World of Warships – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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The usual response is “It’s still stupid and you got lucky.” But what if it only seems stupid…?

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  1. Well, if it isn’t me reconciling with my poor sleep schedule

  2. Silent Assassin

    This seems earlier than usual lol. You’ll get no complaints from me though! 1:30am with a Jingles video drinking some whiskey is a great way to end the night 🙂

  3. Is it 1:30am? Yes. Am I gonna watch this anyway. Absolutely

  4. 3:16 Erm, actually Jingles, the Kii class was a completely separate design from the Amagi- Jingles? _Jingles? Why are you picking up that gun?_

    • @Random ChineseBoi you mean salt heaven?

    • @Faittastic no it is called Hypernatremia induced death.

    • Proud Fire Brand

      Jingles: *”STRENG GEHEIM”*

    • Every source I’ve found says that the Kii class design is based on the Amagi class design which is based on the Tosa class design. Could you point me to a source that says different?

    • @Ciprian Dinu I just think OP missunderstood Jingles and thought that “Based on” = sister ship. I wouldnt want to be the one explaining how a Kii Battleship and an Amagi Battlecruiser are in the same group of ships 😛

  5. this reminds me of my quad shimakaze clan battles from earlier today

  6. Jingles, how many times have you used this title now?

  7. This seems to be a recurring and popular title. Fitting for this game.

  8. Jingles, what do you call this time?! This is an outrage!!

  9. Anybody noticing jingles refusing to start “if it’s stupid but it works” as a series? You’ve got like 10 videos with the same name old man, I seent em

  10. meanwhile, 200+ secondary hits from a grosse wont do much more than 20k dmg.

  11. I think this is Jingles’s 10th video with this title and I love that

  12. 6:26 seconds in “The kii has better long range AA then the North Carolina” Wait….isn’t that illegal? I thought Japanese AA was supposed to suck. Well then again the NC has vastly superior mid range AA.

    • The Japanese 100mm gun was legitimately a really good AA gun IRL, it’s why everyone wanted the Akizuki line to have DefAA as a gimmick.

  13. Wooohooo, Austria!
    Also: A guarantee of entertainement from Jingles? This is gonna be gud

  14. Jingles, you’re early. This wasn’t supposed to happen!

  15. Impressive! Didn’t know about Ki’s secondaries, crazy wg pen buff….

  16. Let’s say your ship is set on fire: there is an audio cue, a voice clip, an icon in the middle of the screen and the bottom will show a fire animation. It should be immediately obvious that your ship is on fire.
    But, what if you’re piloting carrier aircraft at that time? Players could get easily confused and think their aircraft are on fire, or flooding.

  17. I’m a LOT more positively surprised of the Parseval’s performance. Taking in regard its planes are essential made of cardboard, this performance was more than remarkable.

  18. Артём Шепелев

    “So it’s Amagi with torps”
    *sees Akizuki strapped to each side*

  19. David Chrysostom

    Double kraken team, nice!

    Must be the deluxe carry package for everyone else on the green team

  20. AdvocatusDiaboliFin

    “You just have to be able to think and breathe at the same time.”

    Oh man. No wonder I suck at this game.

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