World of Warships: Iowa – Citadels Galore [159k DMG]

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An aggressive Iowa match where I simply push push push push and never stop. I just go towards them while firing my guns and getting citadel hit after citadel hit. One of the most successful Iowa matches per minute I’ve had. Too bad the match isn’t longer.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Iowa on the map Two Brothers.


  1. Wtf is that squealing in the background? Incredibly annoying.

  2. When I get enough credits for the Iowa im just gonna call it a day. The
    Montana is cool nd all but until the buff it im sticking with Iowa. Against
    yamoto, it’s gonna really suck unless u beef up its concealment. But the
    Iowa 32knots makes up for alot too. But since it’s not T10 you won’t see as
    many yamato as often

  3. 3 fires from 1 salvo! Was he shooting napalm at you?

  4. Aerroon get 15 Crits in a Omaha :D

  5. what mod do you use that gives you the damage counter?

  6. Ahh that dead ass mogami talkin shit from the bottom of the scoreboard

  7. I love the way you drive your BBs, not afraid to take a hit, and pushing
    forward…Nothing is more frustrating then a team full of BBS that run to
    back of maps and long range the whole game.

  8. Please more iowas

  9. Fabio Henrique Souza

    What I sincerely like best about your videos is that you’re not only
    skilled enough to maneuver the ship correctly and get hits, but also refuse
    to be one of these useless “sniping” BBs; you actually get into the fight
    and help the team. Sad to know the game doesn’t reward you properly.

  10. I had one of the best battles in my NC. Around 180k damage, 10 cits, and I
    got 7k exp, with 1.5 as the first game of the day and also the 50% exp
    flag. PS. I capped around 3 zones as well, 1 assists and 2 just by me.

  11. After 5.1 shenanigans with AP/citadels/armor, there seems to be one
    leftover bug.

    Sometimes a shell hitting citadel additionally couses normal penetration
    damage(33%). And thats what happened at 5:35.
    13.5k damage from citadel plus 4.5k from normal penetration, thats 18k
    damage(17955) from one shell hit.

  12. is this ship good once it’s fully upgraded?

  13. where can i find damage counter?

  14. very good video i also want to make a battleships line wich nation is

  15. Aerroon i just got the ibuki and i havnt had much success with it. It very
    much feels like a downgrade from my mogami. what’s your opinion on the
    ibuki and any tips would be nice
    also gg mate love u and ur vids :)

  16. Lovely game to view, Aerroon!

  17. Can anyone else hear the Japanese voices? during the video

  18. Why i never got citadels ?

  19. this is from like a week ago’s stream lol

  20. Aerroon what is you opinion on the tier 8,9 and 10 US BBs? I am at the
    North Carolina ATM and I must say i like her the least of the last three
    tiers I played…

  21. had a tier 6 game in isokaze today 165k dmg 5 kills 20 torp hits :)

  22. iowa = power great video

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