there is something wrong with the current rating and that WarGaming sees a possible financial risk (consumer backlash, legal claims) when staying at the 7+ rating. Although the effect of changing it to 12+ is probably going to be minimal.

      Amazon is destroying small businesses all the time, e.g. by stealing their products, undercutting the prices and then favoring the Amazon-branded Chinese copy in the search algorithms, not to mention governments preventing shops from opening while allowing Amazon warehouses to operate. That does not mean we should just accept the situation and not try to change things.

    • Then more reporting to PEGI is necessary. On it! I suggest you guys do it too, including to your local ESRB.

  9. I gotta say that many Google accounts faked the age to be able to see everything, so I will say probably 5-10% under 18 playerbase probably

  10. It’s damage control. They are rushing possible changes to avoid regulators looking into the company.

  11. “For example, on NA, since 2018 the share of players under 16 was never higher than 4%” is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard *EVEN* from WG.
    How do they prove that? With surveys? Because children are so famous for telling their REAL age in the Internet? “Yes, I am at least x years old” is probably the most common lie in the entire world.

    • @The M.K. Young Show

    • I’d have to say it would be something more to do with size lol ;~) Dudes are dudes after all and we do make up about 50% of the 7.5’ish billion people on the planet hehehe. I think Facebook would be the biggest place that kdis have dodgy ages and most of the time I would think it is done by the parents to “get the kids off their back because all their friends are on FB” etc

    • No, the most common lie is “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”

    • @tamas lapsanszki hahaha, fair do’s :~) lol

    • @tamas lapsanszki Oh, you’re absolutely right! forgot about that one. It’s just one of the most common lies then.

  12. Once again, another half measure done by Wargambling to placate the crowd.

  13. Increasing the PEGI rating isn’t to ultimately stop WG from bringing any income, or to make them change their ways, its to better inform the player (and in the case of a minor, their parent/guardian as well) of what to expect from the game. Hell even Activision pulled the plug on loot boxes from the backlash from recent COD games, and those games are all 18+. If a company as corrupt as Activision can admit that pushing loot boxes in a game that they know children play is bad, then I’d expect WG to, at the very least, ease up on them.
    Also as far as the whole “they read the EULA, and it said blah blah” goes, I don’t know any other way to say it other than no child is going to sit for an hour and read that, let alone comprehend it.
    And its not like parents would see this as a bad game upon first glance, just a fun game where ships shoot eachother. Not realizing that that this game has one of, if not, the MOST aggressive loot box marketing I have ever seen, as well as some of the most expensive real money items. They prey upon people with low patience, and what demographic has low patience across the board? Kids. Kids pick up this game for 3 minutes before realizing that all the fun cool ships either take a lot of time, or a lot of money to get, then almost immediately go for the latter option. It also preys on people with a poor understanding of money, what demographic overwhelmingly has a poor understanding of money? Kids! You throw a loot box system at a kid with a shiny new ship at the end and they will burn $200 before they even realized what happened. WG should at the very least show an obvious disclaimer when creating an account stating that the game has loot boxes.

    And as far as the “weegee bad mentality” I don’t see it as a bad thing, and have some concerns as to what you’re really hoping for as an outcome of this.
    WG has spit in the face of their community and playerbase the last 2 years and is not showing any signs of remorse, or any will to “do better”. So yes, people are going to ridicule WG for damn near everything they do know, wanna know why? Because they have found a way to fuck over the community every step they take, so of course people are going to be going through WG with a fine tooth comb. We are tired of their shit and most importantly WE JUST WANT OUR WARSHIP GAME BACK!

  14. Building on LordMardur’s comment. . . This is a game within a game.
    On the assumption that a lot of “whales” are not paying attention to the drama (CCs quitting, negative press, etc) hitting the rating agencies is a way of getting the attention of Wargaming’s powers-what-be. And it may be working. Early days.
    But although they may be ignorant they are not stupid. Applying for the PEGI 12 rating is pre-emotive strike. At least in the US, regulatory agencies tend to like compromises. And it appears with a PEGI 12 rating they will have dodged the bullet if not all of the shrapnel. ( Mixed metaphor, I know. Shrapnel comes from shells, not bullets.)
    Actually I don’t think most of the agitators want to sink the game. We just want to make WoWS great again. So this may be an indication of progress. As the say in the morgue, remains to be seen.

  15. It’s a nice gesture, but ultimately just hollow “Someone think of the children!” in a situation where the children are irrelevant.
    Wargaming gets what they want one way or another with a PEGI 12 rating. Best thing that can happen from here on is a revision to PEGI 18 and ESRB rating of ‘A’ (Adults-Only) followed by new legislation that correctly classifies lootboxes as gambling and subjects any companies selling them to regulation via the gambling commissions of their respective countries.

    Of course, because we live in a world run by corrupt clowns and morons, so as usual, things will continue to get worse until long after corrective action will have mattered one bit.

  16. There is a third way it affects video game purchases: marketing. The PEGI/ESRB rating may affect where the game may be advertised. It depends on the countries and the outlets, but it can have a serious knock-on effect to a game’s marketing budget. Again, it is a strike at the wallet, which is all that matters.

    Actually, you are not correct: the reason it is not “gambling” in WoWS is not because you get something, it is because you don’t bet real money. You bet doubloons, which are tokens. It is a subtle way to work the law, but it is a legal distinction in many places.

  17. I am definitely an outlier in the age category. Throughout high school, while everybody was playing Clash Royale, PUBG, Rules of Survival and then Fortnite when it got released for mobile, I was playing World of Warships. It took me a while to get it as most of the computers at the house were Macs owned by my parents who would have told that GameStop clerk, actually, never mind. I watched all the training videos from back in the day in my spare time and played Naval Creed: Warships, basically a mobile copy of World of Warships with the old carrier mechanic but empty servers (Flamu doesn’t know what empty servers actually looks like, I was literally at times the only one playing). I also made a paper fleet that I still have, full of copies of USS Worcester and the three Yorktowns. Suffice it to say, I was the only kid my age playing World of Warships because I wanted to learn more about the history and that was my gateway. When World of Warships does the ship models correctly (I’m looking at you, pre-patch 10.0 NC and Iowa, so lazy taking the historical hulls and replacing them with dual Bofors which go to quad Bofors, no open bridge, none of those tiny details. How about NC’s semi-rounded bridge in the old A-hull going to a more squared-off bridge as she is seen today? Nope, just gonna be square. The only company that sometimes seeks to remove detail), they are spectacular. The aggressive monetization and loot boxes are something I can do away with. All the ships should be allowed in the game, just raise the cost of steel to be 777,777 or something for the Smolensk or whatever. I would also love if there were a simulation-type battle editor that we see in most other games like this, where you can build your own scenario. We need 16v16 battles at some point, or go the war thunder route and add the ability to respawn as a different ship once you’ve accumulated enough points (that would be really cool!!!)
    Anyway, I’d better get off my soapbox and give someone else a turn. Take care.

  18. By all means Sir: This was the first and probably only adequate analyses and facts based comment on this whole fuzz caused by some frustrated people who actually lost a view on their own relevance to others.
    Congratulations for not brainlessly jumping on board a shame train but generating an educated opinion. Chappeau

  19. Congratz on being the 4th most-watched US WoWS ytuber. I am proud to be part of your 60+ viewership. I can agree that it will probably not change anything that Wargaming does, but the outrage of their player base may at least open their eyes a bit to what they are doing.

  20. Pegi as well influence where and how frequently the game is advertised. Lower the age is, the less restrictions it has.

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