World of Warships – Ibuki Just In Time

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Ibuki on Land of Fire moves to support the destroyers as they attempt to capture C. We encounter multiple enemy hostiles, which forces us to remain at long range. The enemy team successfully captures all the points and we get to the brink of defeat. A enemy battleship stays a little too long and burns down to the Ibuki’s overwhelming firepower. We move to capture C, then B, and finally attempt to capture A. The game comes down to one moment, we win or lose with a single salvo. One of the most stressful games I’ve ever played, hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Cruiser Ibuki Replay


  1. I had similar kind of game couple days ago. Playing with iowa the enemy
    took all caps right at beginning and we lost a lot of ship. We started
    killed them one by one (as a fucking great team) and capped two of three
    caps. At the end they had only one amagi and I think we had three ships,
    one cruiser and two battleships so the enemy runs behind the island. They
    were still leading when they had 996 points… so guess what… we just get
    to the last cap and got some extra points to make the game 1000p / 1000p.
    How close was that and is it ever gonna happen again? Shame that we don’t
    have chat when the game ends. Could imagine the amount of gg / wtf comments
    in the end :D

  2. what a nice game!! congrats!! awesome!

  3. close game haha XD

  4. The Myoko have more HP than the Ibuki? wtf?

  5. Good game, without the fire they would have won by points.

  6. I hate to be a ship on the right side of your screen m8 (and the fact htat
    you play on the US server helps). Well played and thanks for the video m8.
    Working hard towards the Zao I see ;).


  7. great game, great come back win.

  8. Wow are you a lucky, lucky Man.

  9. I just had the most frustrating day in WoWS I have ever had. My Kiev when
    from a 76% win rate to a 32% win rate. I lost 19 of my 22 matches in it
    today, yet I am still averaging over 40k dmg and over 1.3 ships killed.
    Sometimes, sometimes I really don’t like wows…

  10. very close
    great to watch

  11. Brian Lock (神通)

    last one standing, they should have an achievement go with that.

  12. Notser, after the Mogami, is the Ibuki worth getting?

  13. Wow, that range is insane. Looking forward to the Ibuki, right now I’m
    loving the Mogami.
    Great game as always

  14. Hey Notser. Awesome Vids. Thanks.

  15. The truly scary thing is that you play solo most games and still dominate.
    If you had a good team mate/platoon it would be terrifying.
    I end up in the same situations most of my games where I end up filling
    gaps from players who abandon flanks and won’t play a position unless they
    have plenty of support. It makes it very hard to have big games and a good
    win streak but the option is then to lemming with the rest and have the
    shittiest WR.
    Lemming teams are losing teams.

  16. Love the videos Noster a good balance of really useful information and
    entertainment. Keep up the good work:)

  17. Another great video 🙂 THUMB UP

  18. That was a good game!

  19. 最高でした。すごく参考になりましたよん、ありがとうございます。^^v

  20. Noster, for all I know, your the best WoWs player in the world!
    Check your vids everyday. thanks !!!

  21. That was a good game. I love games that could go either way.

  22. Great game Notser. I enjoy watching your videos. I believe you help me to
    become a better player. Keep the videos Comming!

  23. Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser!

  24. Also wanted to add, been SUPER frustrated with rank play. I’ve gone back
    and forth between rank 12-11 so many times I’ve given up. (Mogami, Benson
    and Blytza) It seems players have both gotten better yet there’s still a
    lot of terrible ones as well. I find I’m one of the last alive, with a
    couple kills, fighting 3-4 enemies. You get one or two bad teams and away
    that star goes. Its like gambling in Vegas, you go up a bit and then baam!
    down again…

  25. Similar to MANY of my games. Difference is we usually lose…. 🙁 Hard to
    come back like that, well done.

  26. good job buddy

  27. Well played Sir, well played! 😀
    Have you ever played with Ichase ? If not I would love to see a division
    game with you two :D

  28. another clutch
    Just wondering if you could tell me why the in game recording doesn’t
    record the game results at the end?
    Anyway of getting this afterwards?
    Thanks in advance.

  29. notser you can’t play this good all the time otherwise you are going to get

  30. good must be getting use to land of fire, all those islands and
    not one of them snuck up on you!

  31. I like your voice and the module information u gave every time, definitely
    subscribe :)

  32. cmon notser he?? u would 3hit him after he got stuck on the island

  33. Impressive, as usual.

  34. So I presume using the rate of fire modification isn’t worth it. The
    turrets are too slow and it replaces range right?

  35. How close to the Zao are you now mate?

  36. Ahh why don’t you use your repair ability? Ahah

  37. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    9:30 oh the pain watching u spam he at the target there. Probably a heat of
    the battle moment…i hope.

  38. Notser Style (rhyme it like Gangnam Style) :-)

  39. PAN PAN PAN naval emergency, I have just Pulled A Notser,,,, lol nice that
    you are owning it, take care keep the vids coming.

  40. Nice ending!

  41. You must stop these kind of games Notser !!! to tence !!! lol great play.
    Btw I got my Fletcher

  42. gg!!! zao zao zao?

  43. Just a wild question, how many aircraft have you killed in a ship?(Not
    including Cv’s)
    Also, nice game.

  44. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Second xD

  45. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Almost 1

  46. why Ichasegaming’s voice is almost same as Notser’s ?

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