World of Warships In 2016

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Spoilers alert!

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  1. wtf no submarin -.-

  2. please, many people would like to have some Regia Marina ships.. for
    example Littorio

  3. Hope they dont patch it to death. New content is allways good.. but if i
    hear something like Upgrades… a big load of Fear is commin out that they
    want to kill the Balance and Activate PaytoWin.

    They released 2015? V.0.5.?

  4. no submarines… :(

  5. my fafoufite game is wrld of tankes :)

  6. are you ever going to fix the montana? or are you just going to leave it as
    it is…

  7. 5:47 What’s this huge CV?

  8. Still waiting for Regia Marina

  9. Better Anti-Air tracers please, the secondaries are impressive but the
    Anti-air is just sad. Also gun sounds on a lot of ships could really use
    some improvement!

  10. Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine please, full tech trees!

  11. nice

  12. Where to aim!!!. Are u joking ships never hit anything where u aim.

  13. Too late warships your game got ruined allready sooo me and my buddies are
    playing naval action and its so mutch fun in a Clan

  14. Leviathan L (L8viathan)

    I stopped playing the ranked battles this season after 2-3 games. Because
    it was worse than last season which I managed to get in rank five. You need
    to really but really find a way to filter the noobs out of ranked games.
    They kill the enthusiasm and fun of playing ranked battles. Also the afks.
    Some start playing the battle two, three, five minutes late and Some not at
    all. This effects the gameplay of all players negatively. Maybe you can
    develop a mod something like whoever pushes the start battle button and
    doesn’t join in the game after two minutes they will not get anything
    including the victory if the battle is won or even should be punished by
    system considering them in the enemy team since they have no contribution
    to the team and rather opposite..

  15. this game should be introduced to mobile devices!!

  16. less anime or at least somthing

  17. Maddenjurassicworldandmore 05

    I am ready for world of warships on Xbox o

  18. Why not balance submarines by having destroyers deploy mine and allowing
    subs to be destroyed by torpedoes

  19. Its a very good game….. Please dont screw up it plz.

  20. if weather will have a effect in game apart from being cosmetic will really
    nerf CV’s

  21. Deuster battleships donka

  22. Pas de marine Française en vue… dommage.

  23. The 3 most awaited features of 2016:
    1: Royal Navy
    2: Royal Navy
    3: Royal Navy

    Seriously, Wargaming, get your act together and stop focussing on friggin
    Russian ships so much. I kinda hope Obsidian Entertainment make a ship game
    and beat you at that as well.

  24. give me armor viewer,rain and rough sea and I’m all set for 2016 :D

  25. Please tell the Großdeutschland is not the H-44 with the 20in(50.8cm) guns

  26. 1:17 Putin is that you ?

  27. if things go like this there aint.gonna be.many players left in wot.

  28. Pls Wargaming tell us why you dont want to ad submarines to the game ??

  29. Great no Subs, great move, dont worry chineese working on that, and they
    can. How is that posibble they can you cant? And where the fuck is Royal
    Navy and full German Navy?

  30. an Australian tech tree would be sick! about time we got some stuff added
    to a wargaming game :D

  31. I nearly lost it at “new soviet/russian ships” instead of RN … well
    atleast they’re planning to give us the german BBs, which is nice.

    but the armor viewer is just a great addition :D

  32. Good video but come on 😀 everybody wants submarines 😀 And WoWs its a
    fantastic game. Maybe better than WoT. But pls do something with aim users.

  33. We don’t give a freaking shit about russian Tech tree.

    We want ROYAL NAVY and italian REGIA MARINA

  34. Pretty sure the demand for Royal Navy is higher than those demands

  35. French, Italian tech trees!!! Royal Navy with Premium Ships for New Zealand
    and Australias well as Canada?

  36. +Wargaming Europe When do you upload the *World* *of* *Tanks* *Blitz*
    *Update* *2.6* *video* ?

