World of Warships – Iowa Attack Force

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on Land of Fire pushes toward the east the enemy pushes the west. We encounter light forces that lack the backbone to stop the assault. A enemy battleship puts up a good fight and lands some big shots on us. We get to the enemy base and force them to try and defend or lose. Our team back home must hold out to give us a chance to win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Battleship Iowa


  1. Great video again, cheers! ^^
    That comment in the end tho: “Play your game, I’ll play mine.”
    Exactly the reason why I don’t play WoWs or WoT anymore, because of
    thickheaded people with that attitude. It’s a freaking team game, you
    dunce! -.-

  2. They definitely need to do a concealment pass on those damn IJN carriers.
    The Hiryu has a base detactability of 11.9km which is 3.8 km less than the
    Pensacola despite the Hiryu being 161ft longer, and 8 feet wider. I just
    don’t understand how WG picked with detection ranges. Do they just throw
    darts and whatever sticks, that’s the detection?

  3. That’s what you call a task force!

  4. The Nick Holland

    nice video as always

  5. WindmillStalker

    5:13 you basically Kool Aid Manned that North Carolina there, Nots XD

  6. jeez, how many planes you have to shoot down to get the “clear sky” reward?
    i though 60 would be enough

  7. best world of warship player ever the god of wow

  8. That Tirpitz at the end reminded me of something. Is there a hidden
    dreadnought mechanic? I could screen shot if needed, but my most recent
    dreadnought was earned in a Shimakaze. I don’t see how that is possible,
    but it’s worth noting that I finished that game alive with exactly 1 hp.
    It’s the only time I’ve done that, so I wonder if it’s a hidden thing that
    dreadnought is also awarded if you survive on 1 hp. The only other thing I
    can think of is that I took the 4,000 bonus HP talent. Perhaps that bonus
    HP counts as a heal??

  9. arghh the day I get past the trolorado is they day Ill have fun again!

  10. Sweet I love the Iowa. Keep them coming.

  11. FaithfulScrubHD

    I will never understand why WG is giving AA buffs to the majority of BB’s
    and USN and IJN CL and CA. They can barely get there squadrons through two
    ships as it is, so why make AA even stronger. Not surprised nobody wants to
    play carriers at higher tiers. That and the super boring gameplay.

  12. 12 km detection????? in a big ass battleship?? Wow I don’t wanna be against
    this thing in a cyclone

  13. Nice video man can you please make a video how to retrain captain with
    premium ship i’m a little bit noob thanks keep up the good work

  14. Notser, I’ve got an idea. If you are unable to fufil my idea, don’t worry
    about it; it’s just a suggestion. For memorial weekend, in USA ( not sure
    if it’s anywhere else), post US warships only. Love you, Notser.

  15. Good game but, how well can you do when enemies have a T10 BB.

  16. I understand your Doom playing when Wolf and then Doom first came out (I’m
    talking the original ones in DOS) I would get home from work on Friday sit
    down to play a bit and suddenly it was Monday morning…. lol

  17. Looking forward to your review of the Indianapolis

  18. Notser , i have the Iowa unlocked and im DIEING to try it . problem is , i
    dont have 15 million credits ;( whats the best way to get that much when i
    only have 2 million and no premium account or ships???? thanks from a big
    fan o7

  19. Alexandros Grivas

    Notser are you aware of the Iowas buff in 5,6 patch?

  20. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, how about those “ship” sail on dirt road with one main gun

  21. Damnit Notser dont be so seductive~

  22. My AA rating on Iowa is 98 and tier 9 carriers still seem to make it
    through without losing more than 1 plane and Midways just end me in a
    single strike. Yes I know I need to stay near the cruisers but you don’t
    always start with one near by or they just run off and leave you to die.

  23. the usual top post notser…….thank you……
    a question…..
    how many hours a day have you averaged playing WoW over the last 6

  24. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, the AA rating is meaning less, some AA setup were better than
    previous but the formular calculate it as a inferior one so it got worse
    rating……. just like useless 2.5km torpedo had higher rating than 12km
    torpedo, the rating is useless.
    Do the long/mid/short AA range/dps. On the screen, display the AA rating
    first column AA DPS second column, AA range third column. Example USS
    100 AA DEFENCE
    4KM / 8KM / 12KM

  25. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why manual AA, ATF do the job better, I meant with BTF and AFT combine,
    that give you way better AA range, and not bad DPS. DPS shown doesnt really
    meant average DPS. First, test had shown there is chance of 25%+- of the
    value shown. Also, the average DPS were plug into a specific AA formular,
    and being used to calculate Chance of Shooting Down an Aircraft per second,
    whicH means there are chance of shotting down all aircraft as soon as they
    step into the AA circle of some ship.
    At Iowa level, 100% DPS increase doesnt meant that much, the range increase
    is way more importanat, as i shown above. Also, how often do you shot at
    ship at 23km…… get the 20%range increase which buff your AA to another
    level of deathliness. 2.4km become 3.3km, 6km become 8.4km.
    New Iowa speed 33knot + 5% means 34.65, thats means you hunt everything
    even destroyer, poor 35knots useless Kagero.

