World of Warships – Tirpitz Plays The Objective

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Tirpitz on Hotspot pushes toward A then moves to capture B for the team. We engage enemies all over A and B, while attempting to capture. After successful capture of B, we head to C where a couple enemy ships are defending the point. A particular destroyer gets to tempt fate until finally we hit the target. Finally we push south to assist a friendly battleship. Hope you enjoy the game and have a nice day!

Tier VIII German Battleship Tirpitz Replay


  1. another excellent video ,greetings from England

  2. Great game as always.

  3. just had a game yesterday where no one of either team pushed…. and sniped
    from 15-20+km ….Ironically my Team dropped like flies and we ended
    loosing a crushing defeat while they still have most of their
    ships…gosh…If all BB player could be like you.As BB u need to lead the
    charge not let the cruiser doing it…cuz Charging cruiser = Dead Cruiser..

  4. Good idea to do some features on specific maps focusing on strategies for
    different classes of ships. I find your vids to be very helpful! Thank you
    ever so much Sir.

  5. I really want the tirpitz but i cant justify another purchase for this game
    as its losing thousands of players each month, about 8 thousand every 3
    months currently. If the game becomes more popular and WG can attract a
    mass of new players i may consider the purchase of a tier 8 premium ship
    but at this moment im holding off to see how things unfold.

  6. Great vid, and good lesson to everyone by going to B..Couldnt agree more.
    so many times i see whole fleet go to A and get stuck fight on edge of
    map… then team loses to points cause enemy took B and C.. and all our
    shios are off all way edge where cant engage.. the objectives are in mid of

  7. I have a Colorado, and I am wondering, what is the best way to get citadels
    with these guns? Does the final hull make the dispersion of the guns less?
    Also, I read somewhere that the Colorado in the game when in a turn, it’s
    dispersion is less, so would I have to turn and shoot to minimize
    dispersion? Thanks!

  8. wish america had a premium BB that you can buy, like the alaska

  9. I mostly play DDs, and I always rush to B on Hotspot. Usually a free cap :)

  10. this ship seems great man

  11. Notser you are easily becoming one of my favorite YouTubers… keep up the
    good work.

  12. What’s a good commander skills for a Mogami? Thanks.

  13. Broadside on to a battleship? That’s a paddlin lol

  14. Is the tirpitz any good? I’m hoping it is coming to the premium shop again
    for xmas

  15. brilliant….just brilliant.

  16. Another good game. Thanks for sharing ?

  17. >everyone watched this video
    >everyone from both teams goes to B
    >winrate doesn’t change

  18. Great game again. Your tactical understanding and map reading is something
    more people should learn from.

    But man, your turret discipline could use some work (obviously it isn’t
    BAD). That initial Mutsuki engagement could have been decided shortly after
    your first shots on him, had you just locked your turrets on the starboard
    side. Then the forward turrets would have been on target just as he was
    about to get into cover (provided you releases the turrets again once he
    was on that side). Well, obviously the shots might have dispersed too much,
    but at least you would have had 4 extra shots at him, and considering the
    amount of health he came out on the other side with, a single overpen would
    have been plenty.

    Turret discipline is one of the things I get a little worked up about. Too
    often I see people maneuver their ship so that the turrets at one end, that
    are just about to get on target, now has to traverse 270 degrees the other
    way… and then repeat it when they get there. It can get a little
    infuriating. Or they look at a target while turning, resulting in the
    turrets being scattered when the turn finishes, rather than collected if
    locked (allowing them to observe the target on the other side while the
    turrets do their thing).

  19. Tehmustachedbiscuit

    the chat log at the start of the game :P

  20. Ur gonna play ranked some more? To get at least to premier league?

  21. Great game as usual 🙂

    I want this ship so badly, how much does it cost?

  22. I always go B but usually in a DD, from C spawn, then move to A area and
    hunt BB’s, they don’t expect that. Love waking up to see Notser. ( I am on
    the west coast.) Get Some…..

  23. hey notser,
    great game as usual 😉
    btw: would you recommend the tirpitz? or is it underwheming?
    best regards,

  24. ‘Old’ Hot Spot came down to whomever piled more into the middle sooner won
    90% of the battles. Don’t know about you, but that suggests to me a problem
    with that map design.
    Tirpitz looks sweet but no way was I going to spend the sorts of $$ they
    asked for it on a game I consider half-baked and unlikely to improve a hell
    of a lot.

  25. yay another dose of Notser :3

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