  37. Game is still shit, ruined by rampant aimbots and not enough variety in
    gameplay. There are also way too few ships and the damage model stinks. And
    I don’t even want to start about the laughable CV game.

  38. Australia?!?!? Seriously if any tree other than the Royal Navy comes next
    it’s an insult and an intentional disregard for history.

  39. im pretty sure we asked for British ships.

  40. I might be missing something, but where is Bismark in Kriegsmarine
    battleship line?

  41. Realy this vid is no use you nerfed cvs and now it should be called world
    of warshits

  42. As a German with military interest I really am happy to see German warships
    in this game, but nevertheless… Royal Navy absolutely should’ve been the
    third nation. Come on, they’re argueably the historically most successful
    navy and they took a huge part in WW2 (particularly in comparison to USSR –
    hell even the Dutch navy could legitimately be considered more relevant
    than the latter).

  43. If you’re going to either do UK to Australia tech trees, can’t you do a
    Commonwealth tech tree?

  44. Alexander Schlecker

    is iz possible to introduce a replay system as easy to handle like in wot?

  45. World Of Bore-Ships.. Yawn

  46. American game devs?
    Russian game devs?
    Look fucking anorexic

  47. Maxime Gagnon Smith (xAmeQK)

    When are clans for WoT and WoWp coming to WoWs??

  48. add u boats

  49. continue to seek feedback…. 80% of the community want the RN so what do
    they announce? a load of ruski ships and German BB line XD

  50. Stop teasing us, , for a second I thought you will implement submarines
    just to be disappointed later

  51. music name at 7:20 pls?

  52. We are considering ships from Britain and Australia. CONSIDERING? I’ll give
    you some incentive WG. I’m not spending any more money on your game until
    you give us some RN ships. Oldest navy in the world. Remember us? Our
    sailors risked their lives shipping supplies to you in WWII. Sort it out

  53. french and british navy

  54. really good news! But I still want to have submarines 😀 They played an
    important role in both the atlantik and the pazific theater. Also the
    russians had some submarine action (e.g. sinking of Wilhelm Gustlof). :D

  55. Abort the planned 0.5.3 AA changes and you might see the game live till the
    end of 2016. Else consider renaming it to World of Destroyers.

  56. I want the Royal Navy, that’s what i really want Wargamming!!

  57. please make update that buff nation other than japan

  58. German battleships and Royal Navy… That’s all.

  59. just make a good matchmaking!!!! I stopped to play with it because
    sometimes the balance was a joke.. like:
    3 battleship 6 cruzer 1 destroyer
    3 battleship 3 cruzer 4 destroyer

    3 battleship 6 cruzer 2 destroyer
    5 battleship 6 cruzer 0 destroyer

    how on earth is this fair? :D

  60. what about italian ships?

  61. All I want is german battleships so I got a goal to reach again.

  62. That fact that the Royal Navy is not in a WW1/WW2 naval game by now is a

  63. wow…. soviet and russian cruisers 0.0 what should i expect there? kirov??

  64. Orhan Ferit “silverrobin” Yalçınkaya

    I wonder if any ship Will Be able to drop mines so when ships go through
    those Will set off and deal damage or at least fload a ship maybe

  65. RN will go on back burner they are more interested in the Russian

  66. Mmm, Aussie ships I cannot wait the hype is real!

  67. yes all very good what about Clans?

  68. I nearly shat my pants with that submarines joke xD

  69. HI!

    About the t10 Großdeutschland, i found this on wikipedia and i wonder if
    you guys know something that the author of that wiki article dont know?
    “The ships neither received names nor were official name proposals
    published. The names, which appear in several publications (Hindenburg,
    Friedrich der Große, Großdeutschland) are pure speculation. Especially the
    often mentioned Großdeutschland (= “Greater Germany”) is highly unlikely,
    as Hitler always feared the loss of a vessel with name of Germany (compare
    the renaming of Deutschland to Lützow).”

    If its highly unlikely the name would be Großdeutschland, why are you
    naming it Großdeutschland?

    P.S give Royal Navy.

