World of Warships – Insane and funny Khabarovsk game – when an average ship works

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Hello boys and girls. Today I present you a Khabarovsk game. This ship is one of the weaker tier 10, but we got it to work and had a great game. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Rumble makes it way better lol

  2. I won optimus prime and BumbleBee from the containers. Wish I got all 4!

  3. Your captain sounds like on of the twins from transformers revenge of the fallen

  4. Trenlass OP! please WG NERF HIM <3

  5. Александр Скопич

    Отлично, товарищ!

  6. Hallooooo, do you have a minute to talk about Jesus?

  7. Shikikan Deutschland

    I knew russian bias existed somewhere!

  8. Trenlass That game was good can you Play more DD that can Yolo BB’s

  9. Why didnt you just go for the CV – a bit more action?😎

  10. captain build for Khaba pls

  11. Michael Søndergaard

    well that could have ended badly once or twice lol. but great game even so. well played sir. well played indeed

  12. I think that Shima was asking if you need smokescreen.

  13. I now have reason to believe Trenlass is part mad scientist. Such evil laughter xD

  14. Khaba vs Grozovoi?

  15. WoWs definitely needs South Park captain pack 🙂
    You get sunk – “Screw you guys. I’m going home” XD

  16. You evil, Trenlass…

  17. Hoooorrray General Cartman E. Lee!

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