  26. No clear sky…? How

  27. i dont get how the iowa is more stealthy than a colorado or new mex, iowa
    is a big ass ship

  28. can u plzz make a midway gameplay?

  29. Notser congrats on your new AA record 🙂 One of this days I have to enable
    battle replays… I have a good game now and then, and it would be an
    honour to have a great player such as yourself or Business6 to comment it

  30. notser do you wanna share some doom gameplay whit us.

  31. How old are you notser if i may ask.

  32. wow is that perma camo? im so glad that wg finally introducing historical
    stuff. looks sooo they have to get rid of the ugly generic camos

  33. why were you giving a massive broadside to that NC at 5:50?

  34. omg gotta go play some iowa, the aa is so fucking beast :D

  35. Stealthy Icytail

    i think replace gun range with aa range is more useful

  36. Ingrimmsch Boindil

    That AA,Speed,Turn time!!
    I can cry for that in my Izumo ahaha
    I mean 61 plane kills….. awesome

  37. Gunstar_ The_Legend

    Notser its been said that some ships seem to be more accurate without the
    accuaracy module. Have you noticed this with the Iowa?

  38. How come you went for the range module on the Iowa, she already has 21+ km
    range, right? It’s even more interesting because of the fact that you’re
    running a concealment build.

  39. Notser play the Erie the tier 1 ship ;)

  40. 30.5 knots is getting buffed in 0.5.6. She will now hit something like 33
    knots and she now can out run a Baltimore class. I think it will get even
    faster with a Sierra Mike flag on the ship.

  41. Really? Main battery range?
    That 300+ dispersion…

  42. guess I will have to wait awhile for my Iowa replay to have the possibility
    of popping up!

  43. Is something wrong with me because i like Iowa more than the Montana?

  44. #Iowa=life

  45. DanThePlasticMan

    Hey Notser, just came from Jingles latest vid and apparently the US is
    going to get the Indianapolis as a premium tier 7, what do you think of
    that? EDIT: I should’ve watched your vid before posting this right off the

  46. iowa is a mean bitch

  47. Thanks for all the awesome videos KNotser :D

  48. Hey Notser have you ever played Walking war robots….

  49. Great job Notser, as always. I cannot wait to see what they’re going to do
    to improve the US BBs from the North Carolina up. I hope close that
    dispersion gap they created.

  50. in chat “play your game and i’ll play mine”

    jesus some people really do think that them being dumb should be immune to
    criticism don’t they?

  51. “He’s not NBA Jam on fire, he’s on fire.” haha!

  52. Wow the hate on Doom 3 …I loved that game at the time.

  53. What are the best skills for Murmansk?

  54. I just realized that you have never upload the Wyoming Ship on youtube

  55. chillerkiller 00

    nice ships this iowa! good AA and she’s very fast
    but her armour and artillery are drawbacks unfortunately…
    izumo is better :/

  56. first who reply my comment will recive 1000 gold or 7 days premium (EU
    server only) good luck!

  57. is a Tirpitz video planned? :)

  58. “We’re using ass” ??gold. Go tho, That extra 2.5kts makes a massive
    difference, plus the speed flag and she’s as fast as the Clemson XD

  59. You guys all knew Confrontation of World of Tanks, where one country was
    played against another country. Wouldn’t it be so cool if that could be
    implemented in World of Warships. Imagine, US vs IJN. Japanese cruisers
    escorting their destroyers, so they don’t get ripped apart by US destroyers
    etc. And then making the teams 16 vs 16.

  60. Warspite.
    I want some Warspite action

  61. Notser, why don’t you use the main battery reload module, I find it a lot
    more effective even despite the reduced turret traverse speed it comes
    with. A 5 seconds shorter reload can mean a lot in some situations :D

  62. I’ll have you know I just sat thru 1.40 min of ads for your revenue needs.
    Lol it was rough but worth it for my fav youtuber

  63. Ultimate Shifter

    Wow, you’re really fearless against Destroyers when you’re the one leading
    on a push while you got a ton of cruiser backup.

  64. Still waiting for ishizuchi

  65. Still no Izy vid!

    Notser, why you no play the Mini-Fletcher?! Best tier 4 in game!

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