  70. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    5:47 What the fuck is that thing?

  71. I would love to see rain affect visual detectability.

  72. Aussie ships and soviet cruisers? haha yeah they are definitely more
    important than for example british, italian or french ships lol

  73. so there might be Canadian ships?

  74. “From Great Britain to Australia” LOL

    Hopefully that’s as good as saying, “Great Britain”

  75. More Russian ships that did very little of worth. German Battleships, that
    I can understand. Russian ships ahead of the Royal Navy? Rus bias

  76. that carrier at 5:47 LOL and that german BB is gona be one of the H class,

  77. 0:29 one on the right: claimed

  78. mientras no lo arruinen como hicieron con wowp con la actualisacion 1.5

  79. i want submarines! xD

  80. FunnyPotato Productions

    that ragequit moment when the devs say: we’re planing bla + bla +
    SUBMARINES! and then: there won’t be any -.-

  81. Interesting new sinking animation

  82. national and axisVally mode?! do this before war thunder does

  83. name of the first song ?

  84. Need royal navy more than anything.

  85. Umm no you’re missing one it’s called Unify Gold between wot and wows….


  87. Kick the retards out of the ranked system , ty.

  88. Kirov reportin!
    Anyone? No? Just me?

  89. Soviet Cruisers, alright, BUT WE WANT THE ROYAL NAVY FFS! xD

    I do look forward to the German Battleships though :).

  90. what about the royal netherlands navy?

  91. Don’t give a flying fook about weather, team play, or the non existent
    Soviet navy. Royal Navy? When? That is what I want! Down vote from me, not
    played your game for months now.

  92. Why there are no submarines added to the game??

  93. How about adding some Austro-Hungarian premiumships (Tegetthof,
    Ersatzmonarchclass, rasetzkyclass, novaraclass)
    I think the 2 at the beginnig woul perfectly fit as Tier IV and V bbs.

  94. No just no it’s not interesting for us to have more vodka cruisers Andymoon
    bb’s from russia

  95. 1:41 is where you find the gold.

  96. I like it.
    Weather will rape many players GPUs, so WG must be very careful with that,
    Armor viewer is a nice idea. One question: Why the fuck can WoT have
    something same? Knowing weakspots and modules are even more important
    there, but the WoT crew just sit on their asses and not doing anything with
    the game!
    I hope you implement RN, Australian navy was negligable compared to the
    British navy.

  97. if the bring this game to console ill be happy but good work war gaming im
    happy with world of tanks on ps4 thanks for making great games :D

  98. ich fand es ja schon immer lustig, wenn Amerikaner Deutsche Wörter sagen,
    aber Russen sind da lustiger

  99. I missed this guy voice.

  100. 1:05 WG you should add a dramatic pause and put “Thug life” glasses on that
    man 8D

  101. Submarines? Guess whose coming back to the game.

  102. Wargamin czy myślicie nad zrobieniem world of tanks na ps 3

  103. cant wait for german bb’s!

  104. During this lkast update my FPS went down 10 points, could you please fix?
    makes the game unplayable on my PC

  105. We need submorinas and royal navy.
    For the king.

  106. Come on please for the love of god we NEED a console version of wows

  107. 1:05 I lol’d

  108. this is the best game ever never loved a game so much in my

  109. Australien navy in same position as RN ahahahah!

  110. huge + for the armor viewer

  111. CV need to be more intresting, not destroy like the 0.5.3.

    Soviet Ships more important of Navy UK or French navy ? Thanks for not
    forgot this 2 tech branch.

  112. Krešimir Koržinek

    5:48 Habakkuk? Maybe we can melt it with HE

  113. Wow, thx for the armor model. This looks amazing! But pls do something for
    the Royal Navy Fans, otherwise you will loose them…

  114. The thing asked the most is the Royal Navy! Don’t ignore us!

  115. keine U- Boote – da hör ich gerade einige Spieler erleichtert aufstöhnen 😀
    4. meist gefragt: MEHR SCHIFFE! :D

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