World of Warships: Iowa – 193k Damage

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World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Iowa on the map Two Brothers making some waves. In this match I get rammed by friendlies and take quite many of my enemies’ citadels.


  1. Why do you have Japanese national voice on US ships?
    Is it part of the mod pack or is it official?

  2. i found lowa is too weak now, armor is bad, and always meet Yamato, gun
    spread is also bad

  3. 14k XP … what you are using to get so much xp?

  4. horrible skins?

  5. Were you find this noobs every time vs You 😀 hahaha

  6. fock iowa, Izumo is a style ! // love that competetion between Strangers
    and u 😀 bring that guy on teamspeak

  7. How do you get those ship skins?

  8. So the Iowa isn’t that bad ? :)

  9. Great replay. I caught Strangers tutoring PointyHairedJedi on CV play
    earlier. You need to keep an eye that one ;-)

  10. YEEES
    Strangers beat Aerroon in score!

    Damnit Aeroon beat Strangers in kills though 🙁 Strangers is not happy

  11. When I see this anime theme… I imagine that Aerroon is a rapist when he
    doesn’t play wows

  12. you got really lucky with the citadels this game, even with the bad
    grouping. I’d much rather they made it really hard to get citadels and made
    the main guns on battleships more accurate, instead of how it is now. Then
    it would actually be a matter of skill and aiming to get high amounts of
    damage as opposed to luck.

    GG anyway and nice video

  13. need this mod please

  14. Strangers with the score again.

  15. Lol… Strangers is such a tough cookie! Such a good game, and still not
    enough. :)

  16. Impressive.
    But jeez those hebephile skins are just the pits.

  17. Technically there are 3 ways to go..
    Wow that is a lot of ship-on-ship action.
    Strangers still wins 🙂
    Nice shooting though.

  18. lol the chat is complaining about you in german :D

  19. These skins are so gross looking.

  20. Those anime themed paint jobs looks so bad on WWII ships…

  21. Good job Aerron!

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