World of Warships: Iowa – High Tier Battleship Duel

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Iowa and Yamato going up against another Iowa and Yamato in a high tier battleship duel. Both sides simply stand still and fire their guns once in a while. How exciting.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Iowa on the map Islands of Ice.


  1. I really hope there’s a Shimakaze camo/skin by the time I get to T10

  2. Nice outcome, got a little close there towards the end.

  3. I got this ship today, already it seems much better than the North Carolina


  5. Showdown WoWs style.
    That Des Moin was annoying tho with the HE spam.

  6. I know you guys are good, but how the f*ck do you aim for a specific
    magazine with a BB? My BB’s can’t accurately hit a barn wall from inside
    the barn.

  7. At 11:10 I think you couldn’t shoot because of the automatic tracking, it
    turns turret to keep you “ahead” of them. I think you can disable this in
    options, but it’s nice to have it most of the time. At close range just hit
    X to unselect the target and you can shot wherever the fuck you want.

  8. Would you make a ringtone of your omg for me? :3

  9. +Aerroon Where do you come from?

  10. Luv this ship

  11. No custom camo disappointed

  12. i think 1 of your mates is from germany :D

  13. Welcome to tier 10 BoringBoats

  14. High Noon! erm… Early Morning ^ ^

  15. What class is a senjo? I don’t remember seeing it

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